Prolifogy is a software consulting and development firm based in Danbury, Connecticut, and serving clients worldwide. Our industry-leading team of software veterans works with businesses of all types and sizes, from start-ups to multinational corporations in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to hospitality to legal to consumer electronics. Rather than constantly trying to keep up with the industry by learning new technology, Prolifogy is in the driver’s seat, creating new technology and setting the pace for others to follow. We offer a variety of services in the categories of software consulting, intellectual property, and application development.

Software Consulting

Prolifogy provides a wide variety of software consulting services, all designed to integrate seamlessly with your company’s existing teams and projects. We’ll be your partner, not your vendor, which means that we’ll learn your development practices, follow your protocols, and use your preferred tools. Here’s how we can help:

  • Code review—Prolifogy performs code analysis on software systems of all shapes and sizes. Whether you need a code review for quality control, security review, or due diligence on a purchase or sale, Prolifogy can inspect for proper design, errors, incorrect logic, and many other metrics.
  • Subject matter expertise—Prolifogy’s consultants are industry veterans, authors, creators of patented inventions, college professors, and expert witnesses. We have world-class expertise in software design, embedded systems, real-time systems, programming languages, graphics, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, computer vision, speech technologies, databases, machine learning, security, and reverse engineering. And we can put this expertise to use for your company by providing guidance, evaluation, training, and more.
  • Project management—Prolifogy provides project management and team leadership services to serve a wide range of needs, including managing projects on- or off-site, managing outsourced projects, supporting and supplementing in-house project managers during busy times, quickly replacing outgoing project managers, serving as liaisons between technical and non-technical parties, and handling communication with customers and other departments or stakeholders.
  • Customized training—Prolifogy offers a training approach that caters specifically to your business. We will customize a syllabus 100 percent to your company’s needs, provide the training where and when your staff needs it, and stay on after the course to help trainees incorporate everything they’ve learned into their daily job functions.
  • Outsourcing oversight—Managing vendors can be a full-time job, and Prolifogy can help by offering outsourcing oversight. With this service, your time is freed up to work on other projects because we’ll handle day-to-day details and issues, vet the work quality, communicate with the vendor, receive feedback and address concerns with customers, and provide regulator reports on project status.
  • Research and development—Does your business have an idea for a software technology that you’d like to explore, but don’t have the staff or budget to employ the research and development necessary? Prolifogy can help. We can help you understand the benefits and limitations of the software, offer guidance on what is possible with the available time and funding, perform research on how to solve the problem, build a prototype, put together a plan for creating the invention, and help you execute the plan.

Intellectual Property

Prolifogy’s intellectual property consulting services are called upon during mergers and acquisitions, litigation, IP sales, and in due diligence. We can provide incomparable help by assessing the market value and performing SWOT analysis during the sale of software products or even an entire software division. This process involves a thorough evaluation of application source code, trade secrets, copyrights, hardware/software infrastructure, build and deployment processes, quality assurance, and technical support processes. Here’s what else we can do to help with your intellectual property needs:

  • Source code analysis—In most software litigation disputes, the case typically comes down to what the software can and cannot do. This is where Prolifogy can provide the insight necessary to determine whether a piece of software is violating a licensing agreement, infringing upon a patent or copyright, or not doing something it’s supposed to be doing.
  • Expert witness services—Prolifogy’s consultants not only provide world-class expertise for software consulting and training, but they also serve as expert witnesses in intellectual property matters. They are trained in litigation fundamentals, and have experience with software contractual disputes, copyright and patent infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets, and software-related criminal cases.
  • Patent advisory services—If you’re trying to determine whether to buy, sell, license, or litigate, you must know whether the patent in question is valid and whether another product in the marketplace infringes upon the patent. Prolifogy can help you answer these questions. Our team of experts is experienced with this and has firsthand knowledge of the technical factors that influence patent validity and potential use.
  • Reverse engineering—Before launching a costly and time-consuming patent litigation, it’s crucial to know whether patent infringement is actually happening. Prolifogy can help assess this for many software applications through reverse engineering, which is the process of translating the finished software product back into human-readable source code format so that the behavior and functions of the application can be evaluated. This can serve as concrete evidence to support an infringement claim.

Application Development

Prolifogy’s software development team has been chosen for their top-notch education, experience, and proven leadership skills, and their customized software solutions can help your company solve business problems and increase efficiency, productivity, and profits. We do so by learning your business from top to bottom, including its unique strengths, characteristics, and problems needing solutions. We offer the following application development services:

  • Custom web development—Does your business have critical unmet business software needs that require a software firm equipped to handle meticulous detail, complex logistics, and extraordinary requirements? Prolifogy can help. Our team develops turnkey web-based solutions for a wide variety of audiences across different industries, including healthcare, software, hospitality, legal, telecommunications, wireless, and big data.
  • Enterprise software—Unintuitive user experiences, downtime, and malfunctioning software can cost your company time and money as well as damage to your brand and company image. But Prolifogy’s enterprise solutions are designed and implemented to work right the first time, including seamless integration with your existing IT infrastructure and synchronization between disparate back-end components.
  • Requirements analysis—The process of requirements analysis—or determining expectations for a software application—is often skipped or shortchanged on time, but it’s a crucial step that forces stakeholders to reach consensus on the purpose, operation, goals, scope, audience, use, and overall expectations of the software to be built. Prolifogy not only performs this process for all software projects, but also offers it as a standalone service for clients who aren’t yet ready for the design and implementation process.
  • Advanced algorithmics—When your company needs to solve challenging, never-done-before business problems, Prolifogy can help. Rather than a full turnkey solution, we offer flexibility with a library of components and options that allow you to keep your existing software and replace only parts that need improvement with logistics, manufacturing calculations, data aggregation or mining, optimization, or formal validation. We’ll work with your team to learn your business challenges and what technologies are currently solving those challenges, and we can provide a needs analysis that shows what improvements can be made to have the most significant business impact.

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