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Almost 20 years total of biotech experience. The last fourteen years of comprising clinical experience including operational responsibilities, generating protocols, analyzing data and contributing to regulatory documents. Prior to that headed up a variety of pre-clinical responsibilities.



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Work experience

May 2003Present

VP Clinical Research

Responsible for design and writing of all clinical protocols Phases 1 - 3. Current programs in the use of novel iontophoretic combination products to treat herpes labialis and onychomycosis. Responsible for overseeing data analysis for all Transport clinical trials. Acting as primary contact with clinical sites and CROs with regard to all protocol design related questions and assisting Clinical Operations with regard to day to day interactions with sites, e.g. questions on proper conduct of study. Responsible for writing of all clinical and clinically related regulatory documents including Investigator’s Brochures, Clinical Study Reports, and relevant sections of any regulatory submissions (Transport has filed two INDs to date).


Assoc. Director Clinical Operations

Transkaryotic Therapies Inc. (TKT)

Responsible for the direction and management of all operational aspects of clinical trials relating to gene therapy, including protocol design and execution, study monitoring, and study related Regulatory submissions. Responsible for identifying Principal Investigators, surveying and qualifying investigational sites, negotiating and managing contracts with Contract Research Organizations and clinical sites, and monitoring and auditing of CROs and investigational sites to ensure that clinical studies are executed properly, Participate in the development, establishment, and implementation of protocols and coordinate IRB submissions.

Sep 1994Jan 2000

Asst. Director Medical Affairs

Ascent Pediatrics, Inc.
Responsible for management of all Phase I studies including protocol development, monitoring of study, data analysis (both pharmacokinetic and statistical), and review of study reports. As all clinical studies were contracted out, responsibilities included selection of CRO, negotiation of budgets for studies, and all interactions with personnel at CRO. Managed over 20 Phase I studies during a 5 year period including 3 studies with healthy normal children. Assisted in the conduct of 7 Phase II/III studies including protocol generation, monitoring, review of data, and generation of study reports. Contributed various clinical sections as part of submissions for 3 NDA's and 2 IND's. Responsible for management of all pre-clinical studies including study design, data analysis, review of reports, and all interactions with sub-contracted laboratories conducting studies.
Feb 1989Aug 1994

Sr. Research Scientist


Oringally with Enzytech: 1989-1991 when Alkermes acquired Enzytech Alkermes: Responsible for coordinating and executing all pre-clinical studies, both in-house and subcontracted, for parenteral and oral delivery systems based on Enzytech technology. These studies included all pharm/tox and pharmacokinetic investigations, and validation of bioassays. Responsible for all aspects of process development for manufacturing a protein/peptide oral delivery formulation for clinical studies. Enzytech: Responsible for development of an oral drug delivery program, development of animal research models, and establishment of an animal research facility.


Sr. Research Scientist


Responsible for development of an oral drug delivery program, development of animal research models, and establishment of an animal research facility.


Woodmere Academy


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Conducted studies of the transport of Iow density lipoproteins within the rabbit arterial wall. Investigation included the collection of extensive morphological and quantitative data for use in the development of mathematical models of macromolecular transport.

Thesis Advisors: Profs. Clark K. Colton and Kenneth A. Smith

Research Assistant - January, 1984 to June, 1987


MS in Chemical Engineering Practice

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Chemical Engineering Practice School project sites:

General Electric/Noryl Products and Silicone Products Business Division; Bethlehem Steel


MS Chemical Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research: Developed a method of quantitative autoradiography for study of biological transport of radioiodinated proteins.



Princeton University