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An IT professional interested in continuing to expand on technical and managerial skill sets. Accomplished project leader with highlights in software and database design, functional UI design, interpersonal communication and time management. Actively expanding knowledge of current and next-generation web and programming tools. Looking towards taking on a lead developer or managerial role in a company where I’ll be able to contribute my technical and managerial skill sets to help develop next-generation web applications and portals.


CSS / CSS 2.0

Work experience

Oct 2006Jul 2008

Application Programmer

Network Alliance

This job requires both software and aesthetic design expertise. Functional requirements for applications are complemented by logical visual layouts, and a successful UI is necessary to enable use from both technical and non-technical users. Time management and project planning are an integral part of hitting fast-paced project deadlines, and knowing how and when to leverage available external resources helps to minimize downtime and reduce the project overhead. Excellent interpersonal communication skills are necessary for working with clients, and a strong background in mathematics and statistics enables an easier conception of company metrics and SLAs, allowing for a quick redesign of existing policies to ensure achievement of target numbers.

Apr 2005Oct 2006

Web Application Programmer

World Adult Kickball Association

This job specifically required and utilized an extensive background in PHP, VB.NET, Perl, JavaScript, HTML, and other server and client-side scripting languages as found necessary. It also demanded an in-depth understanding of database application programming, with a focus on SQL databases. Further, it necessitated a solid background in organizational management, and required project management and software engineering skills to orchestrate many of the tasks through a team of programmers.




Aug 2008Present

B.S. Computer Science

Aug 2001May 2008

B.S. Computer Science