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About Preferred Long Distance

A low-cost phone line, mobile, and high-speed Internet service provider in business since 1995, Preferred Long Distance Inc. remains committed to providing viable service alternatives to consumers across the nation. As one of the oldest service resellers in the nation and currently one of the fastest growing companies in the industry, Preferred Long Distance Inc. has effectively moved beyond their initial offerings of landline monthly savings and competitive long-distance rates without compromising their company philosophy. Always featuring "No Contracts. No Minimums. No Penalties" on wire service plans, Preferred Long Distance, Inc. has resale agreements with various companies in order to transfer savings to their customers.

In a similar vein, Preferred Long Distance Inc. now offers Sprint mobile phone service and mobile broadband cards at reduced prices over America’s widest coverage area and fastest network. Additionally, Preferred Long Distance Inc. provides plans for shared line DSL service in 32 states and recently expanded its line to offer stand-alone service across the nation. As a consumer-friendly company invested in catering to their clients’ needs, Preferred Long Distance Inc. offers several methods of sales contact, including a comprehensive website, toll-free number, and online sign-up.

The FAQ section of the website includes sections on billing, equipment repairs, calling features, and long-distance queries. For current customers, Preferred Long Distance Inc. has the option for paying service balances online, managing voicemail from a computer, and checking email. Ultimately, Preferred Long Distance Inc.’s competitive advantage lies in the company’s willingness to focus on its customers' needs, resulting in rapid growth as the telecommunications industry continues to expand. Currently looking to increase the sales force and bring its unique range of services and products to more small businesses nationwide, Preferred Long Distance Inc. encourages agents to fill out the contact sheet under the ‘Business Partners’ section of the website.

Factor Anticipated Mobile Phone, Data Usage Into Choice of Plan

By Preferred Long Distance Staff WriterWhen selecting a phone or data plan, many people underestimate the number of minutes they are likely to use each month. While it usually makes no sense to pay for more minutes than necessary, customers sometimes find that the cheapest plan is not the most economical. Most companies charge overage and per-minute fees for additional minutes that can drive the bill up quickly. In many cases, customers discover that the cost of boosting their plan to a higher level costs less over time than paying for extra minutes. Such considerations prove beneficial for data plans as well, as charges for texts and surfing the Internet can be high if a customer goes over the allotted minutes. Many providers charge the same price for incoming texts that they do for outgoing texts, so random texts from friends and family can be expensive. About Preferred Long Distance, Inc. Preferred Long Distance, Inc., is an experienced service provider for mobile phones, long distance, and the Internet. The company offers affordable plans and accessible customer service.