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Price M. Cobbs, a diversity management expert in San Francisco, is an internationally recognized psychiatrist, author, and speaker. From the onset of his career as a practicing psychiatrist, Dr. Cobbs began to examine the havoc that racism was wreaking on African Americans and the country as a whole. In 1968, Price M. Cobbs published the first of his many literary works. His book, Black Rage, broke new ground in its examination of African American mental health. His later writing on topics such as the effects of religion on black Americans and the impact of racism in the workplace also earned national literary praise. In 1986, Price M. Cobbs released a video series called Valuing Diversity, which highlighted his clinical model for breaking down racial barriers. This group therapy approach to combating the damage evoked by prejudice became nationally and internationally recognized and utilized. Price M. Cobbs belongs to many reputable organizations that strive to promote diversity and promote leadership amongst minorities. He founded the African American Leadership Institute at the University of California’s Anderson School of Business and serves as a senior consultant of the Executive Leadership Council. In addition, he serves on the advisory board of Black Scholar, the country’s foremost journal on political and cultural issues affecting African Americans. Through his position on the board of directors of Shared Interest, Price M. Cobbs assists in enacting social and economic change in South Africa. His vested interest in efforts to counteract the destruction brought about by the apartheid led to his invitation to speak at the country’s First Annual Diversity Conference in Johannesburg. Price M. Cobbs has received many honors and awards for his ongoing philanthropic endeavors. Saybrook Graduate School recognized him with the biennial Rollo May Award for Humanistic Service and Black Enterprise Magazine named Price M. Cobbs one of nation’s top physicians because of his innovations in the field of psychiatry. As a charter member of the Urban League, he advocates for black Americans and campaigns against prejudice. Price M. Cobbs’ other professional affiliations include the National Academy of Science’s Institute of Medicine, the National Medical Association, and the American Psychiatric Association, of which he holds Life Fellow status.

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Meharry Medical College