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PrintPro, family owned and operated since 1989, is the predominant printing and sign printing company in Winnipeg. They offer their services to clientele nationwide, from large corporations with complex projects to small businesses, and are willing to handle any sized job you require. The PrintPro team can provide you with a high quality customer service, and is committed to meeting your requirements and expectations in a timely manner.

The four main services provided by PrintPro are graphic designs, printing, signs, displays, and direct mail. The latest technology allows them to provide their clients with a superior quality product, always with the fastest turnaround time. PrintPro can provide all your printing needs. They offer free design consultations for new and existing clients, which their highly experienced graphic artists can transform into reality. PrintPro can handle all your direct mail from the design right through to the distribution of your mailer. You are welcome to visit their website to peruse their products and services.

PrintPro Digital
348 Saulteaux Crescent
Winnipeg, MB R3J 3T2
Tel: (204) 889-3030