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Work experience


University of Palermo

Two years of passion and knowledge in the field on Statistics for Quality

I provided also training on Statistical Methods for Environmental reserach to post graduated students.

May 2012Present

Leader, Engineering Capability

Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions

Coordinate four capability development projects in the following engineering disciplines:

  • Virtual Engineering
  • Robust Design
  • Design for Manufacturing and Serviceability
  • FMEA management
Dec 2012Jan 2013

Expert Evaluator

European Union

Expert Evaluators of projects in FP7 programme

Dec 2011May 2012

Manager, Systems Engineering

Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions

Leading a group of 8 people working as Systems Engineers in Technology Development projects and Experts in Systems Engineering Methodologies (Requirements Management, Architecture Design, Verification and Validation, Line Simulation)

Jul 2010Aug 2011

Manager, Business Intelligence

Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions

Contribute to know our customers better by creating customer segments and analyzing market dynamics

Oct 2008Jul 2010

Expert Advisor, Engineering Statistics

Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions

Provide support, coaching, training and competence to my collegues on methods for "being right the first time" , in particular on Statistics for Quality, Six Sigma Methodologies, Robust Design and  Systems Engineering


Jan 2005Feb 2008


University of Naples "Federico II"

Statistics for Quality, Total Quality Management


Master Degree

University of Palermo


It's not enough to ensure that change happens. It is important to secure that a good and sustainable change will happen. This require a mix of analytical skills, creativity and willingness to continuosly improve. That's all what I am


Professional: Quality, Statistics, Education, Innovation, Science, Systems Engineering

Personal: sports (diving and football), arts (cinema and architecture), music (playing instruments)


European Network of Business and Industrial Statistics (ENBIS)American Society for Quality (ASQ)


Quality and Innovation are faces of the same medal: both aim at meeting and exceeding customer's expectations! Quality can be thought as Incremental Innovation (e.g. increasing the yield of a process, reducing the defects of a product, etc.) while Innovation as Breaktrough Innovation (e.g. changing the paradigm under which we operate or the nature of a product or process)

We need to be good at both breakthrough and incremental innovation. Not either/or but both!!!  This is where the statistical thinking comes in…

...I will bring my experience in Quality to help organizations with a strong vision for the future, an innovative mindset and a continuos improvement culture!


Business Transformation
Drive Business Transformation and Continuous improvement projects at all levels
Systems Engineering
Supporting Systems Engineers in product development projects and leading a group of 8 people in Technology development projects
Quality Management
Principles of Total Quality Management. Business transformation processes. Six Sigma Quality
Six Sigma Quality
Coaching,support and participations in produuct development projects


Stefano Barone

To whom it may concern

I am writing to recommend Dr. Pietro Tarantino for his new job search. I have monitored Pietro's progress during the past five years, and I am confident on his professional skills in a broad range of disciplines of the Industrial and Quality Engineering.I have been impressed by Pietro for several reasons. Firstly, I believe he has demonstrated to be a well-organized and strongly motivated person with a clear vision of his objectives to be reached according to time-constraints. He has demonstrated to be able to accurately and methodically plan his activities in every project in which he has been involved.It is self-evident by his consistently excellent results that he possesses a hard-working mentality and the correct approach towards the completion of projects. I was the main supervisor of Pietro's PhD work. This was an opportunity to discover his individual strengths and weaknesses due to the one-to-one contact. Also here, Pietro showed an outstanding ability to autonomously and creatively think. The content of his thesis was broad and deep at the same time, eventually showing strong competence on the fundamentals of Total Quality Management and Statistical Methodologies. He demonstrated to be innovative and forward thinking dealing with several scientific aspects. He formulated and implemented good methodologies for delicate issues involving critical decisions for experts and managers. Pietro successfully gathered the right research information and translated it into useful results. He developed the thesis work partially in Sweden at the University of Linkoping and partially in Italy at two Universities of Palermo and Naples, where he eventually got his PhD title in 2009. Immediately after completion of the PhD program, he was recruited by the prestigious company Tetra Pak, with a very interesting job much related to his competences. I was very happy for such opportunity, although sad for missing an important resource for University work. I have continued monitoring Pietro during the last three years and I know he has done a great progress also in the company. Finally, I would like to recommend Pietro not only for his individual skills but also since he is an excellent team member. He has good communicative and leadership abilities enabling him to work efficiently and cooperatively in group. I believe he can be an asset for any organization in which he will work in the future. I am available to be personally contacted to provide any further information, if needed.