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Prolific Energy is committed to providing high quality oil and gas drilling programs that will enable our investors to realize the many benefits afforded by a portfolio of prospects with substantial long-term production.

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Prolific Energy LLC

Prolific Energy LLC, located in Dallas TX, is an eminent name in the Oil and Gas Field Exploration Services industry. It is a premier company which believes that integrity guides every business and it takes pride in staying true to the ideals upon which it was founded by John Seale in July 2002. Mr. Seale has managed more than 50 drilling programs including pure vertical wells and horizontal wells. He has been working in the oil and gas industry for more than 18 years. He has also experienced engineering fracing procedures for tight shale gas plays. His responsibilities at Prolific Energy LLC include reviewing the viability of geological and economic data for drilling programs with the purpose to bring them forward into the marketplace.The primary aim of Prolific Energy is to build a production portfolio for providing fruitful returns. Mr. Seale has utilized his vast experience and knowledge combined with the use of current technology to follow more conservative approach to management and achieve high returns for the investors. Their high quality oil and gas drilling programs offer investors excellent benefits.

Prolific Energy

Prolific Energy