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Przemysław Konarski

Member of the "BMW i" department in Poland (electric vehicles), responsible for direct sales (B2B, B2C), product trainings for local dealerships and project 360 ELECTRIC (all-round service). Consumer-oriented product and marketing specialist. Experienced in Electronic Equipment and Premium Automotive industry. Speciality - eMobility.

Work History


BMW i - Mobile Sales Advisor / Transaction Support

BMW Group

Main responsibilities:
- One-to-one consultancy for a "BMW i" products (EV) - provided on a flexible basis and away from the BMW showroom. Covering everything from model selection, equipment specification and colour to finance options;
- BMW Group representative for Key Customers and Partners (B2C) - this means Key Account responsiblities, but with scope only for electric vehicles (EV). Moreover my current position requires cooperation with RAC, CFM companies and diplomats (diplomatic sales channel);
- Transaction Support for BMW dealerships in Poland - from product trainings for dealerships employees, overseeing the sales operation, monitoring dealers performance and motivating them to reach their targets. Finally reporting to "BMW i" brand manager. Once again with scope only for "BMW i" products (electric vehicles).


Marketing Specialist (Internship)

BMW Group

Main responsibilities:
- Brand Digital presence (website, social media)
- Dealerships Marketing Strategy
- Direct marketing campaigns
- Cooperation with dealer network including Corporate Identity standards
- Cooperation with Ad, Creative, Digital, Event and Marketing Agencies

Main achievements:
- Interposition of one consistent brand strategy for digital media
- Significant improvement in dealers compliance with Corporate Identity standards


Apple Sales Advisor

Apple (through external agency)

Dedicated Sales Advisor in Apple Shop and Apple Inline


Sony Vaio Sales Advisor


Apple Sales Advisor




Personal effectiveness based on the Extended DISC model

Extended DISC Polska

Effective sales techniques.

McHayes&Steward Group

Knowledge and skills to create and manage non-governmental organization

Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy



Social Policy (Master degree)

University of Warsaw

Social Policy (Bachelor degree)

University of Warsaw