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Darrell Di Zoglio

Executive Résumé Writer, Certified Pro Résumé Writer, Copywriter & Editor, &

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"Best $150 I ever spent.  Fast, high quality & got a package deal.  Is he good? You Betcha.   In the midst of recession I'm a HR Manager again in a mere ten days."

Terry Spencer

"I'm impressed.  What ever your secret is, it works.  My phone rang plenty.  Now I'm working with a Fortune 500 company!  It is so nice to be King again." 

Damon Paxton

"You had a personal interview with me extracting all the info you could.  The result was a masterful presentation of me I never expected.   The keyword strategy certainly worked out for me.  Now with a "Righteous Resume" I am working again.  Thanks much." 

Carlos Benevides

"Hey just a note of thanks.  #1 for special college student discount on package of services.  #2  I'm working already.  Me a guy with issues:  no credit, straight from the Army and no college degree.  Thank you," 

Tim Campbell


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More About Me

I have had a 26 year long successful career in Sales, Sales & Marketing Management and Recruiting.  I've worked in the Advertising, Marketing, Mortgage, Furniture & Fine Jewelry industries.  The keys to my success were a college education, great writing and recruiting the best candidates.  As the hiring authority all those years, I certainly know what employers are looking for. Separate yourself from the masses.  Catering to your new employers desires first & foremost is what will get you hired.   My mission is to do exactly that. 

Know how and experience is what makes me better.  While I was going to college for five years I was lucky enough to be mentored by two multi millionaires I was working with.  From that experience alone I learned enough to have a six figure earning ability for the rest of my life. 

Equally important is the fact I am a Sales & Marketing Manager first & foremost.  You can be assured that your resume will be designed expressly for the purpose of selling you, all your skills, talents and abilities as best as humanly possible.  Expect a detailed questionnaire to extract all the info I need to peak interest & get you interviews.  Why?  Due to the new mass resume distribution technology, along with a genuine recession and fewer job openings today, there is more competition for the best career positions than ever before.

Your resume will be crafted by an Advertising & Marketing Genius, a veteran Recruiter, a Wordsmith and most importantly a sincere caring human.   It will not be possible in my opinion to find a more dedicated agent committed to your success.  I aim to earn your lifetime business.  I will be in your contact list so you can refer clients to me for years.  Your resume will be the result of hours of thought, drafts & reworks.  Generally, I am not happy unless I have revised a resume at least 3 times.  Why?  To maximize your chances of success, I will:

1. Conduct a person to person research interview with you by phone so you'll have no typing!

2. Customize your resume to your targeted position and industry.

3. Prepare you for smooth interviews & make you irresistible to employers.

4. Customize your cover letter to meet the needs of your targeted employers.

5. Use "hot button" phrases, testimonials, accomplishments and facts to show your worth.

6. Give your career a boost with powerful documents and executive appearance.

7. Minimize whatever challenges you may have.

8. Pack your resume and cover letter with genuine creativity.

9. No logo will not appear on your resume so you can take all the credit.

10.  Pack your resume with the keywords your new employer is looking for to get you hired.

About Righteous Resumes

Righteous Resumes Real Results We have everything you need to get hired! Use my 26 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, Management and Recruiting to get real results you can't get from a typist or resume software. I have a full menu of essential services you will need to get hired.

Easily shave 2-4 months off your job hunt and save thousands. Find the following great free services at

  • Free helpful info articles for job hunters
  • Free professional resume reviews
  • Free resume samples
  • Free cover letter samples
  • Free resume tips and advice
  • Free job hunting secrets, tips and advice
  • Free interview tips and advice
  • Free networking tips and advice

Why get your resume done professionally?   

  • Like the foundation of a house, your resume is the sink or swim part of the job hunt.

Cover letters are a big help too.  Remember your entire future career is on the line.  

  • You know there is no award for second place in the job hunt. You know your whole future career is at stake. Job good, Life good.
  • Do you pay a professional to cut your hair? Is your career at least as important?

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Why all the additional services?

• You most likely need them as do many others.  I  had repeated requests for these. • The job market is more competitive than ever with recession & high unemployment.

  • There are fewer jobs available & more applicants than ever.

• That extra edge could be the difference between a $44,000 salary or 49,900 salary.

At a loss of $750 per week being out of work 2 weeks verses two months is a $4500

difference that stays in your savings account verses disappears from it.  Simple a penny 

earned is a penny saved.  Seizing the initiative is critical in a job hunt to avoid financial loss