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Peter is an accomplished CEO who has transformed the performance of both private and publicly listed companies in Australia, Asia and Europe. His successes include: 

-  Rescue and saleof an ASX listed, online billing, payments and trading company.

-  Turnaround and development of a full-service, UK ATM deployer that delivered a  6X increase in capital value

-  Post acquisition consolidation of two UK based CRM software companies, producing a 30% increase in sales and over $1.8 million in recurring cost savings in year 1

-      Turnaround of an ASX listed PC remote communications company, resulting in a 350% increase in the company’s share price.

-  Start up and turnaround for a US Fortune 500 CAD CAM company including; a start up in New Zealand and turnaround and expansion programmes in Asia and Australia. The Australian outsourcing division Peter initiated, generated $160m in long term government service contracts.

-Start Up and development of a NASDAQ listed B2B company, including establishing European direct business operations, which became the corporation’s largest and most profitable business unit

Peter has also worked with the boards, founders and investors of a number of companies in such areas as developing business strategy, securing funding, international marketing and change management .

Peter enjoys the challenges associated with developing a company’s competitiveness and his ability to balance strategic intent with commercial outcomes  is especially valuable to investors and Boards of Directors seeking to bring in leadership capable of effectively (and with minimum risk) realigning a business and/or driving lasting performance improvements

Peter is a dual Australian/UK national and is open to assignments in either country.

Work experience

Jun 2008Present

Managing Director

Austow Advisory

Austow is a business advisory company and SPV owned by Peter whose assignments include:

 ·Various advisory, capital raising and interim assignments in the online sector, such as; investmentand business development projects in the e-bookings, e-payments and loyalty card issuing sectors, cloud based wireless ATM transactions & payment remitances

-    Interim CEO services for the post acquisition consolidation of two UK based CRM software companies

·M&A projects in the ATM, telco, knowledge management, online factoring & digital media sectors

·Consortium lead in a bid for a World Bank funded BOO project in Asia

Jul 2005Jun 2008

Chief Executive Officer

CommSecure Limited

An integrated, e-billing, e-payments and online share trading services provider; CommSecure operated secure transaction and data centres for customers in Australia & Hong Kong and was accredited by tier 1 banks, global credit card issuers, BPAY and the Australian federal government (for on line social security payments). Peter successfully rescued this highly distressed ASX listed company and returned to profitability, before selling it to the benefit of shareholders

Mar 2001Jun 2004

Managing Director

TRM Limited

Head hunted by investors to improve the perfomance of this UK operating subsidiary of Nasdaq listed TRM  corporation, Peter devised and led the strategic business development programme for this independent ATM deployer and member of LINK UK ; resulting in a 6x increase in valuation within 3 years.

TRM deployed  photocopiers and ATMs under a user pays model, and was the only IUK ATM deployer  to own and operate it’s own secure transaction infrastruture. Key successes include:

·60% per annum organic sales growth

·Restoringprofitability ($8.5m of pre tax profit and $7 million in free cash flow)

·$19million asset finance facility and retirement of $7.5m in obsolete assets

·Recurring operations cost savings of over $3.6million per annum

·Market leadership across full service and merchant fill sector

-      Strategic alliances with the A&L bank for ATM deployment and Girobank for ATM cash supply and replenishment

Peter resigned to mount an MBO backed by the Chairman when the parent company got into financial difficulties.

Jun 1997Dec 1998

Managing Director - Asia Pacific

Kronos Inc

Kronos is a leading provider of Time and Attendance based HR systems, headquartered in Boston MA.

Peter was head hunted by the US management board to develop the Australian subsidiary into a sustainable business entity and market leader. He put in place a growth based change programme that produced segment leadership in Australia and the corporation’s most profitable business unit.

This was achieved by rationalising distribution (through acquisition) and transitioning the business from PC product to enterprise applications and services.  During his tenure the company exceeded its revenue target by almost 200% and profitability target by over 400%.

Peter resigned over the inability of the US parent to reasonably meet its delivery commitments for Australian specific software applications, derived from its US based software development group.

Jan 1996May 1997

Chief Operating Officer

NetComm PTY Limited

Head hunted by the board of Australia’s premier PC remote access communications company to restore shareholder value, Peter devised and led a corporate wide change management strategy that delivered a 250% rise in organic sales growth, a 10x improvement  in EBITDA t and a 350% increase in the company’s share price.

He was also actively involved in the acquisition of Australia’s leading B2B internet service provider, Connect.Com, which was later sold to become AAPT

Peter resigned over differences with the founder (who was also Group CEO and major shareholder) on strategic business priorities.

Aug 1985Dec 1995

Managing Director - Asia South

Intergraph Corporation

Intergraph is a global pioneer of interactive graphics, CADCAM, mapping and image management solutions with revenues of over $1 billion in 1995.Peter's tenure covered 10 years and 3 geographies and his achievements include:

a. Australia:

·Sales growth from $10.6m to $52m

·ROS exceeded 12% (despite significant investment in the out-sourcing start up and non commercial corprate transfer pricing policy)

-      Launched PC CADD software  which becane 2nd only to Autocad in the Australian PC CADD sector

·Established successful outsourcing business, culminating in a $160million, 7 year state government contract


·Increased revenue400% to $16m with 20% EBIT

·Established channels based marketing, distribution and support facilities throughout ASEAN plus application marketing and technical support for PRC and Asiapac

c. New Zealand:

·From an initial investment of $400,000 the company was self-funding within ten months and market leader within eighteen. 1987 annual sales of $3.8m were not exceeded until1994

Peter resigned when head hunted to lead the turnaround at ASX listed NetComm

Apr 1980Jun 1985

Managing Director - Europe

Kroy Inc

Kroy was a high growth, NASDAQ listed company, providing innovative, low cost graphic production systems for business applications. Peter's achievements include:

·Establishing profitable, high growth, 3rd party sales distribution and customer service networks in the UK, Australasia and Japan

·Establishing the companies first international subsidiary in the UK which became the corporation's largest and most profitable business unit

·Growing European sales by 400% to and opening sales operations in France and Germany

-    Developing the UK subsidiary into a pan European sales, distribution and service centre, which increasing sales penetration, service standards and profitability (EBITDA rose to over 22%)

Peter resigned when head hunted to lead the start up of Intergraph Corporation in New Zealand


Business Diagnostics
Rapid assessment of business positioning, performance and capability
Business Compliance
Organisaton Development
Sales & Marketing
Business Operations Management
Organisation Change Management
Strategy Execution
Leading the development and execution of business strategy based upon market intent and capability




British Institute of Management

Jul 1994Aug 1994

Nov 1989Feb 1990