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  • Total experience of approximately 11 years including project implementation & team management. 
  • Selected as best employee for the Samsung Global Mobility Program 2008 and one of the India representative for Samsung Global Leadership Program 2011 amongst all employees at the centre. 
  • Knowledge in the areas of wireless, algorithm, web & application development, QA and SDLC. 
  • QAI certification for Project Management course (PMP CTP), CMMI course on project management
  • Skilled in identifying and solving problems, proactive coordination of multiple activities, good at project leadership and interactive skills.
  • Capstone (Business Simulation) Project was 3rd best in cumulative profits across the batch and 95th percentile internationally.

Work experience

Sep 2012Present

Project Manager (Designation: Principal Engineer I)

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co Ltd, Bangalore, India
  • Project planning, team formation, people management, hiring management, stake holder management, adhering to CMMI principles and maintenance of all CMMI artifacts.
  • Lead weekly status meetings with customers / stake holders and team to assess progress against plan, create project charters, project kick off meetings.
  • Estimate work effort, timelines, skills, and quantity of resources required to successfully complete project deliverable; develop project plan incorporating all project variables, sprint/iterations, daily stand-ups, and demo reviews.
  • Client requirement management, handling project sprint feature sets, design architect and application maintenance support for all clients
  • Electronic Shelf Label project management for KOHLS and REWE
  • Portal development and maintenance for various fields of SEMCO divisions in Suwon, Korea
  • Successful management & completion of the projects on WiMAX, Smart Lighting (Internet of Things) & various Web Portals, totally over 25 projects in past 3 years
  • Team management of 45 engineers and Quality management of the products for every delivery to head-quarters
Sep 2010Aug 2012

Development Part Leader (Designation: Chief Engineer (I - IV)

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co Ltd, Bangalore, India
  • Spear head the implementation of CMMI L3 on all projects at the centre.
  • Currently Project Lead for Tire Pressure Monitoring System, IC Design Procedure Portal, Automation Division portals, and ZigBeePro (r17, r20), SEMIPL-3, MDM9615 projects (3), Bump Coining, and MES
  • Automation Projects Management - MLCC Chip Inspection Software, Image Processing Library development and IPL Studio (A GUI Based analysis software).
  • Centre expansion and enhancement of technical knowledge base in the centre
  • Perform activities associated with the team management which include: establishing goals, monitoring performance, and providing individual performance.
  • Establish project success criteria and corresponding metrics pertaining to quality, performance, velocity/burn-down charts, ROI, and timeline
Jan 2010Aug 2010

USN Group Head (Designation: Lead Engineer (III)

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co Ltd, Bangalore, India
  • Successful completion and management of all the 3 projects of SNET (ZigBee Applications), ZigBee Profile Development & testing, and Printer related IP algorithms (in total 6 major projects)
  • 2 New Licensing protocols for Samsung Applications proposed and added. One is software based and other software-hardware combination based.
  • New enhancements / requirements handling, task scheduling, bug fixing, proposals for projects and enhancements
  • Defect Management System and Code versioning mechanism
  • Weekly delivery model proposal to customers
  • Interfacing with QA Group to enhance the stability, robustness & quality of the products           
Aug 2008Jan 2010

Project Lead (Designation: Lead Engineer (I & II))

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co Ltd, Bangalore, India
  • Project Lead for the 6LoWPAN (RFC4944), ZigBee Home Automation & ZigBee Pro protocol development for next generation wireless sensor networks. 
  • ZigBee Alliance certification for the ZigBeePro Stack within 7 months of development commencement.
  • Management of policies and SDLC processes, GPMS handling, 
  • Project scheduling, resource handling, Technical assistance to engineers & designing of the protocol stack.
  • Coordination of development between employees of HQ and Indian Centre for protocol development.
  • Customizations for the ZigBeePro and profile layers
  • Successful demonstrations of the stack and profiles to multiple customers at South Korea.
  • Technical consultant for the ZigBee Application projects (3) also
Nov 2007Aug 2008

Technical Lead (Designation: Lead Engineer I)

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co Ltd, Bangalore, India
  • Leading the team to design, develop & enhance the code for wireless protocols, test WLAN 802.11n applications on Linux milieu including RADIUS server based authentication & association. 
  • Core technical lead for the Automation Test Framework (ATF) development.
  • Development of XML parser for the Test Framework & Perl scripts for testing as per Alliance Test Spec.
  • Design of the Automation Test Framework & additional drivers & security stack enhancements
  • HOSTAPD and WLAN Supplicant bug fixes, compilation & merging with ATF for security based associations.
  • Productization of ATF with built-in reporting system, HTML versions of the same with graphs for customers.
  • Software Architect for the 802.11 automated test framework (using Perl & XML) additional tests for alliance. 
  • Solving technical (protocol) issues for teams from different projects & enhancing their knowledge base across the wireless platform. 
  • Conducting seminars and discussion on vivid innovations and technical information. 
  • Proposing new projects on wireless protocols and designing the project related activities.
  • Samsung Global Mobility Program 2008 member – selected amongst employees all over the world.
Mar 2005Nov 2007

Team Lead (Designation: Sr. Software Engineer)

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co Ltd, Bangalore, India
  • Design and Development of ZigBee & UWB wireless security protocol (all modes). 
  • Unit, Module, Integration Testing with all layers of ZigBee and MAC of UWB
  • Implementation of the AES-128, CCM* based encryption & decryption, Hashing algorithms (MD5, SHA-1, MMO), Message Authentication Codes, key generation & management & Security Manager. 
  • Proposed various practical architectures for network security and key management techniques. 
  • Proved loopholes in security algorithm and probable solutions for the same to ZigBee Alliance Security Group.
  • Development and Bug fixing for Network Layer of ZigBee.
  • Developed the code for other layers within the protocol stack 
  • Regressive testing & enhancements using scripts, BeeTest GUI and KEIL. 
  • Team Lead for Robust testing, ZigFest (South Korea), Stack management & Errata fixes at the centre.
  • Bug fixes and enhancements for APS, Profile & ZDO Layers of ZigBee (revision 6 & 12)
Sep 2004Feb 2005

Application Engineer

National Instruments, Singapore
  • Support clients on a wide range of software and hardware products, design and present new applications; educate customers on a wide variety of software. 
  • Customization and testing of programs for clients, and demonstrate product utilities.



Executive General Management Program

Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

- 95th percentile internationally in Capstone Business Simulation

Jun 2001Jun 2004

Master of Science Electrical Engineering

Arizona State University
Communication and Signals, GPA 3.4
Jun 1996Jun 2000

Bachelors of Technology

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University
          Electronics and Telecommunications, GPA 3.95



Researched on information security and interconnection of wireless sensor networks with cellular networks using vehicles for relaying utilizing GPS for location tracking. Achieved reduction in the number of clock cycles by 64% & Data delivery ratio increment by 75%. Simulated the sensor network milieu using Matlab and GloMoSim. Moreover, invented a new technique of data aggregation for wireless sensor networks and SSL authentication for wireless Internet services in a year of research.

Technical Skills

Programming Languages: C, LabVIEW, HTML, Java-script, WPF, ASP
Technologies: TCP/IP, GPIB, USB, IIS 7+ and video conferencing
Operating Systems: Windows XP/00/98/95/NT/7, Server2008/12, Macintosh, Linux Fedora 6.
Tools and Applications: GloMoSim, QualNet 4.0, Chipcon Sniffer, DainTree, BeeTest, WinCVS, SVN and Bugzilla.
Scripting Languages: Perl, XML, JSON, Shell-Script
Wireless Standards: 802.15.4 [ZigBee], 802.15.3 [UWB], 6LoWPAN (RF4944) and 802.11 versions (WLAN).

Academic Projects

Data Communication Security for Wireless Sensor Networks (2003)
• Researched on information security and interconnection of wireless sensor networks with cellular networks using vehicles for relaying and GPS technique for location tracking - Reduced the number of clock cycles by 64%; Simulated the sensor network milieu using Matlab and GloMoSim - Data delivery ratio increased by 75%; Invented a new technique of data aggregation for wireless sensor networks and SSL authentication for wireless internet services in a year of research.

Security of Wireless Link Layer (2004)
• Studied on WLAN: WEP, wLLS, key management, IPSEC, encryption algorithms, and security techniques. Developed a link layer security algorithm with advanced encryption and key management techniques.