Work experience

Work experience


f) TOFD Omniscan Manual Scanner Internal Rotary Inspection System(IRIS)

Eddy Current Tester

OLYMPUS, Omniscan MX
OLYMPUS, OMNI-M-PA16128 Eddy Current Tester GE, Phasec 3d/Zetec, MIZ-21B

Senior Inspection Engineer/material Engineer

Jan 1992 - Present
Emirates Industrial Laboratory

QP Condensate Refinery Shutdown 2004

May 2000 - Oct 2000
QP Condensate Refinery Shutdown 2004
NODCO GSD, Qatar, QAPCO GSD, QP Refinery shutdown-2005 ENOC Refinery plant inspector(several times) EPPCO,-Jebel ALI(Call out basis)

Ndt Inspector/heat Treatment Engineer

Dec 1988 - Jan 1992
QP Condensate Refinery Shutdown 2004
NDT Inspector/Heat Treatment Engineer M/s. NDT Tech., Madras, India Conducting pre-heating and post weld heat treatment of weldments of various configurations. Conducting UT lamination test on plates, RT, MT & PT for various clients. Conversant in conventional and modern heat treatment techniques in fabrication yards, shipyards, refineries and petrochemical plants. In-charge of heat treatment crew deployed at Cochin Refineries(5 technicians & 5 transformers)

Service Engineer

Feb 1987 - Nov 1988
QP Condensate Refinery Shutdown 2004
Service Engineer M/s. Jalrams Electronics, Cochin, India Responsible for installation and maintenance of various electrical furnaces, transformers and electronics system control.

Sales Engineer

Mar 1986 - Jan 1987
M/s. Hindustan Brown Boveri Ltd
Sales Engineer., Bombay, India Responsible for the sales promotion of rotating machinery, power equipment, micro processor based control systems, power electronics, electric furnace, turbo chargers, renewable energy systems.


Mar 1985 - Feb 1986
M/s. Instrument Techniques Pvt
Sales & Service Engineer. Ltd., Cochin, India Familiar with the installation and servicing for air cooled/oil cooled 500 KvA 3 Phase UPS, digital pH meters, power monitors, custom built instruments etc.

Electrical Supervisor

May 1983 - Feb 1985
M/s. Instrument Techniques Pvt
Electrical Supervisor M/s. J. V. Steel Rolling Mills, Tamil Nadu, India Responsible for operations/maintenance work of 600 KvA, 22000/433 transformer and 800 Amps oil circuit breakers. Operation/maintenance works of 450 HP motors and N/V equipment. Trained in repairing of MV equipments. EQUIPMENT USED: All Type Of Equipments: Flaw Detector-USM 35/USM 36/Ultrasonic Phased Array Unit Phasor XS/Sonatest Site Scan D-20:/Thickness gauges cygnus-1-intrinsically-safe-/Cygnus 2/3/4, Hands free/DM4/5/DMS GO/DMS USM GO/DMS 2/DMS/Panametrics 45MG: Techops 660 Model/DELTA 880/OMEGA Gammatec IRC 2, IRC 4/X-Ray Andrex, Philips, GE (Dry, Wet, Fluorescent & Visible). Permanent U Magnet, AC/DCYoke, Portable MPI Equipment-JAYSON110V(Johnson & Allen), MAGNAFLUX, PARKER, SPECTROLINE(UV LED Long-Wave Inspection lamps) Phased Array




Thiagarajar College of Engineering


Kerala Institute of Engineering


Institute of Rail Transport


Annamalai University

National Certificate