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Technology producers demand the highest quality personnel, who can immediately contribute to the bottom line. Individuals who have proven abilities to cut costs and complete projects ahead of schedule, while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. I have successfully worked with start-up units and new product development for the past 10 years, as a Test Team Lead, Manufacturing Engineer, Software Designer and most recently as a Project Manager.

I've learned how to drive a project to successful launch. It is more than planning, execution, and control, it is an intelligent application of resources and an awareness of risk. It requires effective communication, process and change management. It is also the selection, motivation and cultivation of great people.

My goal is to find the position where I can apply these skills and experience to the success of interesting projects.

My Achievements Include :

  • Successfully launching new products to a global market that were under budget, on schedule with high quality/reliability, meeting or exceeding customer requirements.

  • Energetically contributing my leadership skills in the corporate setting, while managing the creative process, motivating and developing global team members, fine tuning project plans and coordinating multiple cross functional demands.

  • Management of personnel, contract companies and work teams.

  • Software Design and Development, including GUI and User Experience.

I am particularly interested in senior positions in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina area, in Project Management. My talents and experiences are not limited to a single industry and I can easily apply my education and skills to a broad range of technology industries.

Work experience

Software Engineer

NORTEL – Bell Northern Research

Manufacturing Engineer and Software Developer for large scale telecommunications equipment. Also participated in Small Business Unit program for three start-up organizations: Sonnet, ServiceBuilder and Broadband STP.

  • Developed Graphical User Interface (GUI) designs and features using MS Visual Basic for the Broadband STP project. Implemented Network security analysis and processes.

  • Integrated documentation and context-sensitive help files into main application.

  • Served as Cable telephony system engineer using DOCSIS, Packet Cable, VoIP systems.

  • Directed customer service and system support, including new office commissioning.

  • Served as Feature Designer for GUI interface and OAM Tools, WAN-based management and provisioning system with integrated telephony services.

  • Used GUI improvements alone cut customer issues by over 50%.

  • Designated lead engineer for process improvement and cost control.

  • Generated physical plant layout and process design using IBM CADAM.

  • Engineered new flexible (robotic) assembly line (high-volume assembly with customization).

Engineering Lead

Lead Development Engineer

Proposed new solutions from customer requirements. Wrote proposals, GUI mock-ups, functional descriptions, and detailed designs. Maintained schedules and generated progress reports. Interviewed and was instrumental in hiring and training team members. Coordinated local and off-site project groups.

  • Developed three new product proposals, including schedule, development plan, and managed teams in US and overseas.

  • Trained support teams, including developing curricula and materials.

  • Reviewed design proposals and implementation with customer engineers to ensure complex requirements were implemented accurately.

  • Led User Interface group as senior engineer.

Software Designer/Architect for User Interface developer group.

  • Assembled packages consisting of third-party tools and applications along with in-house developed code, into new products to satisfy customer needs.

  • Produced IMS (light) SIP server product in LINUX.

  • Implemented a Secure Shell portal into existing product line, using encrypted connections and secure password management.

  • Embedded design, development in C and testing of features and systems with dependent intercommunication and mission critical reliability requirements.

  • Developed automated database test tools in multi threaded JAVA and VB.

Project Manager

Sony Ericsson

Project Manager – Software Development

Coordinated with Systems, Design, Test, and Product Marketing groups from prototype, to final software product packaging and customer delivery.

  • Delivered on schedule. Joined team that was 6 weeks behind delivery, Assumed ownership and applied aggressive Project Management techniques to recover lost time and achieve delivery of GUI application on schedule and with high quality. Exceeded objectives.

  • Established High Quality delivery. Captured over 200 UI issues and obstacles, and organized plan of attack with all principal contributors, in order to achieve a zero-defect delivery.

  • Managed Software Development Group. Stepped in and guided team of 8 engineers while searching for full-time replacement. Interviewed and helped recruit new management.

  • Directed all Contract Teams. Delays and quality issues threatened overall project success; Coordinated groups in the US plus Germany, England, Sweden, India, and China. Recovered schedule and completed delivery on time.

  • Resolved critical design issues. Weeks before customer delivery, a critical new UI feature was not ready. Organized daily engineering sessions until a workable plan was developed, and then coordinated with Product Verification and Documentation to streamline completion and ensure successful delivery.

  • Frequently presented new product ideas for review and scope for development.

  • Supported Sales and Field Support teams in South America, Asia and Europe.

  • Oversaw Windows driver development to 100% WHQL testing and final Microsoft signatures while earning ISO certification.

  • Planned and delivered user and technical documentation.

  • Successfully launched Windows and Apple dashboard software globally.


Bachelor of Science

NC Wesleyan College

BS, Computer Information Systems

NC Wesleyan College, Raleigh, NC

Presidents Honor list: Academic Achievement, graduating Cum Laude.

Financial and Managerial Accounting, Communication, Statistics, Data Communications and Networking, Operations Management, Web Business, C++, JAVA