Electrical Operation Maintenance & Electrical Supervisor Government Of India License Holder

Indian Central Government Power Plants Smart Grid / Oil & Gas / Hospital / Industrial o ~400/132KV OHL Substation Operation and Maintenance of 250Mva Transformer. o EB Power Panel, Servo Stabilizer,VCB, HT & LT panel installation on Power Grid Project. Oil flameproof equipment CPP generation, Experience in Repair / Maintenance Supervisor. Troubleshooting of  Switch Gear ABB/SIEMENS HT & LT/EHV And Power Distribution Sys. o CATERPILLAR DG 250KVA, 438KVA, 750KVA, 2500KVA Maintenance On Diesel Genset. o York A/C,Thoshiba A/C,Daikin A/C Split,Cassette,Ducted,VRF 2TR,4TR,100TR,400TR Air-Conditioning And Refrigeration Maintenance,Repairs And Installation. o High Voltage Generators 2500Kva it’s H.T, M.V Control Panels Maintenance. o DG High Kva (Electrical Part) & ACB 3500A Electrical Maintenance o Power Distribution / Automation Plc Control / APFC Panel / Panel Wiring o Boiler / Diesel Generator Control / 800 High Kva UPS Installation And Fault Checking. o CCTV System Control / Fire Alarm System / Network Control System o OXIYGIN Gas Maintenance / Plastic Injection Molding / DB Junction Box o VFD panel Erection with control circuits & maintenance, HT&​LT Motors o CNC M/C Maintenance (Electrical Part) / Relay Panels / DCDB Panel o Anti‐Theft Alarm System, Generator Control Monitoring System, Sensor Lift. o Gas Storage Plant Maintenance, Lighting, HT & LT Motors Installation. o PLC Device System Operator and Maintenance, HT –XLPE 33/11 Kva Cable Laying, LT cable Laying, Cable Tray Works, Earthlings Works ‐ Plate. COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE 1. Electrical & Electronic Auto Cad 2d 3d Design/ Revit 2015. 2. Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Xp, Linux Os, Mac Os, Ubuntu, PLC Program. 3. Web Design (BlogSpot), Ulead Video Studio, Photoshop CC, Internet Concept. 4. CISCO CCNA - LTE Communication – 2500 Mhz S band Network Sys,SAP Program. 5. LAN, STP.VTP,DTP,RSTP & Inter VLAN Routing,Team Viewer,VNC.