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May 2014Jul 2015

M.B.A. - Master of Business Administration

POLITECNICO DI MILANO Graduate School of Business

Concentration:                  Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship & Marketing

Exchange:                            EMLYON Business School, France

Relevant Activities:           Lean Launchpad – Ideas to  Marketplace,

                                                 World Business Forum – 2014, Expo 2015

Work experience

Apr 2015Jul 2015

Internship – Big Data and Analytics

  • Exploring value proposition on Analytics especially in the financial sector, to showcase use cases of Business Transformations within the industry and its outcomes.
  • Working on competitor analysis for IBM Watson to point out the strong and weak points of this IBM technology compared to similar competitive technologies from Microsoft, Google and Salesforce.
Oct 2014Dec 2014

MBA Consultant - Wholesale Management

Vivienne Westwood
  • Worked on restructuring of the entire B2B wholesale process, to minimize complexity in the supply chain.
  • Consulted ways and processes to prevent illegal production and sales of licensed SKUs.
Jan 2013Feb 2014

Senior Software Engineer – Financial Services

Infosys Technologies
  • Worked on implementation of new database and migration of historical data into this database, for the largest investment banking corporation in the United States.
  • Performed ETL operations on third-party equity data for the same client to facilitate better investment decisions.
Sep 2010Dec 2012

Software Engineer – Retail and Logistics

Infosys Technologies
  • Identified fraud-friendly bugs in the system APIs, for a major NASDAQ listed e-commerce corporation.
  • Took charge of assigning the pricing rules and discounts on SKUs for the same client.

Additional Experience

May 2014 - present                    Fellow - Circular Economy                          

Schmidt - MacArthur Foundation                                                                                              

A London based global fellowship program, which aims to document best circular economy study cases, to inform, inspire and stimulate research. This program is  a collaboration between the Ellen-MacArthur Foundation and the Schmidt Family Foundation.

Sep 2014 - Jan 2015                 Student- IBM BigInsight                              

IBM-Politecnico Collaborative Center                                                                                          

Understanding Big Data and its applications from analytical experts brought to us by IBM

Oct 2014 - Feb 2015                  MBA Co-Founding                                               


An MBA start-up based on the Lean Launchpad methodology, which relies on business-focused and evidence-based decision making to predict and prevent future failures - by realizing and optimizing them today. This project received  investor's support for proceeding into the real market.

Global Exposure

Asia        -  India

Europe  -  Netherlands, Italy,   France  and  United Kingdom


Business Analytics

Big Data & Analytics Use Cases

IBM Watson

Business Planning

Start-Up enthusiast and Entrepreneurship student

IT Expertise

Programming: SQL, PL/SQL and Java

Tools: IBM Watson, IBM Sterling Commerce, WebSphere and Informatica

Database: IBM Netezza and Oracle

Social Responsibilities

Visiting Teacher & Girl Child Sponsor           World Vision India    

World Vision India is a non-profit organisation striving to provide equal education rights for the unfortunate young minds. I was part of the organisation, contributing to spreading the awareness about the importance of Education and Hygiene amongst developing communities.

Voulenteer       Infosys Foundation

Infosys Foundation, a non-profit organisation established by the Infosys Technologies Limited, supports programs in the areas of education, rural development and healthcare in the remote regions of several states in India. I contributed to this foundation by volunteering myself, especially in its educational services.