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Property Management Investment Group provides management services that aim to give owners hassle-free operation of rental properties. Serving North Idaho, PMIG's team of professionals offers clients over two decades of real estate experience. PMIG handles the management of single- and multifamily homes, commercial properties, and vacation rentals.Property Management Investment Group specializes in supplying property owners with smart ways to reduce monthly expenses and increase the value of their investment. With a wealth of experience in real estate management, PMIG maximizes the market value of properties through sensible marketing and management, plus the provision of proper maintenance. Targeted marketing programs are offered with both online and print components to ensure that the property will experience steadily high occupancy. The services offered by PMIG include every aspect of real estate management, from expense processing for monthly payments such as insurance fees, property taxes, and homeowner's association dues to reviewing applications from potential rental applicants. Property Management Investment Group also provides qualified maintenance services for all of the company's managed properties. Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance, janitorial services, and landscaping help protect the properties from neglect by tenants. In the event of an emergency where plumbing, HVAC, or electrical repairs are needed, PMIG has well-established relationships with numerous trusted professionals in the North Idaho region. Monthly itemized reports keep clients informed about all expenses related to management of their property.