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Artist CV’s can be quite easy to put together as long as you know what you’re doing.

We’ve outlined some tips below to get you started with what you need to get that dream art job you’ve always wanted.

Artist CV Objective

The objective of an artists’s CV is to inspire and encourage the potential employer to hire you for the position. It’s main focus areas should be on creativity and your ability to produce high quality original work.

Most employers will not be judging your cv as your main work examples should be included in a seperate portfolio. However, they will be looking for professionalism and detailed work history, which is why it’s always easier to start with an established platform like visual cv.

Artist CV with No Experience

A lot of young artists don’t have enough experience to put on their CV which normally means that they will struggle to get the job, right? Wrong!

Most employers looking for artists, whether looking for background, concept, circus, character, ceramic, dance, digital or even makeup artists will look at the ability and quality of the work in their portfolio rather than experience as most employers are looking for a certain style that may be hard to find.

Normally you can always add work history related to complimentry fields such as graphic design, illustration, writing and anything else that could be seen as creative to fill out your CV.

Listing hobbies in complimentry fields and studies, certifications and classes will also help show your experience in the field rather than on the job.

Artist CV Examples

Not sure where to start with your artist curriculum vitae? See our hand picked artist CV examples below and check out our Resume example directory here.

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