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Broadly experienced no-excuses senior leader and software architect.  20+ years team leadership, business and engineering management experience, with a focus on enterprise, internet and cloud computing.  Track record of building successful, productive engineering teams at public companies, private companies, and startups in challenging domains.

Core Competencies:

No-Excuses Management                 Agile Projects                      Mentoring                         Marketplace Strategy

Hiring Great People                     Enterprise Architecture      Software Development         Cloud Technologies

Professional Profile

Bridge the gap between technology and business – serve as a trusted resource and strategist, partnering with senior leadership to uncover – and seize upon – opportunities to increase performance, innovate products and establish a dominant market position.

View business challenges as growth opportunities – thrive in situations that require strong problem solving skills, interpersonal savvy and leadership expertise. 

Professional Attitude – work is about solving problems not laying blame – business is about change, roll with it. 

Work experience

Aug 2006Jan 2011

Director of Web Services

PACE Anti-Piracy, Inc.

Small company with both B2B and B2C products for Digital Rights Management with a lock on the pro-audio market. 

Challenge: Internet business overwhelming the CEO. Handed the “internet baton” on first day; no-excuses authority for all internet and enterprise software development for both B2C and B2B services: 2/3rds of company focus, 450K users worldwide, hundreds of software publishers and up to 100K business transactions each day. Reported directly to the CEO, collaborated with the COO on business and business development. Hands-on software development in addition to business and management.

Built from scratch a geographically-dispersed, cross-functional team for software development, operations, UX design, and marketing. Led planning and implementation of the overall technical strategy for next generation products. Transformed software architecture to a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) focus. Changed company culture from reactive to pro-active

•Delighted Customers: Championed changing company business model from customer-despised copy protection to customer-loved license management.

•Improved engineering productivity 50% in my own and other departments: Used “Crockpot Agile” to transform culture slowly from ad-hoc to Agile showing demonstrable productivity gains at each step. Techniques included Continuous Integration (CI), Test Driven Development (TDD) and Scrum meetings.

•20 new B2B customers: Broke logjam that was preventing signing new B2B customers by creating simplified e-commerce approach small customers could use more easily.

•Improved reliability of services and scalability; 100% uptime for 24 consecutive months. Effectively managed periodic 15x traffic spikes, site underwent 2x growth in users and 4x growth in business volume during same period.

•Lowered hosting expenses 80% by moving functions to the AWS cloud (Amazon).  

•Decreased support costs 50% by improving usability of the B2C site. 

Dec 1999Jul 2006

Senior Architect/Director of Fund Analysis


Visionary startup focused on using the internet to revolutionize equity mutual fund management. Robust and scalable website leveraged a complex back-end to perform simulation of mutual fund performance using real-time and historical stock market data. 

Challenge: Transforming non-technical visions of talented CEO into actionable technical designs. Created initial development and operations blueprint that carried the company through the first two years. Led all aspects of the development and delivery of web-based financial tools, data-mining platform, and content management system. Reported directly to CTO and served as key technical advisor. Resolved all scalability issues as site grew from zero to 250K users. Final say on all architectural decisions. Invented and tested new methods for ranking and selecting mutual funds, approach outperformed market by 10-20% each year nearly made the company profitable while still in the angel period. Geographically-dispersed team.

•80% of revenue growth; performance of fund-of-funds based on my investing strategy contributed to 80% of revenue growth and 50% of revenue in 2002-2003. 

•Created unique ways to analyze and visualize mutual fund performance, allowing the CEO to make more informed decisions when selecting candidates for Marketocracy’s “fund-of-funds” approach and create new portfolios with specific targets. Marketocracy ART portfolio has beaten the market by 20.4% since inception.

•Website nominated for Webby in 2002.

Jun 1995Feb 2000


Twin Forces

Software consulting and application development firm, with a focus on C++ and Objective-C, web applications, complex systems and time-sensitive projects.  Key clients included Apple, Warner Music Group, L3Com and Liberty One. 

Challenge: Transform business from generalist C consultants into web consulting powerhouse. Managing partner for business, overseeing two employees and a technical partner. Determined what technologies to pursue to maximize billing rates, designed web application framework to enable us to competitively bid against much larger firms. 

•33% growth year/year in revenues despite being located far from any major tech center. 

•Mastered several different complex domains despite no prior experience: Radiation Treatment, Satellite Acquisition and Tracking, Computer Graphics, Financial Markets.

•Immediately given leadership responsibilities over projects by clients despite being consultants.  

May 1993Jun 1995

Engineering Manager

Alexandria, Inc.

Small video game development company started by senior management from Sega. 

Challenge: Small company with no engineering management was constantly reinventing the wheel.  Developed common tools and processes to increase productivity. Instituted mentoring and training program in engineering. Instituted 360 feedback into review process. Worked with senior management to weather industry disruption due to 64-bit platform transition and position company for dynamic growth post-transition. 10 direct reports across multiple projects. 

Jun 1989May 1993

Lead Software Engineer

Radius, Inc.

Public company of approximately 200 employees that built computer monitors, video cards, and was an early pioneer in desktop video systems. 

Challenge: Managing software development is different than managing hardware development. Promoted through increasing levels of responsibility on various projects. Hand picked for skunk works team by VP Engineering.  Led the UI team for the SkyLab and RocketShare UI – the first multi-processing solution for the Macintosh and only project to successfully license the Macintosh ROM code.  Two direct reports.


Steve Lemke

I've known Pierce since 1989. We worked together for several years at Radius. He's a really smart guy, and a great software engineer. He is quick to learn (and unafraid of) new things and has tackled quite a range of projects over the years. I highly recommend him and also applaud his ability to work remotely as part of a distributed team.

Paul O'Connor

I always enjoyed working with Pierce. He has a strong mind and considers problems both from an engineering and a user perspective. He fit well with our team and worked well under pressure, and had an easy-going attitude about the inevitable fits and snarls of working through large entertainment software projects. He has a keen interest in the business and a genuine sense of craft. One of the good ones.

Chris Rasch

Hardworking, smart, helpful, and calm even during a crisis. Pierce responded quickly and thoughtfully to complaints and suggestions from both coworkers and members. Would recommend wholeheartedly

Bruce Horn

Pierce was one of the key driving forces behind the development of the Marketocracy site and fund simulation system. We had a very small team and Pierce's contributions were tremendous. He has a broad skillset and an ability to solve problems at all levels. Marketocracy was lucky to have him.

Mike Laster

Pierce is one of those rare individuals capable of handling the big picture design, yet is still capable of comprehending low-level details. His input has been regularly valuable to me while debugging thorny race-condition bugs.

Joel Goldberger

Pierce is a brilliant engineer and systems architect who is able to recognize, understand, design and implement elegant solutions to complex problems. He brings a unique perspective to systems design and is able to impart that perspective to those he works with. He challenges the status quo when required to insure that the chosen solution is the best possible. His understanding of modern design patterns and best practices is remarkable.




Sep 1985Jun 1989


California Institute of Technology (Caltech)


Cloud Computing
Agile Project Management
Web Applications