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Innovative IT professional offering vast experience leveraging software engineering and Agile methodologies to deliver highly effective and creative solutions to business and technology challenges. Utilizes highly attuned analytical skills to develop IT and business strategies employing cutting-edge technologies to increase productivity. Consistently drives high standards of service through effective project management, communication, and strategic planning to develop and manage strong client relationships. Highly organized with strong capacity to prioritize workload, delegate deliverables, and steer project completion within established deadlines.


Angular JS

Angular Js is a latest technology produced and manged by Google, Angular Js change the way of web application and mobile application. It gives the concept of SPA. SPA stands for single page application that works like mobile app where all client side dependency loads once and only replace the data on real time.

Node Js

Node Js is a Javascript server side framework where you can make web application or mobile application by using Javascript framework. Node JS works in Asyncronus way that make api calls easy. In last some year Node Js launch some framework that make your life easy. For example Sails Js, Mean JS,, Express etc

Mongo DB

Mongo is genrlelly called nosql is a document base database. It store data in form of Json object that is very light weight and can easily managed. Mongo DB is most popular database that is being used now a days.


Everyone knows about PHP and its have big market, today PHP is being used by large of big web application like Facebook. I started my career as a PHP developer and it has been 7+ years to working using PHP.

PHP is an open source scripting language and works on all platofrom. It is very compatible with Mysql Database you, it support all types of database that can be used.

PHP is most popular for framework and provide lots of framework that make programmer life easy, like Laravel, CakePhp, CodeIgniter and some e-commerce solution like Magento that make easy to build shopping carts.

Projects History

Project Name - SirenMD

Description - SirenMD is an application developed in Sails Js .  SirenMD application is used for doctor who care for atheletes. Rio olymic also used SirenMD for their athelets. Its have Mobile app android and ios. Also have a web end for caregiver. Application follow HL7 and HIPPA compliance.

Tech Used : Sails JS,  Laravel(PHP)

Role - : Lead Developer for Backend

Team Size - 06

Link - ,

Project Name - OnClickMedia

Description - OnClickMedia is an application developed in Angular and Laravel. On Click Media is basically used for Campaign management.

Tech Used : Angular JS,  Laravel(PHP)

Role - : Lead Developer for Backend + Frontend

Team Size - 06

Link -

Project Name - XTAAS

Description - XTAAS is web application developed in Angular Js as a front end and Java and Node Js as a backend. XTAAS is developed to managing the call center. It is also a marketplace for Freelancer to join as individual or as a team to get job. XTAAS have different user role to manage call center that is main objective of application. By using XTAAS call center supervisor can track all call by joining the call any time. Quality analyst can review the each call later and give the review to that call. There are lots more to explain.

Tech Used : Angular JS, Java, MongoDB, Laravel(PHP)

Role - : Lead Developer for Front Developement

Team Size - 06

Link -

Project Name - Neon Mobile (

Description - Neon Mobile is web application developed in Angular JS as front end and Laravel (PHP) and Mysql as backend. Neon Mobile application is being developed for restarent vendor who can mange and create their website by using Neon Mobile. Vendor can set menu price etc.

Tech Used : Angular JS, Laravel(PHP), Mysql

Role - : Lead Developer for Back End Sytem Developement

Team Size - 08

Link -

Project Name -  Clooser2

Description - Clooser2 is about managing employees belongs to a company. All employees have different roles and so have access to different features accordingly. These features are managed by admin. Employees can only edit restricted feature details based on given permissions. Admin can schedule mettings with employees and employees can view their meetings through provided calendar. Calendar is provided for easy navigation between meetings based on day and weeks. Admin can block , remove and add employees. Even admin can bulk import employees and meetings. Export feature is provided for generated reports.

Tech Used : AngularJs, PHP,  Laravel,  Bootstrap

Role - Lead Developer.

Team Size - 02.


Project Name -Back Office Talk

Description - Back Office Talk provides an environment inside an organization to communicate on a Server. Basically it is a chatting application allowing users to chat privately or in groups.

Tech Used :  Node js, Laravel, Jquery, Jquery UI

Role - Lead Developer.

Team Size - 02.

Link :

Project Name -Gfood Trucks

Description - Gfood Trucks is bundle of web and mobile app.. To all recurring payment been managed by WHMCS
api. Stripe was used as a payment Gateway for recurring payment for vendors for their plan or as normal payment for customer.

Tech Used :  Laravel, Mysql Jquery, Jquery UI

Role - Lead Developer.

Team Size - 05.

Link :


Jan 2016Present


LPU(Distance Learning)
Jul 2006Jun 2009

BCA(Distance Learning)


Bachlor in Computer Application

Work experience


Technical Lead

Graziti Interactivw

As a technical lead my responsibility to is deliver the project on time, communicate with clients, create architecture of project and up skill the team with latest technology.

Sep 2015Feb 2016

Team Lead


In Clerisysolutions I have joined as Team Lead cum Manager and I am responsible for PHP and Angular based project. I am involve in project requirement analysis, initiation of project, team management  project management etc.

Jan 2014Aug 2015

Team Lead

MA Tax View Pvt LTD

My responsibility include project analysis , planning , coding and trouble shooting.

May 2012Jan 2014

Project Co-ordinator


In Softprodigy I was appointed as PC and my major role was taking care the project of Mobile App. There was 6 people who were reporting to me and I was responsible for client call, project requirement, resource management etc.

Also I was working as trouble shooter and back-end expert who manage the web services in Json for all apps.

Aug 2009Apr 2012

Sr. Software Eng.

Neptune Solution

I was playing role of Sr. Software engineer and worked on many PHP project in sreveral framework like Cakephp, CI and Yii. I also worked on various e-commerce solution like Opencart and Magento.

Personal Info

Name -  Praveen Tiwari

Father Name - Jagdish Tiwari

Mother Name - Late Dropati Devi

Email - [email protected]

Contact No. - +91-8699131048

DOB - June 24, 1988

Language - English, Hindi (Native), Punjabi