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I manage a wonderful group of people who are economists, proposal writers and technical sales engineers in support of Taleo's world class SaaS delivered talent management solutions.

Work experience

General Manager

Peak Technical Services

Managed the sales and recruiting functions of Peak's contract Software Services division. The market focus of Peak's Software Services Division is the support of numerous data warehouse and general application development projects using Oracle, Ingres, Red Brick and PowerBuilder. My responsibilities, along with market penetration & development, include sales & staff training with an emphasis on the finer points of finding and negotiating with suitable candidates for the project needs of our clients.

Senior Sales Engineer

Red Brick Systems, Inc. (now IBM)

I served as principal pre-sales engineer for Red Brick's Mid-Atlantic region and Federal sales organization. I am responsible for convincing prospects to buy Red Brick's state of the art data warehouse RDBMS and data mining software as well as managing the post-sales project implementation process for these technologies. At Red Brick I designed very large data warehouses for Johns Hopkins University Space Science Telescope Institute, NASA, USDA, BCBS Federal Employee Program, America On Line, Carmax / Circuit City and The Federal Communications Commission. I have taught business analysis using SQL and database administration for numerous Red Brick clients including AT&T, Bell Atlantic, USDA, and BCBS. Participated as a featured speaker for conferences sponsored by DEC, SGI, SRA/Mitre, CSC, ITTRE, U.S. Department of Justice and the Data Warehouse Institute. Attended the Ralph Kimball three day advanced data warehouse design seminar in July, 1996.

Associate, Advanced Technology Group

Brio Corp. (Now Oracle)

Provide pre-sales support for very large opportunities globally. Support marquis accounts with enterprise design, capacity and architectural planning. In conjunction with product management, I contributed to determining future feature sets and post merger integration direction across products. Develop product positioning of Brio’s newly integrated product set. Resolve critical customer issues where support, consulting and product development have not been able to achieve customer satisfaction. I participated with product development in the design and implementation of Brio’s MDDB OLEDB interface, which supports Hyperion’s Essbase and Microsoft’s OLAP Services multi dimensional analytic server product. This position requires extensive knowledge of all major web and database technologies. Significant interaction with IBM, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Delta,, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Cigna, Anderson Consulting, USDA, US BLM, Cornell University, and numerous .coms.Senior Sales Engineer Principal sales engineer for Brio Technology's Federal, Mid-Atlantic and South East sales organizations. In addition to the usual sales responsibilities, I am responsible for maintaining the technical competency of all field technical personnel in the eastern half of the U.S.. This has involved teaching a largely non-UNIX literate population how to install and manage Brio's line of UNIX based server products. Additional responsibilities include final QA authority on all major Brio product releases and key account (>$500,000.00 deal size) technical management. Significant accomplishments have included Driving over 5 million dollars in revenue for FY99, awarded “S.E. of the year” for FY99, procuring an agency wide site licensee at the Bureau of Land Management, upgrades and new licensees at NASA, US Air Force, US Army, US Navy SPAWAR, First Union, GE, GTE, UUNET, US Treasury OFHEO, IMS, BellSouth, Nations Bank, Nortell, Delta, BCBS, USDA, & Phillip Morris.

Director, Technical Account Management

Blackfin Corporation

Blackfin is a technology start up focused on Middleware based Business Activity Monitoring. This involves monitoring, conditionally alerting on, and analyzing the flow of business transactions through complex distributed extended enterprise systems. Blackfin is built on a store and forward proprietary queued messaging engine of our own design. I provide pre and post sales technical support to the sales team and Blackfin’s customers. Additionally I have responsibility for Product Marketing and Blackfin’s overall strategic message. These responsibilities run the gamut from the development of traditional and electronic marketing materials to creating ROI focused value propositions for specific customers. Customers include Eastman Chemical, and Bristol Compressor.

Principal Technical Solutions Architect

Cognos Corporation (Now IBM)

I provided account management for the Cognos Public Sector Practice. Cognos provides a web deployed business intelligence and strategic planning solution to include reporting, analysis, score carding, event notification, budget consolidation and complex data visualization using modern web architectures. I delivered over 32 million dollars of license revenue. 

Director, Global Sales Service Center

Taleo is an ASP delivered talent management solution with 34 Fortune 100 and 300+ Global 3,000 enterprise wide deployments to include JPMC, Citi Group, DHS/TSA, Suez, HP, Intel and GM. My group is responsible for positioning Taleo’s solution regarding our ISO27001 based security, J2EE architecture, open source based infrastructure and HRIS/ERP WSDL integration capabilities. Since creating this role, we have driven over 250 million USD in Global SaaS revenue. Additionally I manage the Economists who develop our ROI case studies, and the RFP response team.