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Work experience

Jun 2012Present

Chief, MH60 Standardization Branch

USCG Avition Training Center
Aug 2010Jun 2012

Asst Chief, Performance Technology Branch

USCG Aviation Training Center

Assistant Chief, Performance Technology Branch (PTB): leads development & integration of Human Performance Technology (HPT) initiatives for CG aviation. Teams w/ATC instructors, HPT consultants and HQ staff to provide innovative performance interventions for legacy & future aviation prgms. Supervises O3, 4 GS12s and oversees 9 member training contract. Evaluates & leverages emergent HPT industry technologies to optimize capability of 170+ CG aircraft inventory. MH-60T/J Instructor Pilot/Flight Examiner (IP/FE): 1 of 14 H60 pilots fleet-wide selected to perform initial pilot quals, evals 200+ pilots’ performance of LE/SAR procedures & fleet adherence to COMDT stds.

Aug 2006Jun 2010

Air Operations Officer

USCG Air Station Astoria, OR

Highest aviator qualification; evaluates all assigned pilot's knowledge/judgment/proficiency, reviews policy & procedure. Mission Commander on SAR/HLS/LE/MEP/ATON/PWCS, all weather, day/night/NVG missions Group/ Airsta Ass't Ops Officer (AOPS): Coord missions for Group/ Airsta, 3 MLB Sta’s & ANT; oversaw 3 H60s, 8 MLBs, & 6 RBSs.  Supervise 5 CG officers/ 1 exchange pilot in all aspects of operational planning, training, public affairs, LE & continuity of operations (COOP). STAN Officer: oversaw pilot upgrade & training prgm, Flight Examining Board (FEB) Chair. Aux Air Liaison: Plans/coordinates missions & budget for Group/ Airsta


Aug 2010Present

Masters in Education

University of South Alabama
Jul 1995May 1999

Bachelors of Science

US Coast Guard Academy


Interests include camping, hiking, fishing, biking, and inventing.

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Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR)
Project Manager
Professional Helicopter Pilot