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Substitute Teacher

Paraprofessional Assistant


I've always had an interest in helping people. But i also enjoy helping children learn or assisting them in anyway that i can.


In conclusion I'd like to say that I really enjoy helping people whether they are children or adults. It makes me appreciate the opprotunities that are given to me. I hope in the  near future that i can continue to be a help and assist those who are in need. Thank You.

Work experience

Aug 2007Present

Substitute Teacher/Parapro Assistant

Hogansville Elementry


Apr 2008Present


West Georgia Technical College


Paraprofessional Assistant
I was assigned to a student who had a learning impariment. I'd monitor and takes notes on the child's progress and ability to complete certin tasks through out the day.During the child's academic classes I'd assist  the child when he or she seem to be struggling  with their work or if the child  just needed my help.


Nov 2008Present

Paraprofessional Assistant

Georgia Assetments for the Certificatin of Educators