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Teaching has been an important part of my life and I believe my background would be useful in your school.

I love teaching, I was one of those little girls who lined up all the neighborhood kids to play school and I was always the teacher.  I love to teach and it takes my breath away when I see a child experience that "a ha" moment when everything just clicks.

I express my ideas clearly in both my speech and writing. I am a team leader and team builder and work confidently within a group setting. I am able to motivate and direct others. I recognize and respect different perspectives and am open to the ideas and view of others

I am an expert in utilizing word-processing, spreadsheets, the internet, email and designing web pages. I use databases to gather information systematically to establish facts and to problem solve.

I have a determination to get things done, to make things happen and am constantly looking for better ways of doing things. I work well under pressure.

I have leadership skills in the successful implementation of digital resources in teaching and learning and am an expert in teaching skills in the context of 21st Century classroom learning. I have experience in improving skills and achievement across core content areas.

I am a professional who has experience with activities such as mentoring colleagues, offering workshops, delivering elementary level courses both on line and face to face. I would enjoy discussing this position with you. If you require any additional materials or information, I would be happy to supply it. Thank you for your consideration.


I plan to continue my work as a professional educator.  I will combine my experience as a teacher with my degree an an instructional technology specialist utilizing my skills as an effective communicator and team leader with a demonstrated talent for Innovation in educational methods and management.

PD Design Exemplar

Work experience



Dan McCarty Middle School

 St. Lucie Public Schools, Grade 6 Science/Social Studies Teacher



Holland Elementary School
Boston Public Schools, Grade 4 Teacher

Technology Specialist

Department of Instructional Technology
Technology Specialist, Boston Public Schools, Science Liaison Support schools as they implement technology in the classroom. Oversee Cluster Technology Support Technicians as they support their schools. Seek out software and programs to support the Science Curriculum and provide professional development at all levels. This includes the following pilots: Bridge Building, Robotics, Handhelds and Probeware in the Science Classroom. Responsible for designing and delivering PD both online and face to face to support the Superintendent's Pathway to Excellence initiative and to enable our teachers to deliver and utilize 21st Century Skills for today's digital students.
Sep 2001Aug 2004

Science Professional Development Specialist

Department of Curriculum & Instruction. Elementary
Science Professional Development Specialist, Boston Public Schools Solicited applications for teacher leaders to participate in the urban systemic grant. Implemented Elementary School component of National Science Foundation Urban Systemic Grant. Selected Teacher Leaders and Developed Training Plan for them. Participated in extensive professional development in Leadership Skills, designing professional development and school reform. Responsible for the professional development of 45 Teacher Leaders and over 500 teachers. Supported and coordinated City-Wide Science Fair. Developed Super Science Saturday Science Professional Development Program in Collaboration with Boston Museums for all Elementary Teachers of Science. Developed Elementary Curriculum based on State Standards and Teacher pilot programs, for grades K1-5 Elementary Science Lead Schools were developed. Met with grade level teachers to Look at Student Work and provide guidance in the classroom to develop model classrooms. Worked collaboratively with science department staff, curriculum developers and consultants to develop, coordinate and provide professional development to teacher leaders and classroom teachers. Developed & implemented professional development plan for district wide implementation of new science curriculum.
Sep 1996Jun 2001

Science Specialist

Boston Public Schools

Science Specialist, James J. Chittick Elementary School, Boston Public Schools (1996-2001). Teacher of Science for grades K1-5, including special needs classrooms.  Taught in self-sustained classrooms, utilizing behavioral management techniques.  Planned and Organized School Science Fair.  Worked closely with Science Department of Curriculum Implementation.


Science Specialist

James J. Chittick Elementary School
Science Specialist,, Boston Public Schools. Teacher of Science for grades K1-5, including special needs classrooms. Taught in self-sustained classrooms, utilizing Behavioral Management Techniques. Planned and Organized School Science Fair. Worked closely with science Department of Curriculum Implementation.
Sep 1995Jun 1996

Grade 5 Elementary Teacher

Boston Public Schools

Teacher, Grade 5, Edward Everett Elementary School, Boston Public Schools (1995-1996) Taught in self-sustained classroom, implementing the curriculum for grade 5.


Teacher, Grade 5

Grade 5, Edward Everett Elementary School
Teacher,, Boston Public Schools Taught in self-sustained classroom, implementing the curriculum for grade 5.
Sep 1993Jun 1995


Boston Public Schools

Substitute Teacher, Edward Everett Elementary School, Boston Public Schools (1993-1995) Taught grades K1-5 and special needs classrooms as needed.


Substitute Teacher

Edward Everett Elementary School
Substitute Teacher,, Boston Public Schools


Sep 2005Jun 2007

CAGS (pending)

Framingham State College

Administration Degree

Sep 1997Jun 2000


Bridgewater State College

Instructional Technology

Sep 1992Jun 1994


Cambridge College

Elementary Education

Sep 1990Jun 1992


Bridgewater State College

Elementary Education



Mt. Wachusett Community College



Joanne Penn-Gay

Instructed students in all core subjects in 4th Grade curriculum. Provided 23 students with an encouraging and enjoyable learning environment. Take attendance, evaluate assignments, and preserve a structured learning environment. Monitored student progress and conducted consistent assessments, adjusting lessons to meet individual needs of students. Communicated extensively with parents and regularly scheduled parent-teacher conferences.

Maintained a focused and work-oriented learning environment by upholding solid classroom management; children are provided with clear and consistent direction with an emphasis on school rules and guidelines.
Collaborated with four teachers to effectively organize a successful Curriculum Fair for the school.
Provided private tutoring outside of school one student-4th grade which increased overall academic level.
Devised and implemented creative and meaningful lesson plans that effectively addressed the diverse learning styles of each child.
Utilized positive interaction with students to develop rapport, gain respect and trust to ensure a productive learning environment

Marilyn Decker

January 02, 2007


To Whom It May Concern:


Patti Riddle Sieve was a Professional Development Specialist in the Science Department from 2001 to 2003. During this time she participated in extensive professional development in leadership skills, designing professional development and school reform. As part of our Urban Systemic grant she was responsible for the professional development of more than 45 Teacher Leaders and over 500 teachers. She set the agenda for the teacher leader program, designed the professional development, coordinated the calendar for elementary professional development sessions in science, communicated with Principals and contributed to the science leadership team. She created the elementary curriculum documents and led the district in the selection of science materials in grades preK-5. These materials were selected to be developmentally appropriate and to meet the 2001 Massachusetts Science and Technology Frameworks. Patti also provided direct support to several lead elementary schools in science.


She supported teachers at these schools with workshops, LASW sessions, mentoring, classroom visits and model lessons. In reviewing her notebooks from these schools, there is a pattern of careful preparation, good collaboration with teachers and staff and excellent documentation of her work. Teacher evaluations are high and often note the usefulness of these sessions to the teacher’s daily work. As I reviewed Patti’s archive notebooks in preparation for writing this letter, I was struck by the high quality of the work. She has applied what she has learned about professional development and models good pedagogy in her workshops. In addition to hands-on activities, they often include thoughtful professional readings designed to expand teachers’ understanding of teaching and learning. As a result of budget cuts, Patti took a position with the Office of Instructional Technology. At OIT Patti has responsibility for supporting the science department. She has developed several pilot programs with our department and helped to implement a robotics program.

In summary, Patti Riddle Sieve would be an asset to your school. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.



Marilyn Decker