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As George Bernard Shaw said "Imagination is beginning of creation,you imagine what you desire,you will what you imagine and at last you will create what you will".i always wish a new innovation in every little moments.I have showed outstanding performance in all art examination.I have passion to sketch any living moment on paper.I have participated in various creative activities like Innovative Product Marketing and feel do imagine share NID Ahemdabad Conference where creativity,innovation and passion to bring change are acknowledged.
Formally I have been a head girl and currently I am a senior council prefect of school .I have been prefect council member for consecutive 4 years.I have even been volleyball and Innovative product marketing competition team leader for 2 years.
I always think working hard is my responsibility and will continuously strive to work hard for achieving higher aims in life and establish myself through acquired skills.
I am passionate learner,craving for new instances created by education. I have been scoring 80+ through out my journey of school.I wish to raise my level to be an astute learner and the best performer in organization of world is my one and only goal.


Bijal Damani

Neha Babi


 All through my life, I have been driven by a predominating thought to compete with the best and try to be better than the best. This thought is my driving passion and running though my bloodline. This thought has led me to unknown charters to reveal my inner intense passion. Along with the considerable amount of knowledge that I had assimilated by way of preparation for my undergraduate studies, I had also learnt invaluable lessons in life and most of all I had been taught that there is always someone better and someone on the top, but what is  important that to remember about it and still continue your work to the best of your standards and to your fullest satisfaction and live life with deepest purpose, continue what interests me and spend quality time on things that make me happy rather than try to do what other “successful” people say or do. I have outlined my target score outstanding in my grade 12th and get admission in India's renowned college. The ultimate objective of my life is BECOME A GOOD PERSON.


I have thirst to find new interest in my life.I consider each and every task or event always give a memorable experience and lesson with tonnes of memories.They may be happy,full of pressure or full or failures but I like to learn new lessons and consider them as opportunities.

  • I am interested in writing poems and my point of view on few topics.
  • I am interested in sketching and painting since I was child
  • I am interested in participating in varied competitions,like athletics poem or even art 
  • I am interested in reading fiction stories and business topic related books.
  • I am interested in participating social service activities.
  • I am interested in developing my interest for creating a documentary.
  • I am interested in event management,may be a small event like school fair or even business.

I am interested in discovering new innovative things about me.,therefore i consider everyday brings a new lesson to learn and new experience with it.