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Technical Project Manager experienced in product design, software life-cycle and diverse technologies ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. Result driven leadership, planning & leading high-stake projects, coordinating multi-domain, multi-geography cross-functional teams to align business objectives with cost efficiencies. An expert in Agile & Waterfall methodologies with track record of completing projects before timeline.

Overall experience of 14+ years and management role of 6+ years with focus on:

  • Lifecycle Management
  • Communications Management
  • Recruitment & Operation Mgmt.
  • Integration Management
  • Risk Management
  • Enterprise-wise Implementations
  • Scope Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Delivery & Deployment /Rollout
  • Schedule Management
  • CMMI L3 / PMBOK documents
  • Product Roadmap / Planning
  • Quality Management
  • Multi-Domain team building
  • Cross-Functional Supervision
  • Resource Management
  • Custom Software development
  • Product / Program Management
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Benchmarking & product design
  • Requirement Analysis


Mar 2017Present

Principal Engineer (Project Manager / PMO)

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Ltd., SEM-B

Sensor Data Analysis (SDA) & Deep Learning Portal (DLP): SDA is a recurrent neural network based on live sensor data like temperature, pressure, humidity etc. from embedded devices to judge the status of the stacker machine & predict the probable downtime of the machine in near future. DLP is a Java based portal for customized user specific DL model creation based on sensor data uploaded which could be used for SDA.

  • Team Size: 8
  • Contribution: DLP product design, System integration & demonstration in 6 months timeline.
  • Achievement: 1 month advance early warning on stacker machines – KW 18,000,000 envisaged
  • Technologies: Deep Learning, HDFS, Spark, Kafka, MQTT, Hbase, Apache Thrift, Java, Rest API, Tomcat 7, MySQL, Python, JSON & XML

Advanced Data Analysis Management (ADAM): Web-based PCB defect classification and monitoring portal with graphical statistics based on different defects. It also includes an MFC based product to track the defects identified in PCB, remove false alarms using CNN based deep learning (supervised learning) and intimate the visual rectification system. The product was designed to fully automate the PCB manufacturing process with lesser defects and centralize the defect analysis to avoid frequent travelling of engineers to plants.

  • Team Size: 8
  • Contribution: Product design, System integration & deployment (3 plants) in 1 year timeline.
  • Achievement: 60% reduction of false alarms, 30% reduction in Inspection time
  • Technologies: Deep Learning, MVC C# .Net 4.5, Rest API, IIS 7, MFC, Java, Java-script, SQL, Windows Services, JSON

 Unified Communications (VOIP): Voice over IP based communication platform to improve data exchange between operators, plant managers, HQ experts & IT. The solution involves android and windows based UI to make AV calls, group calls, chats; document & AV attachments, and send status / alarms to the concerned.

  • Team Size: 12
  • Contribution: Product proposal & design, Quality Control (baseline).
  • Achievement: Deployed in 6+ plants and saved KW 40,000,000.

Technologies: (Linux, Android & Windows) Asterisk 12, Rest API, JSON, OpenFire, MySQL, Oracle, LinPhone, Jitsi and Mosquitto

Sep 2010Feb 2017

Chief Engineer (Project Manager / Part Leader)

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Ltd., India Software Center

Product Inspection UI: MFC-based PCB and other inspection UI in manufacturing plants (AOI & AFVI). The product was designed to help manual touch-panel inspection by operators in manufacturing plants across the globe.

  • Team Size: 12
  • Contribution: System improvements, 10% speed optimizations and integration.
  • Achievement: Timely deployments with 90% operator friendly feedback
  • Technologies: MFC, SQL, C++, ODB Parser, Camera Controls, Windows Services, XML

Web-Based Portals: Various web-based portals for MES service request and support system, IC Development Project Management, Stacker Data System Monitoring, Factory Particle Monitoring, Plant Standard Operating Procedure with messaging and quick usage & warnings for operators,

  • Team Size: 12
  • Contribution: Quality Control and system integration / deployments.
  • Achievement: Successful & timely deployments in all plants
  • Technologies: MVC C# .Net 4.5, SQL, Rest API, Windows Services, IIS 7, Oracle, Mail APIs, JSON, MongoDB & RavenDB

Electronic Shelf Label: Multi-Domain based product development for clients like KOHLS / REWE using Web-based portals (Windows & Linux), DB, Embedded devices with LCD screens and gateways using wireless technologies. This product would help CRUD product and price details at stores from remote servers (centralized controls) irrespective of locations reducing manpower requirements & instant update at stores.

  • Team Size: 20+
  • Contribution: System Design, Product features, Quality & Deployment Control
  • Achievement: KOHLS and REWE : 100% approval of product
  • Technologies: MVC C# .Net 4.5, SQL, Rest API, Windows Services, IIS 7, XML, JSON, Java, C, C++, Embedded C, RTOS, ZigBee

Standalone Wandboard: Wandboard IMX6 & DS5 based multi-channel sensor data collation and transmission using MQTT and Kafka to built-in LCD touch panel and remote devices as configured by users. This embedded device has Ubuntu 16.04 kernel and supports various sensors like temperature, humidity; pressure etc. using SPI, I2C and FPGA and maximum of 12.8 KHz frequency of data (sending to cloud data-lake).

  • Team Size: 6
  • Contribution: Quality Control and Feature Plan
  • Achievement: Successful & timely demonstration (1 year timeline)
  • Technologies: Embedded C, Java, MQTT, Kafka, Rest API, SPI, I2C, Ubuntu 16.04, Driver changes

Home Automation & Wireless Routers: Home Automation profile development using ZigBee Protocol. Wireless sensor networks based (ZigBee Protocol Specification v17, v20) product solutions using home & commercial profiles. This included PoC on MDM9615 Wi-Fi routers logic, REX OS and dedicated router UI using Java script.

  • Team Size: 8
  • Contribution: Embedded developer, Quality Control and Feature Plan
  • Achievement: Successful & timely demonstration (6 month timeline)
  • Technologies: Embedded C, ZigBee wireless protocol, Java-script, REXOS

Tire Pressure Monitoring System: Product to monitor the tire pressure (all 4) via a network of sensors, embedded communication protocols and UI.

  • Team Size: 4
  • Contribution: Embedded Developer, Frame format design and Feature Plan
  • Achievement: Successful & timely demonstration (4 month timeline)
  • Technologies: Embedded C, Custom wireless protocol, MFC UI, Pressure Sensor
Aug 2008Aug 2010

Lead Engineer (Project Leader)

Samsung Electro Mechanics, India Software Center

Wireless Sensor Networks: ZigBee Protocol development based on specification and 6LoWPAN stack development based on RFC 4944.

  • Team Size: 8
  • Contribution: Network Layer developer and Quality Control
  • Achievement: ZigBee Certification & 6LoWPAN demonstrated (8 month timeline)
  • Technologies: Embedded C, ZigBee, 6LoWAN
Mar 2005Aug 2008

Sr. SW Engineer (Project Member / Tech Lead)

Samsung Electro Mechanics, India Software Center

Home Automation: 802.11n (Linux, Radius, Hostapd) Automated Test Framework & Data Security Modules, ZigBee (r12) and UWB Stack Development (Security & Network Layer: AES-128, CCM* based encryption & decryption, Hashing algorithms (MD5, SHA-1, MMO), Message Authentication Codes, key generation & Security Manager).

  • Team Size: 16
  • Contribution: ZigBee Stack Developer, Security Layer developer, Test framework design
  • Achievement: Security Stack in 6 months timeline, 2 critical suggestions to ZigBee Alliance
  • Technologies: Embedded C, ZigBee, WIFI Supplicant, Hostapd, AES, CCM*
Sep 2004Feb 2005

Applications Engineer

National Instruments Singapore Private Ltd
  • Support clients on a wide range of software and hardware products, design and present new applications; educate customers on a wide variety of software. 
  • Customization and testing of programs for clients, and demonstrate product utilities.




Researched on information security and interconnection of wireless sensor networks with cellular networks using vehicles for relaying utilizing GPS for location tracking. Achieved reduction in the number of clock cycles by 64% & Data delivery ratio increment by 75%. Simulated the sensor network milieu using Matlab and GloMoSim. Moreover, invented a new technique of data aggregation for wireless sensor networks and SSL authentication for wireless Internet services in a year of research.