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Defining/Creating plans has always excited me. In my previous job as a QA, I discovered that I am good at juggling ramifications rifts between product (and the business stakeholders) and engineering over misalignment around requirements. My recent experience with the startup world has provided me with a first-hand insight into product development from start to finish. Proficient technically and in communication.

 I desire to be a part of vibrant and leading organization and create an impact. Looking actively for marketing and sales opportunities. Whenever possible, I help friends in making their dreams come true. I provide career counselling and help friends get placed in their dream jobs.

Outside of work, I am enthusiastic  to chat about startup ideas with friends, painting, swimming, practising yoga, and biking.

Work experience

Dec 2015 July 2017

QA Engineer


Responsible for ensuring that the deployed code meets the highest standards of releases and  quality control procedures.

prepare Test-Cases and Test-plan document and periodically updating it to ensure stability

Develop automation testing for UI, using Selenium, Capybara and Rspec. 

Effectively communicating my plan and updates during the daily Scrum meeting.

Periodically coaching Support team with new product updates and features

Recommend improvements to existing product and provide product enhancement plans to the product owner.

Dive into doing some Ruby coding and Rspec testing as and when required

Jun 2015Sept 2015

Web-Developer and Technology Consultant


Its a web application, to  find the perfect home by matching your personality type to the apt neighbourhood in Canada. I used Bootstrap, HTML, CSS to create this simple landing page.  LETT Life site link

Created their blog, website, Web-App front end development

Wordpress, Ruby on Rails, HTML5, Bootstrap framework, SEO 

Designed blog using WordPress, landing pages with Bootstrap and create web-app , which smart-matches renters to their perfect neighbourhood.

Apr 2015Dec 2015

Web Developer


Master of multiple web development tools from cPanel and Wordpress to vi and Eclipse. Ruler in using Bourbon, Bootstrap, Foundation Frameworks. Develop new websites, add new functionality to existing sites, and even correct typos on web pages! 

Apr 2008Feb 2010

Programmer Analyst


Complied the requirements for the claims dashboard,Designed the web interface of the paperless claims project. Mocked prototypes for the interface, wire-framed designs,  finalized the workflow models. Technologies used : HTML, CSS and Visio. Performed the added duties of a Client Relationship manager  for the project. Consistently achieved 5 star rating from Clients for analysis and problem solving.

UI designs got signed-off from Business Operations team and Technology team. During implementation phase created the functional and regression test plans for the Claims Routing feature. 

Feb 2006Jul 2006

Software Engineer

Igate Global solutions

Developed user portals that performed automatic allocation of students and professors to individual courses. Built Java servlets for the managing the state and for storage of dynamic data to enhance core functionality.Skills exercised are Java, MySQL, Oracle 9.