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Pruthvi Kumar BK

Full Stack Developer | Machine Learning Engineer

  • Melbourne, VIC, Australia | +61 435 991 326
  •  Bangalore, India | +91 998 697 3176


Enthusiastic Software Engineer offering over 8 years of experience leveraging software development and DevOps methodologies to deliver highly effective and creative solutions to business and technology challenges. Inquisitive towards web development associated with big data, Deep learning with Neural Networks, IOT and AI.  Obsessed JavaScript programmer with stupendous interest towards Angular, React & Node. Machine Learning & open source enthusiast, its customer and also contributor. 

Core Competencies

  • Full Stack Developer / Enterprise software dev
  • IaaS - AWS EC2, GCP Compute
  • PaaS - GCP (PubSub, DataFlow, BigQuery is my favourite stack)
  • MongoDb,Cassandra,PostgreSql, SQL server, MySql
  • Python, Node JS,  AngularJS, React JS, Redux, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, SASS & LESS.
  • Distributed streaming - Apache Kafka; Real-time processing - Apache Spark.
  • Python web/micro frameworks - Falcon, Django, WebPY, Flask.
  • Hybrid app - Ionic, Cordova, Phonegap & Electron.
  • Raspberry PI, IOT & ML with Tensorflow.
  • Predictive modeling & Machine Learning with pyBrain, R & Python Pandas.
  • Distributed processing - GKE( Google Kubernetes Engine), Google AppEngineFlex, GCE, AWS EMR, AWS EC2.
  • Web servers - Apache, Nginx, Gunicorn, TomCat, IIS, IBM Websphere, Oracle Glassfish
  • Proxy Servers - Squid & Tor.

Work History


Full Stack Developer


Design & development  of web products to give the bank an edge by efficiently utilising  technology, ML & AI within financial industry. Development involved analysis of structured financial data to produce insights/analysis at company/industry level. Primary objective of my role has been concentrated towards using software science as a service to automate many rigours of banking/finance industry

  • Experienced in architecting tech stacks based on business requirement. 
  • Experienced in implementing tech stacks for big data problems (both streaming and batch).
  • Delivered efficient software solutions both as an unassisted developer and leading/working with  Software Development teams.
  • Ability to deliver amidst high pressure and demanding roles.
  • Worked with multi-cultural & cross platform teams in building highly optimised, ML driven software products.
  • Experienced in developing web-services(API's) and Micro-services (Python, NodeJS).
  • API driven REST acknowledged End-to-End development using AngularJS / React + Redux on the Front End.



Senior Software Engineer

iGate Corp. (Now Capgemini Ltd.)

Development of security gateways for Stock Portal of Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), utilizing LAMP stack, JAVA, J2EE, Struts 2.0, Hibernate, EJB's,  MS SQL server 2014, UML, Webservices, SOAP and XML. 

  • Performed detailed analysis of business requirements and developed comprehensive plans defining and scoping project requirements.
  • Created specific software and devised testing scenarios to ensure optimum levels of efficiency.
  • Development of webDaemon Security Gateway (WDSG) with the techniques of non-blocking IO multiplexing, event-driving and secure cookies. SSL and cache based on PKI framework and role-based access control (RBAC) policy.

Software Engineer

  • Involved in end to end J2EE solution for Tax Information network for Income tax department of India done at NSDL client site. 
  • Involved in implementation of compression and encryption/decryption of the messages between Depository Participants and NSDL.
  • Involved in development of Corporate Actions Modules



MBA (Business Analytics)

Christ University, India

Bachelors In Engineering (Computer Science)

VTU, India



GCP Professional Data Engineer


Python for ML & AI

Edx + MIT

Angular Developer

Udemy + Google

Advanced Javascript


Qlikview Developer


R Programmer

Redwood Associates

SAS Developer



Sun Microsystems