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John has been delivering results in Lean now for 13 years. Coached by both Shingijutsu and TBM John started his journey in Lean within the distribution centres of the Jaguar Business Unit, Unipart in 1995. Over the next four years this knowledge was employed by John as he coached  and led teams in the Rover Business Unit where as an example, 100% improvement  in receiving productivity was achieved.In 1998 John joined the Railpart Business Unit where Kaizen Breakthrough was employed within both Commercial and Warehousing processes. It was during this time that John and his team developed “Lean Maintenance”, a journey to Train Operator performance improvement using Lean. “Lean Maintenance” was a key contributor to Railparts winning of new business with Siemens Transportation in 2001. In 2002 John left Unipart to join RWD Technologies, a Lean consultancy, to support Bombardier Transportation on the implementation of Lean in its maintenance depots and supply chain. It was during this work in the supply chain that John saved £400,000 in a 3 month project on cost down.In 2004 John rejoined Unipart and to date has been extensively been practising Lean in the Boots Supply Chain, First ScotRail, Severn Trent Water Sewerage, Fujitsu Information Services and latterley has retuned back to Severn Trent Water to support a Lean Roll out in Water Production.

John has a BSc in Chemistry from University  of London and a MSc in Manufacturing Systems Engineering, from Warwick University with a thesis on Lean Warehousing. In 2007 John was accredited with his 6 sigma greenbelt for a project based on his work with Severn Trent Water and is currently progressing toward Black Belt accreditation in November 2008.Johns career history includes: Graduate placement from University of London with Courtaulds where John entered Industrial Engineering..Moving to United Biscuits, Terry Chocolates, John took a Senior Industrial Engineering role within moulded chocolate processes.Norcros. Crosby Doors. John employed IE techniques in productivity improvements and was responsible for the delivery of an MRP system.In 1992 John joined Unipart and took a Project support role in Unipart biggest capital spend project. John became well versed in both Microsoft project and specialised in Risk Management.In 1995 John was asked to join Unipart DCM Continuous Improvement Team and so began the journey with Shingijutsu, TBM and Lean

John has been married for 19 years and has 3 children; Dominc 18, Jordan, 17 and Christiaan 13. He enjoys most sports and particularly enjoys playing badminton.

In 2006 John and his family bought a property in the North of Portugal  where they love spending as much time as they can.

Work experience

Dec 2004Mar 2008

Senior Lean Practitioner

Unipart Group of Companies

.Client: Severn Trent Water. Drinking Water Production. April 2008 - to date

Highlights; Introduction of daily real time performance conversations that develop focused actions that make a difference. Also developed the use of Process Capability analysis to reduce chemical dosing spend.

Approach:Communication Cells, Creative Problem Solving. Development of Lean Champions,Cp.Cpk development

Client.; Fujitsu Information Services. Nov 2007 - April 2008

Highlights; Riased the lean capability of local site Lean Champion from level 2 (can do with support) to level 3 (can do without support)  and seven local process champions from Level 1 (received training) to level 2. Also developed a process that will give a saving a £380,000 pa  in inventory cost avoidance.

Approach. Small groups coaching, Communication Cells, 5S,visualisation, work place audit

Client Severn Trent Water, Derby / Coventry Sewerage Leakage. June 2007 – Nov 2007Highlights; All SLA’s met and £1,000,000 of roll out benefits across the whole of STWApproach, Value Stream Mapping, Communication cells, visualisation and standard workClient; First ScotRail Dec 2004– June 2007Train Planning, Glasgow. (Oct 2006- June 2007)Highlights. Costs of Failure and opportunities identified in the order of £500,000 pa.Buy-in from process partners, Network Rail and Transport Scotland to potential opportunitiesApproach. Value stream mapping and working in conjunction with all stakeholdersEngineering. (Dec 2004 – July 2006)Corkerhill Depot. Glasgow. B Exam Process Improvement. Highlights 25% improvement in productivity. Approach. Working with exam team on shopfloor and coaching managers to see and drive out wasteCorkerhill Depot, Glasgow. Period Heavy Clean Process, (PHC). ImprovementHighlights 55% improvement in utilisation of team, 50% reduction in number of defects  per PHC.Approach. Working with PHC team on shopfloor and coaching managers to see and drive out wasteShields Depot, Glasgow. 334 Wheel-set Changeout Process ImprovementHighlights. 66% improvement in productivity, Number of peaks unit of service reduced from 6 to 1Approach. Working with exam team on shopfloor and coaching managers to see and drive out wasteHaymarket, Shields, Corkerhill, Inverness Depots. Dec 2004 – Dec 2005Communication Centre Development and Implementation.Highlights. Improved fleet reliability measured via a reduction in impact minutes  and reduction in RAVERS defects on all depots, a clear understanding to everyone of current status vs. plan, a clear understanding of problems & inhibitors to the progress, identification of actions / countermeasures required to solve problems & remove inhibitors. Approach. Visualisation of processes, engaging teams, coaching management

Jan 2002Sep 2004

Senior Lean Manufacturing Specialist

RWD Technologies

Client; Bombardier Procurement, June 2003 – Aug 2004. Supplier Development.Highlights. Improved supplier delivery performance versus train build schedule with Mitras Composites (Leek). Cost of purchasing electric harnesses)  reduced by £400,000  via implementation of opportunities with Times 24 (Derby) and Simclar (Fife)Approach. Working on supplier shopfloor to identify and drive out waste, coaching of procurement specialists in Value Stream Mapping and ‘learning to see’.Client; Bombardier Inter-City, Jan ’02 – June ’03. Reliability Improvement. Turbostar.Highlights. Doubled the  miles between technical failure on Turbostar fleet at Midland Mainline, Etches Park Depot, Derby. Conducted a 6 Sigma based project based on understanding the ‘cost effective life’ of Turbostar turbofeedpipes.

Supported colleagues in improving reliability on Turbostar fleet in Edinburgh, Aylesbury, Norwich, and Birmingham.Approach. Visualisation of train reliability processes, engaging team and coaching managers

Dec 1998Dec 2001

Continuous Improvement Manager

Unipart Group of Companies, Unipart Rail

Highlights. Developed concepts of Lean Maintenance based on Lean that led to Siemens awarding Unipart Rail with business to supply materials to all their fleets in the UK..

Mar 1992Sep 1998

Continuous Improvement Manager

Unipart Group of Companies

Joined Uniparts Continuous Improvement Team in 1995 and was coached by TBM and Shingi-jutsu in Lean implementation in warehousing and distribution processes. In 1997 –1998 while working in Rover Business Unit I was part of an implementation team that made 100% improvement in receiving processes.Prior to joining CI Team I was in Uniparts Project Support Office developing and implementing a risk management process in Uniparts largest capital expenditure project. It was here that I developed knowledge of project planning and Microsoft project.

Case Study

6 Sigma Case Study 2002




The University of Warwick

Integrated Graduate Development Scheme. (IGDS). Part-time sponsored by employer. Norcros



University of London