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Since 1991, Preston Tsao has been the sole Managing Member of Metcircle Networking LLC, a networking group based in New York City that caters to ultra-high-net-worth families throughout the world. An experienced financial professional who has worked for investment banks and venture capital firms, Preston Tsao utilizes his expertise in the financial world to offer Metcircle Networking members a variety of valuable services.Preston Tsao facilitates regular educational and networking meetings for the approximately 100 member families of Metcircle Networking. The meetings are casual exchanges of information regarding a variety of topics such as favored investment managers and asset allocation. Tsao regularly invites industry professionals to speak at the meetings, including former Chairman of the New York Federal Reserve William McDonough and former CEO of Goldman Sachs Stephen Friedman. In addition, Tsao has had influential fund managers such as Jim Simons and Izzy Englander hold meetings with the group. While realizing that outside experts can enrich members’ experience, Tsao also promotes the sharing of expertise within the group at members-only events. The subjects of these meetings vary, but have included a variety of topics such as real estate, municipal bonds, and private equity. Strict confidentiality is maintained throughout all of the group’s activities.In 2005, Preston Tsao expanded his offerings by founding Metcircle Securities LLC. Through this firm, Tsao offers select families with unique and safe investment opportunities through associations with established clients. Affiliated organizations include Pine Brook Road Partners, LLC; SkyBridge Capital II, LLC; The China Fund, Inc.; and Tishman Speyer. Together, the affiliates of Metcircle Securities represent billions of dollars’ worth of assets and investments. Tsao has registered his company with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to assure his members of their monetary safety.

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Founder and Sole Managing Member

Metcircle Networking


Princeton University

Juris Doctor

Columbia University