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Curriculum Vitae


#05-26, Block 17,

Jurong West Avenue 5,

Singapore - 649491

Hand phone Number - 93582237

E-Mail:[email protected]

[email protected]


To work for the welfare of the firm to the fullest extent possible so that I gain the utmost co-operation of my higher officials in the industry I work for.


Academic details:


To work for the welfare of the firm to the fullest extent possible so that I gain the utmost co-operation of my higher officials in the industry I work for.

Work experience

Oct 2005Feb 2008

Senior Executive - QA

RaneTRW Steering Systems Limited

Nature of work:

Domain: - Quality Assurance Department

  • Daily audits in assembly line to ensure proper functioning of poka-yokes(fool proof working)
  • Dock audits to ensure defect free components being dispatched from the plant.
  • Responsible for incoming and outgoing inspection of products.
  • Member of safety committee and cross functional team for analysis of customer complaints and operator training.
  • Window person for all OE and Warranty complaints analysis of rejections.

·Conducting Process Audit, Product Audit &layout inspection for products.

  • Handling various instruments like Profile projector, Surface Analyzer and all conventional Instruments..
  • Performing R&R study for attributes and variables.

·Preparing SOP & part drawing for development components using Auto CAD

Domain: - Materials Management Department

  • Been an end user of SAP – mm module and handled various commands including those for MRP generation, supplier communication, daily stock monitoring, review of safety stock, purchase order preparation. Also underwent training course at a firm in India for almost 5 months wherein I was exposed to the complete mm lifeand implementation. Proof can be provided if needed.
  • Plan for materials for daily production. Responsible for material procurement (both domestic and import).
  • Sole Communicate with suppliers for material requirement and monitor if the materials are inwarded as per the MRP schedule.
  • Communicate to the supplier on a monthly basis their delivery and quality rating (after calculating them) taking in to account their rejection trend and also their delivery conformance.
  • Procure import materials and plan for inventory less than 75 days.
  • Usage of Material Management module in SAP on a daily basis to check inventory location, issue to production and material inwards.
  • Conduct audits at supplier end on a regular basis to ensure material availability and capacity planning.
  • Aid in cost reduction activities through alternate source development and aggregate assembly.
  • Usage of SAP (material management module) in daily work basis for various activities including Purchase Order creation, Bill Of Materials overview, Stock overview and plan for procurement before the material drops below the safety stock level (re-order level).

Domain: - Manufacturing Department

  • Check for opening stock for the day’s production at the beginning of the shift.
  • Plan for output taking into account the downtime of machine due to any abnormality.
  • Maintain and update problem data bank on a daily basis as and when a repeated problem arises.
  • Monitor WIP on a daily basis both at the beginning and the end of the shift to optimize inventory inline and to get maximum output with effective working.
  • At the end of every month, plot the problems that have arisen maximum and take the same for analysis based on 80:20 principle (Pareto analysis).
  • Conduct daily morning meeting with a Cross Functional Team (Maintenance, Materials, Quality) for problems that had occurred the previous day and discussion on the possible causes of the same (Man, Material, Machine or Method).
  • Monitor the machine efficiency to achieve maximum output for the shift.
  • Monitor the counter measure effectiveness for consecutive 3 months after which the problem is closed from further monitoring.
  • Update the board (comprising of diversified complaints like vendor related, machine related, operator related and other causes) on a daily basis comprising of details like problem, date of occurrence, cause, interim and permanent counter measure and target date.
  • Maintain and update a Corrective and Preventive Action sheet for everyday comprising of the number of times the problem had repeatedly occurred.
  • Assist in production of non regular models by assigning experienced operators for taking setting for production as per customer requirement.
  • Participating on Quality Information Team for analysis of customer complaints.
  • Usage of Toyota Production System for daily production like one piece flow, minimum cycle time, machine efficiency of 98% average.
  • Usage of Toyota Production System in inventory by maintaining minimum Work In Process of one piece during each operation to achieve maximum output and also in maintaining bought – outs in the form of 60 numbers a kit for minimum inventory in line. For machined components usage of a super market to stock in minimum material machined from shop floor and use the same for assembly in the form of kanban cards and just in time.

Organization’s major customers:

Ford, General Motors, Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, Hyundai,

Mahindra Renault and TRW USA.

Achievements in Quality Assurance Department:

·Maintain OE rejections at zero ppm for consecutive 1 year by solving functional and fitmental issues at customer end.

·Maintaining the Customer end warranty PPM as below 100 PPM & Quality rating as above 99.0% .

·PreparedPPAP documents, conducted process capability study, maintained internal rejections less than 500ppm in shop floor as well as assembly levels. Used SPC, 7QC Tools etc..

·Implemented Statistical tools & also commissioned new machine (vision system) at exit control to ensure no rejection at customer end.

Achievements in Materials Management Department:

·Worked in the core team for implementation of SAP MM Module at plant level and aided in the creation of Purchase organizations and Purchase groups.

·Currently using SAP for Materials related transactions like Stock verification, Purchase Order creation and GRN preparation.

Achievements in Manufacturing Department:

·Implemented Statistical tools & also commissioned new machine (vision system) at exit control to ensure no rejection at customer end.

·Reached maximum target of 32000 gears production for Mar’08 during high volume requirement from customer.


Aug 2008Present

M.Sc - Mechanical