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Work experience

Mar 2012Present

Delivery Driver

DC's Pizza and Subs
May 2009Dec 2011

shipping, packaging, taking in work orders

Alfa Systems
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Jun 2009Sep 2011

Rip Saw

Nickell Moulding


Aug 2009Jan 2011


Career Center
Aug 2009Jan 2011


Carrer Center

In my career center, i worked in a shop, and studied in a class room. my work ranged from working on your standard outdoor lawn mowers, to you high advanced motorcycles. I used air compact ratchets, basic hand held tools. Drills. drill presses, grinding wheels. power washers. micrometers, torque wrenches, air table lifts, vises. air compression testers, electronic hand held current testers. I worked in the parts department, and retrieved parts, ordered parts. I did customer service, taking in and writing up work orders for the career center, and customers. During my time at the career center, I registered for skills USA, which is a competetion compete. for what i studied in. and competed. Im a Great worker, i listen very carefully to people, if im givin an order i will forfill that, and do a fantastic job at it.

For contact with my teacher: "Ryan Gortney" at the career center his number is :1-574-262-5682

Thank you very much for taking your time and looking at my resume, its very much appreciated


Small engine Mechanic
Im very good with working with my Hands, on Small engines. I used just about everytool there is to think of. I torn down my first Briggs and stratton engine that was completed, and rebuild it. and then ran the engine. im very organized and well kept with my self, and what ever it is, that i work on, or work with. Im very creative when it comes to alot of different things. I find the very best strategy for the job.


D'atra Williams

Alex Clark

Hard working Determined, very likable person.


Aug 2009Jan 2011

motorcycle/outdoor power small engines repair

Elkhart Area Career Center


Jonathan Ray Ellis's Resume'


Some of the interests, that i want to do, is to get my Bachelors Degree. In Automotive Technologies. Study at a college for teaching, and teach newcomers on small engine repair, and automotive. Marine and Diesel industry.


Im very open minded with people, everyone, i listen very carefully and make eye contact, with whomever im speaking with. If im givin instructions to do something, i forfill to it. with the best of my knowledge. I work very Hard, and always try my best, at whatever it is. I have  great personality, and im very good with people.


I always do my best at, whatever im doing, and whom im doing it for.