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Highly accomplished professional with the ability to identify growth opportunities and manage operational matters within non-profit organizations. Skilled in driving academic improvement, governing schools, executing strategy, and implementing missions. Adept in building and motivating top performing teams, enhancing operational effectiveness, and leading organizations through critical transitions.  


  • Community Partnerships & Fundraising Budget
  • Management & Cost Containment
  • Curriculum Implementation
  • Initiating & Building Strategic Alliances
  • Program Development & Educational Development
  • Change Management
  • Staff Supervision & Performance Evaluation
  • Organizational Visions & Missions


  • Spearheaded efforts to resolve problems that hinder the focus of organizational missions.
  • Established innovative programs that drove effective operations and enhanced team building.
  • Developed strategies to drive academic improvement at all levels of educational development.
  • Recruited, trained, and managed volunteers and staff in performing at optimal levels.

Work experience



Public Charter School for Technical Arts

Provided leadership and direction to the educational development of 236 students. Supervised and mentored the staff in performing at optimal levels. Established an incentive program for students that represented the key in demonstrating academic growth for the school. Directed teams of stakeholders in rewriting the Accountability Plan, Restructuring Plan, and Schedule of Implementation Activities. Led a team of stakeholders in creating the educational framework that supported individual and group academic growth.

Key Achievements:

  • Maintained full responsibility for a $4 million general funding budget as well as planned and developed a spending program for an additional $250,000 Title I, 11, IV, and V budgets.
  • Wrote the grant to obtain a Federal funded incentive reward package for teachers for the increased academic growth program for Charter School students (EPIC).
  • Wrote a grant to upgrade the technology infrastructure to the present building.

Facility Manager/Principal

City Recovery School District

Maintained sole accountability for short and long term planning for all facilities including construction, maintenance, equipment, IT, audio/visual, and safety equipment. Formulated and managed budgets. Met target budget of $1.5 million related to the district improvement plan. Established a center for parents to increase awareness regarding educational goals as well as provided a supportive environment for parents and teachers.

Key Achievements:

  • Championed efforts to re-establish one of the largest high schools in City after disaster.
  • Drove academic improvement and achieved one of the highest assessment scores in the district.
  • Partnered with the NBA and the Hornets basketball team to secure funds to refurbish the gymnasium.
  • Collaborated with Ortiz College and Nunzio Community College on establishing a parent university, which offered classes/programs including GED course work and Clinical Nursing Assistant training.
  • Led a faith based community men's group to mentor and develop disadvantaged males.
  • Created a dual education program with Nunzio Community College for students to earn credit for college courses while completing high school education.




Name High School

Directed all aspects of educational leadership and administrative functions within the school. Played a key role in creating a school-based health clinic by partnering with the Local Community Hospital, which offered general health examinations, pregnancy prevention, and STD treatment services. Promoted the attainment of educational goals. Led the school in attaining higher than expected scores on high stakes assessments.

Key Achievements:

  • Coordinated the design and planning of $10.5 million grant from Toyota Corporation to fund school improvement over the next 10 years.
  • Partnered with the Newspaper, NFL Team, ABC, and other organizations to raise over $80,000 to provide expense support for the City Marching Band to participate in the National High School Band Competition, which won second place and received a request from the White House to perform at the inaugural parade.
  • Established a partnership with a faith-based organization to create a Parent Center as well as garnered support from the organization to donate $50,000 to implement the program.

Assistant Principal

City Technical Center

Directed all aspects of daily activities within the school. Cultivated positive and enduring relationships with the community and discussed school strategies and goals.

Key Achievements:

  • Provided leadership to secure positive fundraising initiatives for sports, band, and other student-based organizations, which raised $100,000 for the sports program annually.
  • Co-hosted a talk show to address local school issues and promote parental and community awareness.
  • Spearheaded the development of the first program in the state for World War II veterans to complete requirements for a high school diploma.


  • Educational Leadership, Administration – University of Sarasota
  • Master Education Administration, Community Education – Brigham Young University
  • Bachelor of Science, Secondary Education / Certification, Certified Counseling – Colorado State University
  • Professional Development: Taxes & Investment Training, Unions & School Law, The Art of Hiring & Training Talented Personnel, Leading For Learning Training Workshop for Principals, Principles of Leadership