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Public Activities



®MSc. MBA, from University of The Hague, The Netherlands in 1987

®BSc. Civil Engineer from University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1974

®Diploma Architecture, Technical High school of Alkmaar, The Netherlands in 1969


®2002-present:Member of the Corps of Engineers and active reservist (RSD) within the Royal Netherlands Army, 101 Battle Brigade, CIMIC Battalion Civil Infrastructure with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel (R) with the position of Manager Strategic Projects to be send out during peace keeping operations and part of the knowledge network to be used and operating as observer/trainer, role-player and docent.

®1998-2007: Active redaction board member of the Netherlands Magazine “Beton Infra”.

®1998-2007: Active member of the Netherlands “Roads for the future”.

®1998-2007: Active member of the Netherlands board of the “Netherlands Concrete Pavement Association”.

®1989-1996: Chairman of the Netherlands Elementary School board in Germany.

®1989-1996: Member of the Association of University Engineers.

®1988-1996: Civilian member of the Officers Club (Royal Netherlands Air Force).

Career Objective and Summary


Vision and Strategic Planning

Budgeting & Control

P/L and Cash flow Management

Relationship Building

Client focus

Program and Project management

Contract Management

Presentation and Reporting

Business Development

Alliance / JV Management

Creative solution provider

Cross cultural people management


Negotiation Skills

Inspirational Leadership

Team player / Coach

Stakeholder’s commitment


Accomplished hands on conscientious executive with many years of multi-faceted project, programme and profit and loss management experience in engineering, construction, infrastructure (military and civil), and property development projects for the public and private sector. Expertise in sustainability frameworks, innovation, budgeting, P/L & cash flow management. Excellent communicator with well-developed commercial, analytical and technical kills. Profound experience to maintain high quality standards to meet challenges of fast paced industry or complex major infrastructure projects; Multitasking ability to sketch the plan, prioritize the work and manage the complex projects under aggressive timelines; Adroit at working effectively with a wide range of multi cultural people in highly demanding situations; Proven track record of innovation and optimal utilization of resources leading to overall profitability and deliver successfully; Tendency to thrive in fluid environments while remaining pragmatic and focused. Over 15 years international project experience maintaining effective, long term relations at highest decision making levels in political sensitive environments.
  • Received extensive professional Training in the areas of leadership, business management, engineering and project management.
  • International experience in engineering services and contracting, infrastructure such as railroads, airports, waterways, roads, bridges, public transport, dry & wet utilities.
  • Published various papers on topics related to engineering, asphalt/concrete pavements, innovative contract management, quality control, and HSE policies.
  • Adept in commercial/stakeholder relation management and promotion in professional markets.
  • A good team player and coordinator, with an ability to lead a team by example and motivate them to achieve desired objectives.
  • An enthusiastic, proactive, self-confident, thriving on physical and mental challenges.
  • Excellent communication, negotiation, and presentation skills
  • Adept at working in high pressure environments with strict deadlines.
  • Ability to build new territories and expand opportunities towards the achievement of stated targets, to lead, motivate and provide effective guidance to a team of professional and support staff.

Work experience

Sep 2009May 2010

Project Director - Infrastructure


Project Director – Infrastructure; reporting to Director - Infrastructure

Key Deliverables:

®Execute the Mina Zayed Tunnel, a 3km huge (cut and cover) multi tunnel project connecting Sheikh Khalifa Bridge and the Corniche & Mina Road networks in Abu Dhabi, a 3.5 Billion AED governmental project of which the design stage started from November 2009 and will be completed by September 2013.

®Tender, evaluate, negotiate and recommend consultant for the Design- and Construction Supervision RFP.

®Initiate and implement the EIA and “greenroads” requirements to obtain LEED certificate.

®Secure spending authority and resources for the project. Act as a vocal and visible champion; legitimize the project’s goals and objectives, keeps abreast of major project activities, and decision-maker for the project. Participate in project planning (high level) and the development of the Project Initiation Plan. Provide support for the Consultant, internal- and external stakeholders (ADPC, ADT, ADNOC, UPC, DOT, ADM, etc.); assist with major issues, problems, and policy conflicts; remove obstacles; active in planning the scope; approved scope changes; sign off on major deliverables; and sign off on approvals to proceed to each succeeding project phase.

®Set up org structure with Steering Committee, Advisory Board, Project team (ICE plus PR), including Committees.

®Communicate findings, reports (weekly and monthly) and recommendations with Director – Infrastructure, and all stakeholders (internal and external) involved.

Dec 2007May 2009

Executive Director Infrastructure

Nakheel PJSC, BU Waterfront

Executive Director – Infrastructure; reporting to Managing Director

Key Deliverables:

®Develop and set up strategic and operational management of 200 fte including 5 General Managers involved in Feasibility Studies, Business Cases, Design, Construction, Procurement & Contract Management, Asset/Operational Management and Maintenance of major and urban Infrastructure such as Canals, Roads & Interchanges, Public Transport (MRT/LRT/BRT/Water), Power supply of 400/132/22kV, sewerage/STP, Potable Water, Gas, RO, District Cooling, Bridges, Breakwaters, Tunnels, Culverts, Signage & Way finding, Telecom/ITC, Municipality Solid waste, Landscape, etc.

®Outsourcing, international tendering, bid negotiations and projects control for complex and large projects.

®Set up, including Investment Board approval and complete an initial phase Business Plan for strategic Infrastructure with a cash outflow value of 20 Billion AED.

®Act as Business Development Director if applicable on complex concession / JV alliance agreements of utility projects.

®Implement the Transportation Masterplan (including control, TIS, etc.), Infrastructure Masterplan and in specific Solid Waste system (MSW), Public/Private Transport (land and water), ITS, Park & Ride facilities, realm, Telecom/ITC network, Sustainability i.e. in water and power (solar, wind, and waste to energy plants) usage, Quality Control and HSE policy.

®Implement a Sustainability Framework, including action plans and IPA/KPI incentives based upon triple bottom line approach; economic, social, and environmental goals, in order to reduce the developments overall carbon footprint by up to 70% (benchmarked against Dubai 2007 OECD report measure). Partner with supply chain to achieve sustainability objectives, i.e. renewable energies as wind, solar, waste to energy, etc.

®Implement Asset/Operational Management and Maintenance (i.e. Life Cycle Costs versus service charges) of all Nakheel assets and infrastructure of Palm Jebel Ali and Waterfront developments, including Handover & Transition, Community Management and GIS.

®Communicate findings, reports (weekly GM and monthly PCG, etc.) and recommendations with Managing Director, Development Directors, GM’s, and private- and public entities like DEWA, DM, RTA, TRA, JAFZA, Trakhees and other internal and external stakeholders involved.

Oct 1996Dec 2007

Senior General Manager Infrastructure

Provence of Northern Brabant

Senior General Manager - Infrastructure

Key Deliverables:

®Restructure and develop strategic and operational management of 40 fte including 5 Senior Project Managersinvolved in Feasibility Studies including EIA, Business Cases, Design, Construction, Procurement & Contract Management of major and urban Infrastructure such as Roads & Interchanges, Bridges, Tunnels, Traffic Lights, Utilities, Landscape, etc. within a sustainable road safety and sustainability framework.

®Tender, evaluate and appoint consultants, contractors to execute the approved projects.

®Ensure that projects are completed within stated quality, time schedules and budgets.

®Initiate and implement DBOT pilot projects, a new procurement strategy, Quality Control Management and HSE policy.

®Develop and execute a complex PPP Infrastructure project -acting as Project Director- to complete an Expressway four (4) years earlier than planned with a value of 250 Million euro.

®Communicate findings, reports (bi-weekly and monthly) and recommendations to Managing Director, public- and private regulatory entities and Senator.

Aug 2006Dec 2007

Senior General Manager - Infrastructure

Province of Brabant

Senior General Manager - Infrastructure

Key Deliverables:

®Due to my military- and civil assignments by the Ministry of Defense as below mentioned, the key deliverables are mentioned further down below (next page).

Aug 2004Aug 2006

Business Development Director/Liaison Officer

Ministry of Defense

Business Development Director/Liaison Officer

Key Deliverables:

®Provide advice and support to the Ministry of Transportation (MOT) of Iraq, as Business Developer and liaise with foreign Embassies (i.e. The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, French, US, UK, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Danmark, etc) and the Iraqi Reconstruction Management Office (IRMO) in addressing budgets and projects.

®Assess, set up and develop automotive workshop in Baghdad-IZ to protect national, US and NATO interests in sales, lease, repair, upgrade, maintenance and fuelling of civil armoured & non armoured vehicles.

®Act as Director of Operations to the workshop in managing front & back office staff, marketing/sales, develop profitability, maintain the business and hand over to private investors.

®Communicate, reports (weekly and monthly) and recommendations to IRMO, NATO, Embassies and MOT.

Aug 2003Aug 2004

Senior Program Manager/Senior Advisor Constructions

Ministry of Defense

Senior Program Manager/Senior Advisor Constructions

Key Deliverables:

®Provide advice and support to the Ministry of Transportation (MOT) of Iraq, as Infrastructure Specialist of CIMIC within military coalition of Iraq at the CPA (Coalition Provisional Authority).

®Execute assessments and forward project proposals for all Infrastructure reconstructions of buildings (offices, stations, terminals, etc) and facilities (yards, workshops, etc) within the Departments of MOT (such as roads, waterways, railroads, ports, airports, etc.), including accountability for the supplemental reconstruction budget of USD 365 Million and USAID, RTI funded projects.

®Tender, evaluate and appoint consultants, contractors to execute the approved projects.

®Ensure that projects are completed within stated quality, time schedules and budgets.

®Assess and advise the privatization of state owned companies of MOT.

®Communicate findings, reports (weekly and monthly) and recommendations to CPA – MOT with the Senior Advisor - Ambassador Trent, COS, Project Management Office (PMO) and military command.

Jan 1996Oct 1996

Program Planner / Unit Chief Program Management

Ministry of Defense

Program Planner/Unit Chief of the Project Management Unit

Key Deliverables:

®Ensure that NATO and The Netherlands interests in Infrastructure such as Civil works, military Airports, Utilities, Buildings, Housing, Telecommunication, etc. are put into contracts, development and investment programs, control and manage the activities of the Directorate.

®Determine client needs; prepare initial Scope of works within time schedule and budgets, identifying solutions considering CPM.

®Communicate findings, reports and recommendations to NATO, Royal Netherlands Air force and Managing Director.

Sep 1988Jan 1996

General Manager / Deputy Unit Chief

Ministry of Defense

General Manager/Deputy Unit Chief

Key Deliverables:

®Ensure that a full range of NATO and NL interests in Architecture and Infrastructure (Civil works, military Base Camps, Buildings, Housing, Telecommunications, Utilities, Facilities, etc) were fully protected in the middle- and southern part of Germany, using in-house and outside contractors, project developers and real estate companies.

®Restructure and develop strategic and operational management of 80 fte in asset/facility management, design, engineering and construction including three (3) remote branch offices.

®Develop and implement budget preparation and monitoring, project planning and scheduling and contract administration, in completing maintenance, renovation, modification and building projects (turnkey-base) throughout the conception / design and construction / handover period.

®Act as Project Director on complex civil- and military infrastructure projects.

®Communicate findings, reports and recommendations to NATO, host nation Germany and user nation (Royal Netherlands Air Force / Army, Land Cent and Air Cent) and other internal and external stakeholders involved.

Aug 1976Sep 1988

Chief Design Manager / Chief Resident Engineer (Unit Chief)

Municipality of Haarlemmermeer

Chief Design Manager/Chief Resident Engineer/Unit Chief

®Operational management of 10 fte, civil engineers involved in design and construction of urban infrastructure such as Sewerage, Water Management, Tunnels, Bridges, Roads, Pipelines, Pumping/Lifting stations, etc.

®Initiate and implement O&M program for bridges, tunnels, etc.

®Assist with major issues, problems, and policy conflicts; remove obstacles; active in planning the scope; approved scope changes; sign off on major deliverables; and sign off on approvals to proceed to each succeeding project phase.

®Communicate findings, reports to Executive Director and counselor.

Oct 1974Aug 1976

Designing Civil Engineer

Municipality of Amsterdam

Designing Civil Engineer

®Design concrete tunnel structures and stations for the Metro of Amsterdam

®Supervise architects to accomplish a result within stated time and quality.

®Advise supervisor and QS in different matters.




Ministry of Defense


Ministry of Defense


Ministry of Defense


University of The Hague

Marketing and Economics



University of Haarlem




Technical Highschool


Training Programs Attended
TRAININGS PROGRAMS ATTENDED   ®      Basic Arabic & Cultural Awareness, Nakheel in 2008 ®      Program Management Methodology, KPMG in 2002 ®      Innovative Contract Management, CROW in 2000 ®      Advanced Leadership Program, Province of Brabant in 2000 ®      Quality Control Infrastructure, PBNA in 2000 ®      Time Management, Province of Brabant in 1997 ®      Dynamic Assessment and Opinions, Province of Brabant in 1997 ®      Work order Control, Ministry of Defence in 1994 ®      Project Manager Workbench, Cap Volmac in 1996 ®      Informatics and Automation, DCC in 1991 ®      Project Management tools, Bouwcentrum in 1990-1991 ®      Environmental Management Tools, IWACO in 1990 ®      General Management tools, Ministry of Defence in 1989
Caeer Highlights
Ø  Instrumental in commencing operations within the time frame. Ø  Achieved key result areas throughout the career. Ø  Key person to be deputed on overseas projects in many countries. Ø  Proficient in leading dedicated, cross-functional & multi-location teams for new business development.  Ø  Maintained excellent relations with all the employees and successfully enhanced employee satisfaction and reduced attrition. Ø  Strong strategic and technical insights. Ø  Developed procedures and standards for operational excellence. Ø  Recognized and complimented for having achieved deliverables within time frame and budget. Ø  Initiated and implemented O&M program for infrastructure, i.e. roads, bridges, tunnels, military base camps, residential units etc. Ø  Restructured military investment budget into reconstruction projects for NATO and Netherlands interests. Ø  Restructured and relocated branch offices for the Ministry of Defense across Germany. Ø  Initiated and implemented DBOT pilot projects, procurement strategy, quality control management and HSE policy towards innovative PPP infrastructure projects. Ø  Initiated and implemented a tailor fit Sustainability Framework, including action plans and IPA/KPI incentives for the Nakheel Waterfront project. Ø  Partner with supply chain to achieve sustainable objectives, i.e. renewable energies such as wind, solar, waste to energy and construction waste recycling etc. Ø  Developed international operations, privatized and integrated companies. ISO 9001 certification. Ø  Developed major infrastructure business cases for Nakheel Waterfront towards PPP, concession / JV alliance agreements in generating revenues for dry- & wet utilities. Ø  Accountable for an overall Business Plan of 20 Billion AED for major Infrastructure including resources for the first phase of the Nakheel Waterfront project. Ø  Set up and developed an org structure from scratch based upon project management principles with 200 professionals. Ø  Initiated and established the first ever cost sharing agreement with RTA, Dubai.