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6 Sigma
JD Edwards

Career Objective

To explore challenging assignments and Lead the Value  Chain Operations in a dynamic international professional environment as yours where my extensive experience, expertise & skills in ERP, Logistics and entire gamut of supply chain operations will add value towards the growth and success of the organization attaining an industry dominant position in quality and price competitiveness 

Summary Of Qualifications

 Insightful & profit -minded Operations & Supply Chain Professional who works in deadline-centered environment offering 22+ years of experience for the Agrochemicals, Specialty Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Engineering Industries.
 Analytical decision-maker with demonstrated focus on TCO & Process Management.
 Proven History of Leading Large Cross Functional Teams & achieved 20 % cost reduction on overall operations.
 Extensive experience working in a fast-paced industry, maximizing corporate capital efficiency by 15%, Managed 20+ Projects from 1crore to 5000 crores & within Budgets.
 Super User in MM Module with in-depth understanding of emerging technologies like JD Edwards, SAP, Prima Vera – backed with an Engineering & Management Degree

Key Accomplishments

Played a lead role along the entire supply chain, with a focus on EBITDA contribution, Saved 3.5M in COGS, implementing a new product tracking and inventory control process and renegotiating backhaul and bracket pricing contracts.
 Lead and delivered Volumes as per the Business plan / Sales plan of the country and developed efficient Supply Chain to continuously improve customer service, Quality and Productivity despite facing big price hikes in the cost of raw materials, packaging and utilities.
 Lead and developed all aspects of Manufacturing plan benchmarks best practice and challenge others to drive improvements through continuous monitoring process based on regular reviews and measures / KPI’s
 Ensured statutory and regulatory compliance in Supply Chain areas by leading , developing and implementing best in class EHS solutions for each of the areas within supply chain, and sales in India
 Instrumental for planned and programmed execution of operations from Line Operations Management, warehousing, Stores and Inventory Planning at Factories to Supply Planning, Sourcing and Supplier Management at APAC Regions
 Bottom-line accountability for all Marketing Operations using a predetermined annual budget of approximately $10M; negotiated rates for the domestic and international air freight and brokerage division. .
 Optimized delivery over 17% in warehouse labor savings while increasing order quality by 1.7% through developing a warehouse management system and provided staff training that resulted in a rapid learning curve and one of the most successful projects.
 Attained a 16% improvement to fill rate, directing the execution of supply chain controls with vendors, utilizing electronic ordering and receiving, scheduling standard deliveries, and consolidating of vendors. .
 Distinction of reducing the cost of materials by 20 % in record time of six months by eliminating several off line systems that was redundant to ERP system.
 Cleaned up corrupted database. Reset costs over 15,000 purchased items, setting new accurate standard costs.
 Reduced inbound & outbound freight costs by 18%. through significant Logistic Transformation & Negotiation. .
 Created Cycle Count Program; conducted inventory reconciliation training for stockroom personnel, resulting in an accuracy rate jump from 54% to 98 % in 6 months.
 Merit of bringing down the SCM into a streamlined, disciplined and efficient functioning mode of operandi by self-training in SAP to Supply Chain Executives.
 Collaboratively worked with QC, Technical Service Dept., and Production & Marketing to build an integrated cross functional project team to deliver targeted results.
 Played a Stellar role in converting internal customer forecasts and orders into a delivered product aimed to deliver all customer orders in full, every time (OTIF).
 Set up the infrastructure for employees, recruitment training, and development; tactically fostered recruiting, training, and enhancement programs for drivers and operations, customer service, and warehouse personnel
 Played a stellar role in outsourcing the manufacturing operation function to 3rd party logistics for reducing the cost of operations and streamlining the whole operation


  • Network and build relationships with other Supply Chain Professionals
  • Gain insight into Companies, its product & their  enhancement plan to bench mark with Global players.
  • Recommend enhancements that benefit our companies.
  • Influence the priority of product enhancements
  • To increase my knowledge base and take up a role at Regional level progressively.
  • To become a functional expert in SAP (MM), (SD)module and take up a base training in Finance.

Proficiency Matrix


Global Sourcing / Procurement

ü  Overseen all aspects of global supply chain, Managing the overall procurement of all equipments, consumables, raw materials as well as other project requirements etc by devising various sourcing strategies implementing good GMP and regulatory awareness.

ü  Overseen the purchasing for product required based on planned demand from Supply Chain Planning module or input from marketing for new product launch or tests

ü  Worked  with product development to integrate new supplier or brand launches as well as regulatory upgrades to existing packaging or formulations

ü  Budgeting and planning the funds for procurement and sourcing of materials ensuring optimum utilization of materials & maximum cost savings.

ü  Identifying the alternate sources in case of critical components to reduce the cost & meet schedule as per the MRP (Material Resource Planning) 


ü  Reviewed and enhance forecasting processes and tools for use with Oracle Global Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP) module

ü  Integrated monthly brand level marketing forecasts for domestic and international markets with ASCP process

ü  Overseen management of parameters and settings for ASCP module to optimize safety stock and lead time values for all domestic and international markets

ü  Tracked  forecast accuracy and consumption versus forecast for all markets

ü  Monitor the KPIs and metrics associated with final shipments to customers to prevent/ reduce out of stock situations, watch for trends impacting forecasting needs or marketing changes impacting forecasting requirements.

Vendor Management

ü  Steering strategic sourcing through identification of cost effective vendors/suppliers for procurement with an aim of reducing cost while improving quality & reliability.

ü  Assessing performance of the vendors based on various criterions such as percentage for rejections, quality improvement rate, timely delivery, credit terms etc.

ü  Carrying out vendor localization/ indigenization for curtailing costs of materials as well as negotiating the terms of credit with vendors as well as the cost of material required.

Stores/ Inventory Management

ü  Planning physical layout of stores/ warehouse for storage of materials, spare parts & consumables and ensuring smooth accounting, issue of material to production & project sites.

ü  Managing stores operations ensuring optimum inventory levels to achieve maximum cost savings without hampering the production process.

ü  Streamlining the system and procedures for effective inventory control for ensuring ready availability of materials to meet the production targets.

VA/ VE/ Quality

ü  Effectuating cost saving initiatives by eliminating/ substituting process use of alternate material for optimizing drawing specification.

ü  Implementing quality improvement programs for enhancing performance and ensuring compliance with quality control standards for improvement in quality.

Commercial Operations

ü  Ensuring compliance to regulation as per EHTP/STP/EOU schemes & and handling customs clearance at the customer premises to take care of customs clearance & following customs compliance activities.

ü  Liaising with suppliers/transporters, for ensuring smooth operations, systems and procedures for distribution and logistics.

Awards & Accolades

Champion for the CPP Plant at Sabero Organics Gujarat Limited – TPM.
 Major Contribution in Successful Implementation of SAP (MM Module) at Gold stab Organics Pvt.Ltd.
 Major Contribution in Successful Implementation of SAP (MM Module) at Sabero Organics Gujarat Limited
 Major Contribution in Successful Implementation of AVLON ERP for the MM Module at United Phosphorous Limited
 Awarded Exceptional Performance Reward 1999 with an Indian MNC.
 Awarded Certificate Of Appreciation for Highest Percentage Marks in Materials Management. Welingkar Topper

Work experience

DECEMBER 2017Present


SPC Chemicals Pvt Ltd


Jun 1999Jun 2000

Customs & Central Excise

Dec 1994Jun 1995

Bussiness Management

Commercial Examination Board, (IMC)