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About Me

Welcome you all to Pooja Shah's Portfolio. This portfolio is specially prepared to give a basic idea about me and my interests as well as my achievements. 

"Every single person is given equal opportunities in life but what matters is how you grab that opportunity and make the best out of it"

And a commerce student is nothing with only the book knowledge!  So he/she has to have personal experiences and skills that an actual commerce student has. And after all the experiences of my life till now make me feel that I stand somewhere above the others and have more than just the book knowledge!


Figuring out your interest possibly is nice job done. I believe that your interests will take you where you wish to reach.

According to the interests that I have, I'm currently pursuing Bachelors in Mass Media. The love for art and creativity make me fall for this field. I enjoy the tasks and projects that are been given as they showcase the creative side of me.

Dancing and music are the ones that soothe you and bring you to the environment of pleasure and fun and for the same reason I get attracted towards dance and music or other workshops.

I And being a Guajarati, I can’t forget garba, something that takes me away from all the worries and tensions.would like to be trainee of the salsa dance form.

I have an affinity towards cooking as well. The satisfaction that you get after eating what you have made takes you to another world.

One of the other interests that catch my attention is reading novels, especially love stories. They are far better than reading those boring textbooks!



It is said that education can never be enough to measure with the actual age of a person. A person can study until he dies and yet he is not said as the rockstar of the academics. As per this assumption, I am merely considered as a beginner as i have just completed with my 12th grade exams and currently pursuing SYBMM(BACHELORS OF MASS MEDIA) in UPG College of Management in Mumbai. This field brings in me the inner strength that I have for creative writing as well as showcasing my different ideas.  

Since i joined the art class, i believe my creative skills have been improved to what they were earlier.  Thinking out of the box is yet under development. One of the other reasons that pushed my creative skills was the IPM competition and the Galaxy Bazar. IPM competition is Innovative product and marketing competition wherein we were supposed to think of a new product, their marketing strategies and the other ways to make it a known product.   And the Galaxy bazaar is an initiative by the commerce students, for bringing in the fund for donation by creating an aura of a bazar cum amusement place. The management of such a huge event pricks u at your brain boxes.

I have been taking part in many of the drawing competitions, at the school level as well as the national level and it always keeps me at a point above the others. You need years of practice to reach towards perfection and I believe I am yet on my way towards it. For my destination I have already started preparing my portfolio. And According to my work till now, i assume that i can track my career in the field of designing as i m good in art. My work of art basically traces towards the paintings and the sketches.

I believe that i may become a good leader as i give my best in doing the management tasks. I have equally been given this responsibility of management in my 15 years of schooling. I have been a part of the prefect council for almost 4 years.   I believe that managing tasks comes with organization, at which i consider myself as good.
Creative Writing 

From having a subject throughout the school years till infinity, writing brings immense pleasure to me. Articles, stories, description or any sort of it make me go on and on and on. Though at times, I am not able to create good stories, but i always try my best to write one. Article writing has the best liberty of topics so it enhances my skills. 

As i can speak, read and write in English, Hindi as well as Gujarati, the vocabulary level increases and I can relate my thought process whenever I write.


Until I came to college, I never knew that I was good with Dramatics as well. I did take part in school functions but i had not got any chance to portray it in a better way. The credits goes to the drama team of our college who gave me a chance to showcase my talent at various events and win different prizes. 


Work experience

Oct 2014Jan 2015



Campus Manager

I was a Campus manager of UPG College of Management for the V Fest that was organised by V Channel. I along with my other manager, were supposed to manage the participation list from my college, attend the meetings, create various campaigns, and portray the talent over the huge platform. 

During the journey, I learnt as to how things are managed, hospitality maintained with the participants as well as the judges, the talents and people across the country have and the enthusiasm that one has.

It was an amazing experience along with the wonderful exposure.


Jun 2014Present

Bachelors of Mass Media


Currently, I am a student of UPG College of Management pursuing Mass Media. The field itself brings a packet full of activities and tasks that are to be performed on daily basis. Advertisements, dance, drama, campaigns, reporting, article writing, cinema, history and much much more. As you are a BMM student, the cultural responsibilities tie up to you and you are expected to turn the game on your favor. And thereby, it gives me a lot of exposure into the real world.