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WIRELESS TELECOMM MANAGER/DIRECTOR/PROGRAM & PROJECT MANAGER Results oriented Telecom Professional with a solid Telecom / Technology management background, and a track record of accomplishment in fast paced, high energy, technical-operations environments.

  • Director, CDMA/TDMA/AMPS w/GSM networks Manager,
  • PCS CDMA Network Operations Startup / build of 1st PCS CDMA network in U.S
  • Program / Project Management & Planning Govt. contracts, field-operations manager (Switch).
  • Managed large, complex, multi-phase Projects & lead multidiscipline teams to successful to successful projects  completion.
  • Effectively manage vendor / provider relationships.
  • Manage client expectations & satisfaction.
  • Develop & track project schedules & milestones.
  • Provide direction and address issues for project team members.
  • Directed site acquisition & development, construction, installation & integration.
  • Developed MOP-s, Processes & SOP-s.
  • 11.5 years cumulative experience in various Project Management assignments                                         


  • Leadership of Switch & Cell 'live-cut' technology transitions (CDMA to TDMA) in 2 states (concurrently), and simultaneously reduced voice-traffic blocking with the addition of 1800 new voice channels.
  • Responsible for successful GSM Overlay for our operating partner AT&T Wireless (AWS).
  • Impact Award for “creatively driving savings of over $100,000 in Capital”.
  • Impact Award for: “high quality resource management of the Tampa CDMA Network Optimization project”.
  • Superior Performance Award & Achievement Award for “an under-run of 5,714 hours (142.85 man-weeks) in the completion of a 24-switch (Central Office) contract-segment”.
  • Superior Performance Award for “innovative switch-schedule recovery; cost & labor-expense reductions”.
  • Superior Performance Award for “initiative and creativity in accelerating delivery to Korea of 3 TTC-39D switches by 2 ½; months, and necessitated by current world situation”.

Work experience

Project Implementation Manager

  • §Managed the deployment of TruePosition’s E911 location finding infrastructure for E911 emergency services.Responsibilities included:
  • §Supporting the Deployment Manager in developing a market resource plan and schedule using input from functional managers (Program Management, Network design, Switch Operations, Staging, etc.
  • §Managing the assigned deployments to the allocated budget and schedule and track variances.
  • §Coordinating all necessary elements to conduct a deployment, performed go-no-go checks, directed crews, developed progress reports, managed inventory, and monitored deliverables.
  • §Ensured all contact installation companies deployed LMUs in a manner consistent with True position’s processes, procedures, and quality standards.
  • §Ensured customer communications are timely and accurate.
  • Project ended prematurely due to organizational issues within TruePosition.
Dec 2007Jul 2008

A&E Manager (filling in as Warehouse Materials Manager)

Goodman Networks
  • §  Site build-out slow-down – Layoff 7/02-2008.
  • §Original warehouse materials manager transferred to Baltimore, MD. All of the Pre-construction site walks were completed and I was asked to take over warehouse materials management.

  • §Implemented 100% materials inventory counts 3 times per week, with daily email updates to all concerned.

  • §Order new build materials; “Kit” materials on pallets and shrink-wrap when completed. Create ERF (equipment release form) with all materials required for the site; ERF then signed-off by ATT and by the contractor receiving materials and verifying ALL items are accounted for.

Sep 2007Dec 2007

A&E Manager

Goodmann Networks

GOODMAN NETWORKS, N. Florida for at&t sites build-out.

  • §Responsible for & conducting Pre-construction site walks with contracted A&E firms, representatives from tower owners and with Goodman Construction Managers.
  • §Coordinated with Telecom Shelter manufacturers to provide A&E drawings for shelters needing refurbishment and redeployment. Verified SN, Model #, shelter size, Lifting brackets are attached, Gen plug types and other missing hardware. Maintained a “Site Walks Tracker” for sites visited and recorded issues to be addressed.
  • §Plotted Latitude & Longitude on a spreadsheet for all sites visited.
  • §Followed up with A&E firms for progress status on Cad Drawings in process and provide information as requested.
  • Searched at&t library for drawings & information pertinent to 3G equipment upgrades.
Feb 2007Apr 2007


Scotts Company
  • Seasonal job between wireless opportunities.
  • Stocking Scots Company products at Lowes and Home depots & insuring product displays are neatly displayed, shelves are clean & that bagged products (mulch, fertilizer, pesticides et al) are wiped clean and neatly stacked
Jul 2005Apr 2006

Project Manager & Implementation Manager Phase II

  • Reporting to Executive Director Mike Castillo, assumed PM responsibilities (as well as Implementation Manager Responsibilities) for the 480 (plus) Site Phase II Cingular Sites. The SOW (scope of work) is basically the same as Phase I but involves alarm transfer to Lucent equipment rather than Nokia.
  • Project Implementation Manager- Phase I
  • Responsible for the overall Scheduling, Coordination, and Managing of the 407 Site (old AWS Sites) “Alarm True-Up and Generator Verification” project (from Indian River County to Key West). SOW is to install a new alarm cable to the Nokia equipment and to move (transfer) all alarm reporting from AWS TDMA equipment to collocated Cingular GSM equipment while standardizing all alarm configurations to a standard template. Generator Verification requires verifying size and type of gen-set, identifying available gen. plugs type and number of wire connections, current fuel levels and test firing all generators. Daily reports are provided to Cingular
  • §Manage a Team of 8 Field Technicians, 2 Switch Technicians and 1 Field Manager.
  • §Wrote & implemented Method of Procedure (MOP) and Project Overview.
  • §Coordinate & resolve project issues with Cingular Wireless responsible Management personnel.
  • §Prepare and submit weekly Change Order billing to Cingular Wireless Management.
  • §Track & Report Site completions, access issues, wrong address / directions, out-of-scope, “can’t complete tasking at this time” problems, etc.
Jun 2004May 2005

Wireless Telecommunications Consultant


CContract Specified Responsibilities:

  • “Subject matter expert in the field of wireless telecommunications”:
  • §System specification assistance based on defined requirements including stand-alone CDMA and GSM cellular environments at a US Government testing area.
  • §Service initiation including Systems Engineering oversight of equipment selection and software vendor(s) through PDR (Preliminary Design Review) and CDR (Critical Design Review), minimum.
  • §Cognizant interface with FCC (preferred) to monitor / obtain appropriate licensing and /or frequency authorization for operation”.
  • §Security Clearance – Interim Secret.