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Responsible professional server highly effective at anticipating and accommodating customer needs. Friendly, punctual and enthusiastic team player with over five years experience. 

Work experience

Apr 2013Mar 2015

Full-Time Father 

•  Managed finances paying bills on time while building excellent credit. 

•  Inventoried and replenished household logistics. 

•  Promoted good health by preparing nutritious meals. 

•  Administered medications and kept appropriate records. 

•  Maintained a child-friendly environment with ample outdoor recreational activity.

•  Implemented curriculum. 

•  Encouraged curiosity, exploration, and problem-solving with music, play, and communication. 

•  Maintained a safe play setting by emphasizing and maintaining cleanliness and  organization. 

Jul 2010Mar 2013

Logistic Specialist 

United States Navy 

•  Screened and validated over 20 squadron requisition reports weekly. 

•  Processed and analyzed countless wall-to-wall inventories. 

•  Excelled in multiple supply management audits. 

•  Expedited, tracked, processed, and received requisition aircraft parts. 

•  Exemplified Navy Core Values: honor, courage, and commitment. 

•  Planned/prioritized wisely with exceptional foresight. 

•  Team builder, inspired cooperation and progress. 

•  Persevered through the toughest challenges. 

•  Used knowledge to solve complex technical problems. 

•  Maximized resources. 

Jan 2007Jun 2010


Los Arcos 

•  Demonstrated genuine hospitality while providing friendly and attentive service. 

•  Guided guests through menus while demonstrating thorough knowledge of the food, beverages and ingredients. 

•  Trained new servers based on company policies.  

•  Skillfully promoted appetizers, desserts, and beverages. 

•  Effectively listened to, understood and helped to resolve guest concerns and complaints. 

•  Developed and maintained positive working relationships with others to reach business goals. 

•  Received frequent customer compliments for going above and beyond normal duties. 

•  Monitored guest for intoxication and immediately reported concerns to management. 

Oct 2005Oct 2006

Package Handler 

United Parcel Service 

•  Skillfully loaded packages up to 70 pounds in fast pace environment. 

•  Physically loaded up to 3,000 packages per five hour shift. 

•  Memorized multiple location zip codes. 

•  Verified and scanned packages for proper tracking and shipping. 

•  Consistently moved, slid, stacked boxes in a trailer following proper safety etiquette. 

•  Assisted team to meat goal deadlines. 

Sep 2004May 2005


Kingston Residence of Santa Fe 

•  Consistently provided professional, friendly and engaging service. 

•  Followed all safety and sanitation policies when handling food and beverage to uphold proper health standards. 

•  Set dining tables according to type of event and service standards. 

•  Addressed diner complaints with kitchen staff and served replacement menu items promptly. 

•  Routinely cleaned work areas, glassware and silverware throughout each shift. 

•  Immediately reported accidents, injuries or unsafe work conditions to manager. 


Aug 2013Dec 2014

Medical Administrative Assistant Certification 

Career Step 
  • Anatomy, Physiology and Terminology
  • Office Management
  • Introduction to Insurance and Coding
  • Fundamentals of Medical Billing
  • Business Writing and Electric Health Records


•  Thrives in fast-paced environment 

•  Committed team player 

•  Flexible schedule capability 

•  Courteous, professional demeanor 

•  Organized and efficient server 

•  Quick problem solver 

•  Guest relations professional 


Mar 2015Mar 2015

Health Food Handler Card 

County of San Diego