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Praveen Kumar Kokkanti

Consultant Hydrologist Numerical modeller 


Develop, Evaluate and Contribute sound rational scientific methods, Tools and research to the field of Environmental Hydrology through Computational Numerical Modelling integrated with spatial component (GIS) leading to the development of public policy  to manage, monitor and administer Instream Flow monitoring, Ecological sustainability and Watershed Management

Work experience


Jan 2011Present


Since 2010, established an independent consultant service catering a wide variety of Civil engineering facets requiring numerical modeling and GIS expertise.

A pilot program was launched to digitize the Town of Tirupati into a highly accurate Geo Coded Google earth schema.

During the period of 2012 and 2013 undertook a project to assess the structural integrity, conveyance efficiency of existing cross drainage structures, and develop topographical and hydrological data necessary to improve, strengthen and redesign these structures. The work involved in collection of cross sectional and longitudinal data of the existing road profiles, detailed information about all the cross drainage structures, Perform catchment area calculations,  realignments, where ever required, submission of Schedules, preparation of Detailed project reports, Drawings, and Estimations for drafting of e-Tenders. 

Since 2014 colloborated with Kuldeep Consultancy  as sub consultant to conduct Minor Irrigation tanks survey work for the Andhra Pradesh department of irrigation in 6 districts. The project involves identifying encroached tanks by taking sub surface soil samples, perform soil content analysis, and establish the tank boundary through field and aerial survey ( Drone survey with elevation data). A very sensitive and confidential project to aid ever expanding urban municipalities and corporations to make sound decisions, aid farmers to avoid farming in potential water holding and recharge zones.


Aug 2010Nov 2010

Senior Scientist

During 2010 Praveen worked as Associate Hydrologist for ESA-PWA a California based Environmental firm primarily translating relative co-ordinate based hydrological models to real time GIS models there by adding real-time decision making tools. 

Mar 2005Aug 2010

Surface Water Hydrologist

Collect hydrological, hydraulic, habitat data of Rivers, Streams, Reservoirs, and native habitat. Construct and review surface water and environmental numerical models  Point of contact for policy makers and program leaders, interpreting policy based hydrology and facilitate communication. Lead and organize multidisciplinary  field trips for collecting habitat and hydrological data. 

BPC Group

Jul 2004Feb 2005

Staff Modeller

Staff modeler jobs included doing all kinds of civil engineering analysis starting from soil techniques to developing software in C++ to minimize time spent on Environmental analysis. Valuable Consultant experience. Developing log pearson type III curves, develop graphing package for flood frequency analysis and more.

Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Nov 2001Mar 2004

Research Assistant

Worked with Dr. Mc Gehee building ground water models for Army corps of engineers using GMS software package. Participated in drilling monitor wells for a Bauxite waste dumping site and built a Ground Water model for the same.

Modeling Expertise

Projects undertaken


Aug 2001May 2004

Master of Science in Civil Engineering

  • Focus on hydrology with emphasis in Numerical modeling techniques involving Sub surface hydrology and Surface Water Hydrology.

Sri Venkateswara University


B.Tech Civil


Surface Water Modeling

Develop models using Corps of Engineers SMS (Surface Water Modeling System) user interface using RMA2, RMA4 and FESWMS computational models (Hydraulic models for San Marcos and Comal River systems).

Develop models using USGS IRIC (International River Inrerface Cooperative) MDSWMS (Multi-Dimensional Surface Water Modeling System) modeling user interface using SToRM (System for Transport and River Modeling), FaSTMECH (Mechanics of Flow and Sediment Transport) (Hydraulic models for San Marcos and Comal River systems) computational models

Modeling using HEC suite of tools
  Experience using HEC-RAS, HEC-GeoRAS, HEC-DSSVue, HEC-RPT, HEC-HMS tools for various in house hydrological analysis. Create simple to moderate scripts in HEC-DSSVue for managing and analyzing hydrological data.  HEC-RPT was used as part of Texas Instream Flow Program.  Hands on experience using HEC-SSP analyzing various gages on Sabine, Colorado, Brazos and San Antonio river basins.
GIS and Mapping
  Perform moderate to difficult GIS analysis on a wide range of GIS datasets. Perform Hydrological Analysis using Arc Hydro Arc GIS extension toolset. Calculate Watershed areas, develop flow networks using DEMS using Arc Hydro. Use ARCGIS VBA to create simple to moderate macro style extensions with menus and wizards.
Excel Add-Ins, VBA, Programming
  Advanced Excel user, prolific in Excel-VBA programming, Ability to create Add-Ins with desired features such as guided wizards and Menus. Develop desktop mapping tools using Google-Earth API. Develop mobile apps using Android platform  


Norapatt Ketprakong

I worked with Don on numerous occasions on various small to large tasks. I respect him very much, he will provide a good word about me.