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Work experience

List of patents

University of Cagliari

G. Cao, A. Concas, G. Corrias, R. Licheri, R. Orrù, M. Pisu and C. Zanotti, “Procedimento di fabbricazione di elementi per strutture abitative e/o industriali sul suolo lunare e/o marziano”, PatentMI2010A001412, Applicant: Università di Cagliari and Italian Space Agency, Italy, 29/07/2010.

G. Cao, A. Concas, G. Corrias, R. Licheri, R. Orrù and M. Pisu, “Procedimento per l’ ottenimento di prodotti utili al sostentamento di missioni spaziali sul suolo marziano mediante l’utilizzo di risorse reperibili in situ”, Patent MI2011A001420,Applicant: Università di Cagliari, CRS4 and Italian Space Agency, Italy, 28/07/2011.

G. Cao, A. Concas, G. Corrias, R. Licheri, R. Orrù, M. Pisu and C. Zanotti, “Fabrication process of physical assets for civil and/or industrial structures on the surface of Moon, Mars and/or asteroids”, Patent10453PTWO, Applicant: Università di Cagliari and Italian Space Agency, Italy, 28/07/2011.

G. Cao, A. Concas, G. Corrias, R. Licheri, R. Orrù and M. Pisu, “A process for the production of useful materials to sustain manned space missions on Mars through in-situ resources utilization”, PatentPCT/IB2012/053754, Applicant: Università di Cagliari, CRS4 and Italian Space Agency, Italy, 24/07/2012.

Papers in Refereed Journals

University of Cagliari

G. Corrias, R. Licheri, R.Orrù and G. Cao, “Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis Reactions for ISRU and ISFR Applications”, Eurasian Chemico-Technological Journal, 14/3, (2011).

G. Corrias, R. Licheri, R. Orrù and G. Cao, “Self-propagating High-temperature Reactions for the Fabrication of Lunar and Martian Physical Assets”, Acta Astronautica, 70, 69-76 (2012).

G. Corrias, R. Licheri, R.Orrù and G. Cao, “Optimization of the Self-propagating High-temperature Process for the in-situ Fabrication of Lunar Construction Materials”, Chemical Engineering Journal, 193-194, 410-421 (2012).

A. Concas, G. Corrias, R. Orrú, R. Licheri, M. Pisu, G. Cao, Remarks on ISRU and ISFR Technologies for Manned Missions on Moon and Mars, Eurasian ChemTech Journal pages 243—248,  14 (2012)

Apr 2013Present

Proposal Manager

The role of Proposal manager has let to me to achieve a good knowledge of techniques to pursue the following goals: 

  • Analyzing the opportunities offered by the European Union, in particular in the framework of  the 'Horizon 2020' program
  • Writing good proposals, covering technical and economical aspects
  • Planning and managing the proposals, in cooperation with the project leaders
Apr 2012Apr 2013


Biomedical Tissues Srl

The activity was related to the design and to the implementation of technical solutions for the set-up of microalgae cultivation plants used to verify the feasibility of mathematical models developed at the University of Cagliari and at the Research Center for Advanced Studies and Development in Sardinia (CRS4).

Jan 2009Mar 2012

International PhD Program in Environmental Science and Engineering. Thesis topic: Development of new processes for ISRU (In Situ Resource Utilization) and ISFR (In Situ Fabrication and Repair) applications on Moon and Mars

University of Cagliari / Italian Space Agency

The research activity performed during the PhD is set in the framework of the optimisation of resources for future human exploration missions. More specifically, the R&D activity is related to the possibility of extracting and utilizing in-situ resources for human survival without being equipped with huge amount of supplies from the Earth. Among the technologies capable to endorse manned exploration, the research activity has focused its attention on the so-called Self Propagating High Temperature Synthesis (SHS) Reactions.

In order to evaluate gravitational field's influence in reacted products, reacting systems (containing also lunar and martian regolith simulants) has been tested under both terrestrial conditions and microgravity conditions, during the 53th ESA Parabolic Flight Campaign in October 2010.

Reseach activity has been performed during the COSMIC (COmbustion Synthesis under MIcrogravity Conditions) project founded by the Italian Space Agency in December 2009.

The main specific activities I have performed during the project have been:

- Cooperation in the formulation of new processes for the future space exploration

- Innovative materials production using Self Propagating High Temperature Synthesis (SHS) as a key technology

- Design of the Parabolic Flight Facility according to the ESA electrical, mechanical and safety constraints

- Board experimenter during the Parabolic Flight Campaign

Jun 2011Dec 2011


Innovative Materials/Tecnomare (ENI)

Proof of concept related to the use of SHS (Self-Propagating High- Temperature Synthesis) Reactions for the Development of a suitable Sterilization Technique for Mars Sample Return-Bio Containment System (MSR-BCS)

Oct 2008Dec 2008

Quality Engineering

Blue Shark

As a company consultant I was in charge of sorting out the chemical analysis performed and write the quality plan documents.


Apr 2008Present

Master degree

University of Cagliari, Italy

Thesis topic: Mechanical treatment for heavy metal contaminated soils.

Referee: Prof. Giacomo Cao

Final Grade: 110/110 cum laude

Apr 2005Present

Bachelor degree

University of Cagliari

Thesis topic: Design of new bioremediation plant for the treatment of waste water from the industrial area of Cagliari.

Referee: Prof. Luciano Curreli


I am keen to continue my career in an international and challenging environment, also in pubblic or private sector. 

Personal profile

An experienced and highly-competent engineer with excellent computer and interpersonal skills. I have worked successfully in a number of high profile organizations both in private and in public sector, providing support to senior professionals and managers. 


I enjoy reading different kinds of books, I love travelling and experiencing different cultures. Recently I followed a training course for the physical preparation to the parabolic flight experience .


International Certificate of English knowledge BULATS (BUsiness Language Testing Service) CEF level: B2 Upper Intermediate
Excellent knowledge of Microsoft applications. Excellent knowledge of Computer Aided Design application, as AUTOCAD. Excellent skills using the Internet and network management. Good knowledge of Linux applications.  
Excellent public speaking skills acquired during the support activities in the academic courses of “Principles of Chemical Engineering”, “Trasport Phenomena in Environmental systems” and “Transport Phenomena in Biomedical Systems” at the University of Cagliari.  
Proposal Manager Excellent knowledge of Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis Reactions Parabolic Flight facility design Microalgae cultivation plants design and management Environmental plants design and management Quality Engineering  
Although I can work on my own initiative with excellent organisational abilities, I have strong predisposition to teamwork and interpersonal relationships.