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Self-driven, highly motivated, and result-oriented. I thrive on opportunities that let me fail fast, learn fast, attempt again.

I pay attention to the smallest details, and analyse everything from multiple perspectives to draw accurate conclusions. 

Work History

JULY 2016Present

Waitr aims to disrupt the dine-in experience, by focusing on the communication links between a restaurant and a consumer to drastically improve their relationship.

Key challenges:
1. Can we help restaurants understand WHO their consumers are, WHAT are they buying, and WHY are they coming back/not coming back.
2. Can we help dine-in consumers make BETTER & FASTER decisions on what to eat at new restaurants, or their favourite ones.

The Waitr app (first product in a suite of products) aims to be a standalone replacement of a (waiter+menu), enhancing the functionality of both by leveraging modern software technology.

We are currently in the prototyping phase (the prototype is a modern Web App, no download required). See the prototype in action here -

Associate Product Manager
Dec 2015July 2016

Part of the core Product team at Goodbox.

  • Cracking overall app conversion rates
  • Improving repeat behaviour
  • Tightening response rate of businesses

Extensive experience in:

  • User feedback calls - to get a pulse of product, zeroing in on problems
  • Funnel management - app conversion, key product features, response rate
  • Firefighting problems that come up everyday (any PM will understand)

My role pushed me to work across departments, co-ordinating between the BD, Tech, Marketing, Operations, and Data teams of Goodbox on a near daily basis.

Growth Hacker
Sep 2015Nov 2015

Grown Jobspire from ~20 signups/day to ~1300 signups/day in a span of 2 months using a combination of:

  • Affiliate marketing (avg. CPA ~ Rs 13)
  • Facebook Adverts (avg. CPC < Rs. 3, avg. CPA < Rs. 30)
  • Content Marketing (works in tandem with FB Ads)
  • Google AdWords [Search + Remarketing] (avg CPC ~ Rs. 10, avg. CPA ~ Rs. 35 and dropping)

Worked closely with the Product team to:

  • Double sign up conversion rate of homepage from 7% to 14% 
  • Re-engagement mails
  • Startup Jobs collections (SEO)

Optimize on-site SEO:

  • Ranked page 2 for tough keyword "startup jobs" on Google search
  • Ranked page 1 for tough keyword "startup jobs India" on Google search

Managed the Jobspire blog:

  • Write content ~1500 words (SEO, referral traffic)
  • Set up systems to drive sign ups from the Jobspire blog

 *Tasked with driving Jobspire from 1,000 users to 1,000,000 users.

Merchandise Manager
Apr 2015Aug 2015
  • Launched in-site Merchandising for desktop
  • Using historical sales/popularity data to create a mix of offers/deals for the MySmartPrice homepage.
  • Establishing KPIs and continuous measuring for improvement.
  • Increased home page engagement (#visitors and % daily active users), CTR from 7-8% to average 15% CTR

Digital Marketing Intern
Jan 2015Apr 2015
  • Google AdWords Mobile App and Chrome Extension downloads. Effectively doubled CTR within 3 weeks.
  • Facebook Adverts to target relevant audience by interests, A/B test copy and designs, increase CTR % to 2-digit figure within 2 weeks of starting off.
  • Headed the Facebook account, uncreased engagement (% clicks/likes/shares/comments) double digits within 2 weeks.
  • Handled the @mysmartprice Twitter account, achieving impression count of 340,000 over a period of 1 week by using trending #hashtags
  • Established a strategy for @MSPDeals handle, which is now being used to promote deals on a daily basis.

Other Initiatives

Founder, - Breakfast delivery to offices

      • Identified opportunity in the market for bulk breakfast delivery to offices.
      • Adopted the "asset-light" model for rolling out the service.
      • Went from Idea to Execution in 10 days, applying "Lean Startup" principles.
      • Serving 300 packs of food & juice for breakfast weekly.

News Editor, - Technology News Site

      • Closely follow developments in consumer technology, be it software or hardware. Wrote for renowned Singapore-based tech site
      • Contributing News Editor at since 2013. Increased referral traffic to the website, identified sources for writing better content and more interesting articles. Managed a team of writers; lead website redesign by analysing user POV to reduce bounce rate, increase page views/user; grew Facebook social account from 340 likes to 10,000 likes in 4 weeks on a shoestring budget. 

Summer Internships

Digital Marketing,

      • Understood the functioning of ASO (app store optimization), applied best practices with the MySmartPrice Daily Deals app on Google Play Store.
      • App downloads grew from 0 to 30,000 within a span of 2 months, purely organic growth. Crossed 100,000 app downloads 6 months later, driven entirely by ASO.
      • Created a mindmap of ASO best practices, enabling others to make use of the research and apply it effectively.

Research Intern, SAP India

      • Was responsible for researching about SCLM (Student CycleManagement) module, identify shortcomings in the existing module, and propose changes and new features for SCLM 3.0 by analyzing it from a college student's point of view.
      • Submitted a Whitepaper that identified key areas for improvement for SCLM 3.0.


B.Tech (Electronics & Comminication)

Manipal Institute of Technology

CGPA = 7.75 out of 10


Bloom Public School

Science, 90%.


  • Started ManipalPhotoBlog while in college with an aim to make it the portal for photographers from MIT to showcase their works. Ended with 500,000 views, thousands of images submitted, a Facebook group with 5,000 members, achieved in a span of 4 months. Primary growth was through word of mouth.
  • Love playing the guitar, enjoy playing football, and table tennis.
  • Drinking delicious coffee.