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Sep 2004Present

High School Diploma - IB Diploma

American International School of Kingston

Current GPA: 3.71

SAT Score: 2400

I am taking the following courses:

  • IB Physics Higher Level
  • IB Chemistry Higher Level
  • IB Mathematics
  • IB English A1 Higher Level
  • IB Spanish B
  • IB History of the Americas Standard Level


I am currently attending the American International School of Kingston, in Kingston, Jamaica. I am currently a member of NHS and hope to become a part of the student government in the role of treasurer in the next elections, I keep active by playing squash, the sport that I love and that i hope to one day excel enough in, in order to make the national team. I feel the same way about skeet shooting which I maintain an unwavering passion for. I hope to teach new students the joys of both of these sports in the coming summer vacation by teaching summer camps for both sports. I love math, physics, and chemistry and I hope one day to become either a medical doctor or an electrical engineer.

Extra Curricular

Skeet Shooting:

  • I have recently began skeet shooting this past year and have found that I have a great aptitude for it
  • I won my first E-class skeet shoot, and came second overall in the Junior division
  • I hope to move on to joining the national Junior team and going abroad to compete in tournaments
  • Also this summer I plan on being an assistant coach at a summer camp


  • I began squash about two years ago at the urging of my mother
  • I have since come to love the sport and I have become very passionate about
  • I aspire, as i do in many other areas, to join the national team and travel to international tournaments abroad


My interests lie mostly in the fields of science and math. I'm very passionate about physics and I want to go into the field of engineering because I want to be able to create things. Either that or I would love to be a plastic surgeon, helping burn victims and such, as well as being artistic when people as for reconstructive surgery, creating beauty, as many would believe art is about


Noel McKrieth

National Team Squash coach for Jamaica

David Stolper

IB Physics/Chemistry teacher

Shawn Brown

IB Mathematics teacher 

Khaleel Azan

Shooting Instructor, winner of the world championship sporting clay tournament

Shawn Brown

IB Mathematics teacher