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Puregreen International LLC provides customers with an effective, chemical-free cleaning method through its Vapor Clean steam cleaning products. Located in the Richmond-Petersburg metropolitan area of Southeastern Virginia, Puregreen International LLC has been reputably conducting business since 1998. For the convenience of its customers, Puregreen International LLC offers an online guide to assist with making the best selection based on the type of duties that the machine will be primarily used for. A registered member of the Green Cleaning Association, Puregreen International LLC offers 11 Vapor Clean steam cleaning machines, including single boiler models, such as the affordable VaporMax Elite and the dependable Pro5, and continuous fill models such as the Vapor Clean IV and the Desiderio, which comes in three different models. The Desiderio, the Desiderio Auto, and the Desiderio Plus models are commercial strength steam vapor cleaners that also include a high suction vacuum cleaner, making them ideal for use in the hospitality industry. The use of 315-degree steam cleaning combined with the use of a powerful vacuum will sanitize any surface, upholstery, or bedding without chemicals. The high temperature steam also exterminates problem pests, including bedbugs, fleas, dust mites, and ringworm. The vacuum cleaner is bagless, instead using a water filtration system that requires only that clean water be added after use. Puregreen International LLC is a registered member of, an online global directory of environmentally friendly companies and products that serves as a resource for verifying environmentally sound and ethical businesses. A one-year parts and labor warranty and an optional extended warranty are offered on all of Puregreen International LLC's products.