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I am a very passionate and self driven individual, with a proven leadership track record. I enjoy development,  maintenance and improvement of operating hotel / resort processes. I am highly skilled in managing the efforts and activities of teams as well as being a great team and consensus builder.

My experience with companies such as Walt Disney World and Orange Lake Resorts has ensured an outstanding customer service etiquette and creativity in service delivery. I operate with a bias towards customer service fulfillment.

 Previously Operations Director with Orange Lake Resorts and Country Club in Orlando, Florida, USA. With 2,494 Timeshare Villas and sitting on a sprawling 1200 acres of land, Orange Lake is the World's largest single site timeshare resort in the world. I was with Orange Lake Resort and Country Club for 9 years and held positions ranging from Customer Service, Resort Duty Manager, Front Office Manager, Director of Front Operations, Director of Resort Operations-  with responsibility over back of the house operations (Housekeeping, Support Services and Laundry divisions)

I have a consolidated senior management experience in all divisions of resort / hotel management. My work experience which spans the globe from Africa to the the USA is a great asset as I have a great deal of understanding both the local and international traveller. I am a ready addition to any organization whether starting or established.


Edwin Shangwa

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Scott Nasser

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Pat Decesare

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Work experience

Manager - Housekeeping - July 2001 to February 2002

Responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of a section of the resort. Part of my responsibilities included inventory management, payroll control and employee challenges. 

Inspection of Resort Villas to ensure quality accommodations. I ensure ongoing training for the housekeeping team.

Resort Duty Manager - February 2002 to January 2003

Responsible for management of the resort operations team as the overal face of management. All guest complaints and mantaining management presence in the absence of department heads.

As duty manager, I was reponsible for property inspections to ensure upkeep of the property. Manatained the MOD Report as a communication between the customer service team and the executive team.

Front Office Manager - January 2003 to June 2005

As Front Office Manager, I was responsible for the day to day management of the front office operations.

Director - Resort Operations - Front Service - June 2005 to September 2007

As Director of Front Services, I was responsible for the arrival experience for all owners and guests at Orange Lake Resort. Key to my role was:

  • Managing a team of 65 comprising of 3 managers, 2 supervisors, 4 rooms control clerks, 12 shuttle drivers, 6 concierge staff, 3 night audit and 35 clerks.
  • As Director my role was to oversee the day to day check in and check out procees. Ensuring procedures are documented, trained on and effectively and consistently executed.
  • Process improvement was a major part of my role. Ensuring constant improvement is done to scripts used by staff in their guest interaction. 
  • Coleteral improvement as business evolved. As custodian of the Front Service, all enhancements to registration cards, folio paper, property map, amenity documentation was under my management. I was tasked with colleboration efforts with our Resort Creativity department to ensure all changes are in line with organizational branding and that delivery is on time.
  • Instituting training and development programs. Initiated Front Office "Boot Camp" training sessions. Highly charged product knowledge and customer service sessions.
  • Leading in synergy efforts with interconnected departments such as Marketing, Global Access, Reservations, Inventory Management, Housekeeping, Entertainment, Resort Services, Technology and Food and Beverage.  
  • Led initiative to synthesis Resort Marketing team with the Front Desk to ensure marketing penetration. This initiative led to a annualized sales increase of $17m.
  • Initiated restructuring of the department leading to the department saving $33k while increasing employee moral and customer satisfaction.
  • Oversaw the redesigning and construction of the Front Office facilities. Scatched the Front Office concept as well as all technological requirements.
  • Setting of Operational Standards for the Front Service and revamping the customer service approach.
  • Participated in the process to re-write the organization's Mission, Vision, Values and Cornerstones.
  • Participated in the organization's "New Leader On-boarding" programs. This program ensured one director welcomes a new leader to the organization and walk them through the entire organization including "Fair Labor Standards Act", "Timeshare 101", "Performance Management", "Harassment Prevention", "Understanding Retention" among several areas covered.
Jul 2001Feb 2010

Director - Resort Cleaning Services (Housekeeping, Laundry & Custodial Services) - October 2007 to February 2010

Orange Lake Resort Orlando is the world's largest single site Timeshare Resort located in Orlando Florida. Recently the resort has made aquisitions in Ascurtny - Vermont, Marcus Grand Resort - Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and Orange Lake Panama City in Panama, Florida. The Orlando Resort sits on a 1,200 acres adjusent to Walt Disney World and boosts of 2,498 villas. A strategic Marketing Alliance was entered into with the Intercontinetal Hotel Group. This saw the transformation of Orange Lake's Global Access to Holiday Inn Vacation Club, (HIVC).

As Director of Resort Cleaning Services, I had responsibility over three back of the house departments namely: Resort Laundry Services, Resort Housekeeping Services and Resort Custodial Services. I reported to the Senior Director of Resort Cleaning Services. A few months before leaving Orang Lake, my role had shifted to exclusively focus on the Laundry Department.  Key to my role was the following:

  • Providing leadership for Resort Operations Departments: namely Resort Laundry Services, Resort Custodial Services and Resort Housekeeping Services.
  • Leading a team of employees of diverse cultures, backgrounds and technical prowess.
  • Hands on management support to ensure that all key areas are operating flawlessly and customer expectations are being exceeded.
  • Responsible for budgeting as well as financial management of all departments.Daily monitoring of departments' financials to ensure a balanced checkbook.
  • Developmet of 18 managers and 36 supervisors. Management and Supervisor Development programs and initiatives.
  • Implimenting a Succession Planning Process for leaders in my departments.
  • Responsible for managing synerg efforts with peripheral departments, Resort Facility Maintenance, Front Services, Customer Services and Sales departments.
  • A good grasp of human resources management and a great understanding of US Labor laws. I participated in Department of Labor Unemployment hearings related to any claims against the company by former employees.
  • Hiring, retention and termination of employees in all three areas. Reviewing termination requests to ensure all intricate steps have been taken to coach, counsel and correct behaviour and performance expectations.
  • Continously seek innovative ways to enhance operational deliveries. Evaluation of the business to ensure continued growth and innovation. Creating synergies with other divisions of the organization. Building cross-functional teams to achieve expected results.
  • Responsible for managing all vendor relations. Accepting and evaluating service bids.
  • Implimentation of Safety programs. Participating in Safety Commitees. Analysing Workers Compensation (costs and cases analysis) Documenting (S.O.P's) Standard Operating Procedures and (JHA's) Job Harzard Analysis.
  • Review of Performance Appraisals and Merit increases through Oracle Workbench.
  • Implimentation of communication plans for new company initiatives. Organized townhall meetings in my departments to communicate the state of the organization. The marketing alliance with Inter-Continental Hotel Group had to be communicated effectively so as to avoid anxiety to our staff. I participated in small video plays to illustrate the new relationship between Orange Lake and IHG.
  • Managing Marketing Alliance efforts with the Intercontinental Hotel Group, (IHG). Ensured standards compliance in Housekeeping and Laundry as the organization rebranded to Holiday Innn Club Vacations.
  • Managing renovation projects for all resort units. Maintaining and managing all schedules for renovation and new construction rollouts. Ensuring Housekeeping and Laundry departments performed procedural tasks set forth when a unit goes off line as well as when it came back online. As the resort has different renovation types, my departments had to understand the renovation type to ensure the right service is performed.
  • Overall Management of the Laundry Facility. Scheduling, staffing and training of all employees in the department. Planning, organizing and directing laundry activities. Scheduling management as well as supervisory staff. Selecting and hiring of management and supervisory staff.
  • Reviewing Laundry equipment service programs to limit downtime due to mechanical faults. Implimenting and monitoring of maintenance schedules for all laundry equipment.
  • Ensuring timely delivery of linen products to all internal customers such as Housekeeping, Food and Beverage, Golf and Pools.
  • Embarked on a process improvement effort and ensured process flow was in place and perfomance standards were followed. Several bottlenecks existed in the Laundry facility and I took time to develop a process flow and troubleshoot areas of concern.
  • Inventory level anaysis and purchase. Monthly inventory counts and reviews to ensure par levels were maintained.
  • Responsible for all departmental purchases. I had to ensure that purchases were within our budgetary limitations.
  • Asset count and management. I had to perform an asset count of my areas of reponsibility. I also had to submit Capital Requirements for my departments.
  • Hold weekly and monthly department meetings. I also ensured that supervisors and managers performed pre-shift meetings with the staff. This was essential in diserminating operational information as well as reinforcing safety standards.
  • Staff recognition and incentives. Implimented weekly staff committies to select employee of the week. Production incentives for top perfomers. Monthly scripts to the executives to nominate departmental Key Players. Writting nominations for ARDA, awards.
Oct 2000Jul 2001

Ride Co-ordinator - Africa

Responsible for co-ordinating ride operations in the Africa section of Disney;s Animal Kingdom.

Jan 1998Oct 2000

Marketing Co-ordinator - Caribbea Bay Resort & Casino

Zimsun Hotels

My repsonsibilities included but were not limited to the following:

  • Responsible for sourcing and coordinating convention business.
  • Responsible for all travel agent business pertaining to the Caribbea Bay Resort in Kariba.
  • Arranged Familiarization tours and iternarary for groups in synergy with tour operators in the area. 
  • Managed the Resort's Product Profile in conjustion with the coporate office.



Bachelor of Science (Honors)

University of Zimbabwe


London Chamber of Commerce & Industry



ARDA Silver Award

American Resort Development Association

ARDA Silver Award

American Resort Development Association

Certificate of Thanks

Buick Scramble - 2003 National Championships