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Work History

Tech/ Trainer @ Dillistone Systems (2009-)

Intern @, LLC (2008)

Tech @ PC Tech NYC, Inc. (2007-2008)

Office Assistant @ Sunset Auto School/ Olympian Insurance Agency (2001-2005)


Bilingual Japanese/ English Multi-Talented design professional dedicated to designingand concepting characters, levels, mechanics and visual media for both serious and non-serious games.

Work experience


Variant Force - Designer

Variant Force is a design for a 2D vertical scrolling shooter with 3D models and effects. I did this design along with my friend Tim (Former UAT student) and designed it with the sole purpose that it be fast, easy to pick up and play. It has been designed to play like many vertical shooters out there (ie. Ikaruga, Gigawing, Raiden) but the only difference being the environments, ships, overall graphics, mood and music being in it's own genre.

Design Goals:

- Easy to pick up and play, takes about a minute to learn the gameplay.

- Linear, level by level basis, but with multiple branches.

- Fast paced. Requiring the player to keep on his toes with arcade style gameplay.

- High quality graphics, music and design features.

- Seamless and easy to follow throughout. The player's one job is to keep up with the action on screen.

- Features currency system and customization of ships.

High Concept Document for Variant Force


Shades of Acharon - QA/ Documentation/ Story

Shades of Acharon is a Neverwinter Nights module created by myself in addition to several other team members around the country. Everything was done remotely via text chat sessions and we shared the work and improved on eachother's revisions.

Each person was responsible for a specific task related to the mod. Some were responsible for QA and documentation (such as myself) while others were programmers or level designers. Of course, at times members of the team wore multiple hats whenever necessary. It was really fun because no one got "pigeonholed" into one role.

The biggest challenge with creating this mod was time management. We had about 8 weeks to learn the Neverwinter Nights engine and create complete documentation and a finished mod without any prior conceptual ideas. It was fun and challenging because everything is fast paced and you have to learn to trust members of the team to do their part and hopefully everything gets done by the deadline. It was my first real taste of working in a big group and the expectations of the industry and the strict deadlines a development group must adhere to in order to get the product completed. If everything is off schedule, then no one is happy including the marketing group, producer and ultimately the eagerly awating gamer.

- Ultimately a linear structure, with branching paths in story dependent upon decisions made by the PC

- Level design is a hub structure for convenient navigation and includes features that reward the player for taking the offbeaten path.

- 6 chapters full of engaging story and interesting characters to meet as well as enemy characters.

- NPC feedback to lead the player along to different paths in the story and sidequests.

Shades of Acharon Pitch Document

Shades of Acharon Story Document


Untitled Warcraft 3 Mod - Designer/ Programmer

This Warcraft 3 mod (map) is about Arthas arriving at a town with his crew, and finding that everyone has vanished except the village elder. It is then Arthas' job, with his awesome crew to defeat the undead and save the village from a major crisis.

- Includes various sidequests which reward the player for taking the offbeat  and curious path.

- Everything has been scripted and great attention to even the smallest detail has been taken.

- Unique and semi-linear structure provides for fast and easy gameplay and navigation.

- Challenging, yet possible for even the most casual of gamer.

Untitled Warcraft 3 Mod Design Document - Includes complete map and design features.


GameTap Online - Beta Tester/ QA

I have been fortunate enough to serve as a beta tester/ QA during the intial concepting and testing phase of the widely popular service called GameTap.

In my short time there I wrote detailed bug reports and assisted in fixing various games before public release.

It was an extremely fun experience because I got to network with members of the beta testing community and just kick some *** in Street Fighter online!

Untitled Warcraft 3 Mod

Variant Force

Concept Art


Shades of Acharon


Jan 20052009


- Studies focusing on design/ game design.

- Acquired broad range of skills including development processes, technology and management involved in the game industry.



Art Student's League of NY

- Studies focusing primarily on drawing and illustration.

- Some sculpture work completed.

Sep 2003Jan 2005


- Studies focusing primarily on computer science, theory, logic, mathematics and hardware engineering/ programming.

- In addition, did studies on micro/ macro economic and financial market theories and business models.


Linux (Ubuntu)
- Experience in configuration and setup of client PC's
Windows OS
- Troubleshooting, tech and support on all windows platforms dating back to MS-DOS
Corel Painter X
Zbrush 3