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Work experience

Jul 2014Present

Editor (Investigation)

Chauthi Duniya (Hindi-English-Urdu) National Weekly, Delhi

Recently broke the story on the controversial list recommended for the appointment of judges in Allahabad High Court. The names of the kith & kin of senior judges were recommended for the appointment of judges. The Central Government and particularly Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi took cognizance of the concerned news published in ‘Chauthi Duniya’ and ordered inquiry. The Intelligence Bureau (IB) conducted the inquiry and submitted report to PMO. Accordingly, the Central Government finally rejected the recommendation.

Jan 2011Jan 2014

Chief Editor

'Kanwhiz Times', Hindi Daily, Lucknow

The daily newspaper 'Kanwhizz Times' launched successfully from Lucknow on 28th of January 2012 under my command & control. The daily has already established its identity in a short period of time and has become talk of the town for its breaking news, special editorials, analysis & the difference of presentation.

I had been selected to head the team to launch the daily 'Kanwhizz Times' from Lucknow... and we have launched it with tremendous success. A weekly newspaper under the name of Kanwhizz Times only, was well in the market since January 2010. The top management decided to make this product a daily newspaper. We are giving professional fervor and a taste of difference in the daily newspaper.

Few Breaking News Published-

1.    Broke the story, how PMO was protecting the main accused of multi crore NRHM scam, Pradeep Shukla, IAS .

2.    Exposed the big illegal land & property dealings of Naseemuddin Siddiqui, the powerful minister of erstwhile BSP government. This scam was not in the knowledge of Lokayukta, who was inquiring his other corrupt practices.

3.    Exposed army officers who were involved in illegal farming in Military Farm and misappropriated huge govt's money by opening forged account in Corporation Bank. The GOC in C of Central Command Lt. Gen Anil Chait ordered inquiry just after seeing the news item published in 'Kanwhiz Times' and physically inspected the illegal farming being done in the vast army land and ordered suspension of the culprit officers, court martial proceeding has also been initiated against the accused army officers. 

Jun 2010Jan 2011

Editor (Investigation)

'Chauthi Duniya', National Weekly, Delhi

Looked after the investigation side of the reporting.

Breaking/Exclusive/Special Stories (Two Major):

(1) Broke the story on Army’s refusal on attacking naxal outfits in naxal infested Central Command area. I got the report sent to Ministry of Defence by Central Command Headquarter asking clarification from the Central Government on 12 important legal points before deciding army attack on naxal outfits. The central government failed to answer and lastly the Army wish prevailed not to attack on naxals. The story was carried as cover story. A special debate was organized on E-TV based on my story. The then Judge Advocate General of Indian Army Major General Nilendra Kumar and me, as expert were specially invited in the program.

(2) Broke the story on fund network of the naxal organizations. Managed to get a list from Ministry of Home, which was itself a bomb shell, exposing the corporate houses, major contractors, major industries, major media houses and the government agencies, which are heavily financing the naxal organizations. The home ministry was sitting idle on the list since 2007. The dialogues and speeches of the politicians to handle naxal activities were all proved bogus. The story was carried as cover story and a special half an hour debate organized on E-TV and I was invited to take part in the debate based on my breaking story.

Nov 2009May 2010

Senior Editor (National)

'By-Line'... English & Hindi National Weekly, Delhi & Lucknow

Looked after the total reporting of both the magazines (Hindi & English). Wrote regular column also for both the magazines.

Breaking/Exclusive/Special Stories (Two Major):

(1) Broke the story proving Librahan Committee Report legaly farce. Justice Librahan Committee did not mention the murder of a senior officer in Home department of Uttar Pradesh Government and neglected the missing of more than half a dozen sensitive files concerned with Ayodhya Case. Interviewed one of the key members of the Librahan Committee, the senior advocate Mr. Anupam Gupta. This story was carried as the cover story of the magazine.

(2) Wrote exclusive and extensive story on the threats on Indian nuclear installations based on the confessional statement of David Coleman Hadley. The story was displayed as cover story.

Mar 2009Nov 2009

Managing Editor

Sadhna News Channel, Delhi

Just after joining the Sadhna news channel, I visited Jharkhand, and started a weekly special program named ‘Khand Khand Jharkhand’… The program was based on high level political corruption which destroyed the newly born state in merely nine years. On the said news & views program, the news channel received tremendous response from the people of Jharkhand & Bihar. The program had been conceived and produced in the manner to create an impact of democratic provocation of the people of state against corruption. The involvement of the people & intellectuals of the state reminded us about the success of the program. So much so, each and every minister and big political shots, on which the program was targeted, including the ex chief minister and present MP Madhu Koda and the central minister Subodh Kant Sahay are now in the trap of legal action. The credit, some how or other has been given to the Sadhna News channel only.

The special program ‘Khand Khand Jharkhand’ was conceived, produced and presented by me with the painstaking support from the member colleagues of Special Investigation Team of Sadhna News Channel.

Seeing the success of the program, the Chairman of the organization suggested to make a weekly program for Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh also, based on the same concept. The weekly special stories under the title ‘Madhya Me Fansa Pradesh’ received people’s concern and applause.

My assignment was to head the Special Investigation Team (SIT). The SIT was able to produce two to three special stories in a week and this is significant to underline that the SIT was not only giving special stories to the channel, but it made the story ready to air from its own as an independent production unit.

Feb 2007Mar 2009

Chief Editor

Daily News Activist, Hindi Daily, Lucknow

Forward planning & managing complete editorial co-ordination with fellow reporters and sub editors of the desk. Oversee day to day affair and ensure that paper has been put to print without errors. In addition, looking after the total administration and management also. Filing breaking news and writing editorials regularly. Also generating contemporary ideas for special segments of the paper. Reportable to the Chairman only.

 Breaking/Exclusive/Special Stories (Two Major):

1. Broke the news of daredevil escape of five Pakistani military officers from PoW camp Fatehgarh in 1972. General Parvez Musharraf was one of them. The story was supported with Army’s secret documents followed by the interview of the Colonel, who was the presiding officer of the military court of inquiry of the escape.

2. Broke the story about the fraud done by the Cabinet Secretary of UP Mr. Shashank Shekhar Singh with the High Court. Within five days after the news published, Ms. Mayawati had to announce Cab. Sec’s resignation in the state assembly.

Apr 2003Feb 2007

Political Editor

Sahara Samay, National Weekly, Delhi

Assignment : To look after the weekly newspaper 'Sahara Samay' editorial (desk & reporting both). Filing of special / breaking / exclusive reports regularly, wrote editorials, prepared special reports for TV Sahara Samay & was member of the expert panel on political and strategic affairs.

Special Mention: regularly did investigative & political stories in Sahara Samay weekly & Sahara Samay news channels simultaneously, besides the morning news analysis on National & NCR channels. In the Bihar assembly elections Bihar & Jharkhand channel of Sahara Samay produced special program “Bihar Chunav…Aar ya Paar” in which, I was sole analyst with the anchor. This special program continued for more than a month. On the day of final results, I was one of the main analysts of the daylong program on National channel. I was member of the expert panel on political and strategic affairs on Sahara Samay news channel.

Few Breaking/Exclusive/Special Stories of Sahara Samay Print & TV :

3 year old boy was caged with dogs for seven long years in Delhi, when rescued, he was virtually behaving (barking, biting & eating) like a dog, sent for rehabilitation in a missionary institution. Broke this news with photo & his poor mother's interview in the inaugural issue of 'Sahara Samay'.

Published exclusive documents pf Pakistan Army related with the famous Sarabjeet Singh Case.

The TV channel produced series of special stories on that with my regular analysis. The story of Sarabjeet Singh was the first story aired on tv with Pakistan army's document, that how he was falsely implicated in the serial bomb blast case by the Pakistani Military Intelligence officer and got capital punishment from Pakistani Supreme court.

Some of the top brasses of Army conspired to open the Army head quarter on Sunday and destroyed the files by putting it into the shredder machine. Files were related with the multi crore scam being investigated by the CBI. Broken in Sahara Samay weekly newspapepr and later on this story was carried by Asian Age also.

Published the letters, which exposed that the ‘supari’ was given to the Subhash Thakur gang to kill cricketer Azharuddin by the D’coy. Those letters were seized by the Intelligence Bureau. Sahara Samay TV channel aired a special one hour program on the said issue.

Broke the pathetic story of two kashmiri brothers who were taken into custody at Kathmandu allegedly involved in Kandhar air hijack conspiracy, but are traceless till today. After the news published in Sahara Samay weekly and flashed on Sahara news channel, a PIL was filed in Supreme Court and SC ordered central government to file the reply.

Some investigative stories of the Army were broken in 'Sahara Samay':

1.Pathetic story of a whistle blower: An Army Major of 23rd infantry division was arrested and declared mad when he exposed the large irregularity in storing army’s high explosives & ammunitions. The explosives & ammunitions were smuggled outside and even sold to the criminals & militants. I managed to slip into the military jail, took photograph & interview of the brutally tortured major. It was published in Sahara Samay & Sahara Time magazine in series. Latter, the news was carried by the news channels as a special story.

     How the accused Army officers of 'operation west end' (Tahelka) were scot-free secretly. How the tainted army officers were promoted to the senior hierarchy.

3. Multi crore-fodder scam in the Army, CBI officers were bribed & how they tried to hush up the case. This was the cover story of the Sahara Samay.

4. How another 'whistle blower' of the Army was brutally killed by the army officers in central command.

Apr 2001Apr 2003

Resident Editor

Jansatta (Indian Express), Hindi Daily, Lucknow

Was with the launching team and contributed in shaping up the edition. Looked after the Editorial management & reporting. Wrote regular columns, editorials, & co-ordinated with the news team of Indian Express. Filed breaking news (scoops) regularly.

Breaking/Exclusive/Special Stories (Two Major):

1. Broke the story of a peculiar daredevil dacoity & forceful occupation of a posh kothi by the serving GOC in C of Central Command. After publication of the news the state government was forced to lodge a fir against GOC in C Lt. Gen. DS Chauhan, his wife Mrs. Mira Chauhan, two serving Brigadiers Mr. Sanjiv Madan & Mr. AK Srivastava and some jawans. (This is the first ever such case in military history of India).

2. The birthday coupon episode of Mayawati’s lavish ‘Janma-diwas’ was first ever broken by me and the news was carried later on by the national news channels and the newspapers.

Jun 1996Apr 2001

Chief Reporter / Principal Correspondent

Hindustan (Hindustan Times), Hindi Daily, Lucknow

Was with the launching team of Hindi Hindustan. Generated the idea of a pull-out called ‘Aapki Khabar’ & ‘Shaharnama’ that led Hindustan ahead of the rival paper and helped to make a mark. Looked after the Reporting. Generated ideas and planning of the reporting. Wrote exclusive stories, columns and editorials & also got an opportunity to coordinate the news team of Hindustan Times.

Breaking/Exclusive/Special Stories (Two Major):

1. The kidney theft of a rickshaw puller of Lucknow. His kidney was extracted by the doctors of Delhi & Chandigarh for the wife of highly connected serving DGM telephones of Delhi.

2.  Broke the story of the mysterious flight of state govt’s plane. The plane flew to Delhi and flew back to Lucknow with a lady. The flight schedule was kept top secret by the civil aviation authority. The then chief minister Kalyan Singh was forced to give clarification, after the news published.

Oct 1991May 1996

Senior Reporter / Dy. Chief Reporter

Jansatta (Indian Express), Hindi Daily, Calcutta

Looked after the Reporting. Management and planning of the reporting. Wrote regular columns, editorials, & coordinated the news team of Indian Express also. Filed breaking news (scoops) regularly.

Breaking / Exclusive / Special Stories (Two Major):

1. Broke major stories of the fodder scam of Bihar (as the CBI of eastern zone was investigating the scam), which created much impact on national level.

2. Broke some major stories related with Purulia arms dropping case, explored from the CBI’s file.

Jan 1987Sep 1991

Senior Staff Reporter

'Aaj' Hindi Daily, Patna

Looked after the reporting & page planning. Got an opportunity to work with the main news desk for 10 months. Broke exclusive & exemplary investigative stories.

 Breaking / Exclusive / Special Stories (Two Major):

1. Broke story of a prisoner Ranvir Yadav, convicted with death sentence, managed to slip from jail & found with the then central minister Sharad Yadav on Patna airport. I took his photographs with Sharad Yadav and published it with the story. Next day the central minister along with the top RJD leaders called a press conference and announced that the said prisoner is not to be given ticket to fight assembly election. The prisoner was again arrested & the jail superintendent, jailor and deputy jailor were suspended.

2. The crime record of 36 dreaded criminals of Bihar, who were preparing to fight assembly election and the RJD had given assurance to give party ticket to all of them, was published. The central & state leadership was compelled to denounce them in a hurriedly called press conference.

Feb 2014Jun 2014

Chief Editor

'Voice of Movement', Hindi Daily, Lucknow

Lead the editorial team and wrote special reports, special edits, routine edits.

Recently broke the story on Sahara Group which fictitiously converted 10 lakh employees to Sahara's investors, only to dodge Supreme Court. The game plan came into light and Shara's Supremo Subrato Roy was forced to surrender. 

Oct 1985Jan 1987

Staff Reporter

Patliputra Times, Hindi Daily, Patna

Looked after crime reporting along with some political beats, like left parties and naxal wings. Broke special & investigative stories regularly.

Breaking/Exclusive/Special Stories (Two Major):

1. The Arwal Police Massacre of Bihar was broken by me only in 1986. The news created a national impact & MK Raina with film maker Romesh Sharma interviewed me on tv.

2.  Broke the story of blood racket at Patna.

Language Known

Hindi, English and Bengali



 Meditating Journalism



1. Relaunched 'Voice of Movement' National Dailyfrom Lucknow.

2. 'Kanwhizz Times' National Daily from Lucknow.

3. UP/Uttarakhand edition of 'Chauthi Duniya', National weekly.

4. 'By-Line'- National Weekly (English & Hindi), Delhi.

5. 'Daily News Activist', National Hindi Daily, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

6. 'Sahara Samay' National Weekly News Paper, Delhi.

7. 'Jansatta', National Hindi Daily, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

8. 'Hindustan', National Hindi Daily, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

9. 'Jansatta', National Hindi Daily, Kolkata, West Bengal.

10. 'Patliputra Times', National Hindi Daily, Patna, Bihar.

Personal Information

Date of Birth     :    August 14, 1960

Nationality        :    Indian

Father's Name  :    (Late) Dr. S.R. Deen

Mother's Name :    Dr. Usha Rani


Bachelor of Arts

Patna University

B.A. Hons. in Geography

Master of Arts

Patna University

M.A. in Geography


War Correspondent 

Ministry of Defence, India
Successfully completed War Correspondent Course-95, conducted by the Ministry of Defence, India