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Work experience

Nov 2010Present

Sr. Business Analyst/ Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Honeywell FM&T

I am currently responsible for identifying, analyzing, and pursuing management and operating (M&O) contracts within the Department of Energy (DOE). These contracts are large in scope and complexity with annual budgets of $1B. Key elements of focus include: Strategic planning of future business growth planning, evaluation of technical and business compatibility with Honeywell long term vision, evaluation of partnerships in Joint Venture considerations, providing corporate executive level multi-year assessment materials and government agency engagement

Other Critical Roles performed at this business  include:

.- Six Sigma, Lean & Advanced Decision Simulation methods were introduced, recognized as commercial best practices in areas of Operations, Engineering, Quality and Business.

- Technical liaison between UK and US governments on sensitive classified information, focused on product quality and process reliability.

- Aided advancements in DOE/NNSA stockpile stewardship mission and technical developments through program management with accountability for current and legacy weapon component development.

- Responsible for polymer processes safe, effective and efficient operations at the Kansas City National Security Campus.

- Demonstrated effective communications with Government agencies, NNSA partners at Sandia National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

- Led product management on Weapon B61 Legacy components from development through first time use, demonstrated robustness with statistical evaluation and simulation.

Oct 2007Nov 2010

Business Unit Manager

Zeus Inc

- Led business unit engineering and research staff and accountable for product safety, process reliability, product quality, customer engagement and product cost strategies.

-Developed the company’s first bifurcated Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) ePTFE graft product.

- Designed/Developed cosmetic implants for chin cheek, and brow lift 

-Trained the global sales department on product specifications and capabilities. Conducted customer technical visits with sales worldwide (North America, Europe, UK, and Japan).

- Issued 2 patent applications for medical implant material construction. “Multi-layered Composites” for use in implantable applications, and Stent Assembly Methods.

-Supported business unit in obtaining ISO13485 Certification and ISO9001 Certifications

- Evaluated FDA compliance of materials, device and assembly methods for assigned business unit.

- Site Radiation Safety Officer, responsible for management of radiation area and employee testing.

- Responsible for business unit growth strategy and planning execution.

- Led and supported cross-functional teams in the development and enhancement of Medical products.

- Reported Business updates to the president of the company and effectively managed multiple projects in a research and operations environment, while developing processes for new products.

- Installed new processes and improved processes of existing product lines, managed and directed product developments from conception to production scale up implementation.

- Responsible for medical polymeric biomaterial process and product development from initial concept to implementation.

- Responsible for the conceptual design of polymer processing equipment, provided direction & support for engineering technicians and generated operational protocols and procedures.

- Engaged in customer interface and delivery specifications.

- Conducted statistical analysis of processes and manufacturing capabilities.

- Formulated new system design requirements and specifications.

- Led in technology advancement of new fluoropolymer medical and industrial product line development.

- Championed technology advancements in new material technology and processing.

- Medical material acumen included. Nickel Titanium, Stainless Steel, Aqueous Dispersion Particles (ADP’s), polyurethanes, zeolite fillers, polypropylene, Nylon, Polyether ether ketone(Peek), Polytetrafluoroethylene, (PTFE), fluorinated ethylene propylene resins(FEP), expanded PTFE(ePTFE), Polylactic acid(PLLA), Titanium,Dioxide, nanoparticle radiopaque Bismuth.

-Led new product development and worked with sales, marketing and executive management to commercial products.

Feb 2000Oct 2007

Plant Manager/ Technology Manager

GE Power & Water

- Responsible for Site operations: Engineering, Quality, Operations, Facilities, Environmental-Health and Safety, Research & Development.

- Site Employee base 150 employees, Annual Revenue contribution $86M

- Fostered site organizational diversity and cohesiveness through employee empowerment and accountability.

- Patent application on file at U.S. Patent Office, “Article and Method for forming laminate”.

- Presented technology to U.S. Intelligence Committee Leader Senator Kit Bond.

- Advanced Technology for the Natick Army Soldier Systems Center.

- Led/managed the site Hazardous Waste management program.

- Special expertise and focus in advanced fluorinated chemistry technology.

- Led the research and development program on polymeric membrane technology.

- Material acumen included. Vespel polyimide, Stainless Steels, Aqueous Dispersion Particles(ADP’s), polyurethanes, Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), expanded PTFE(ePTFE), Polyvinyl Alcohol(PVA), Supercritical CO2, fiberglass, Cellulose Acetate, Nomex, Carbon fiber, Polyester

- Led concurrent projects of startup design/installation and process improvement at $4M annually.

- Implemented world class safety standards, leading business to gain the highest OSHA recognition, VPP star site award.

- Led key supplier negotiations on high volume material contracts.

- Increased product success rate from 62%to 86% through better use of design control tools and toll gate systems.

- Accountable and approved facility managed infrastructure subcontract agreements.

- Personally designed 90% of products sold from this site, during my tenure.

- Implemented LEAN 5S and Six Sigma methodologies, as well as effective negotiations, to reduce material

-Usage/cost and product variability, saving sustained annual operating expenses of $1M, and receiving their coveted LEAN award.

- Also reduced material scrap rates by 26% and quickly saved an additional $84K annually by adjusting peak facility power loads, a result of energy conservation agreements.

- Fully responsible for the facility’s quality control, increasing quality standards by 20% and reducing COV of products from 10% to 3%.

- Responsible for reporting operations metrics and budgets to GM.

- Implemented a smoothly running 3-shift operation with less than 2% turnover in direct labor over a 5 year period.

- During tenure, reduced product costs by 25% and increased overall efficiency by 15% without additions to equipment or headcount.

- Used ERP supply chain management measures to reduce inventory 52%, even during high growth.

May 1998Jan 2000

Process/ Manufacturing Engineer


- Installed monitor controls to reduce takt time of polymer products by 35% and raw material usage by 60%. • Used 5S to cut testing time in another instance from 3 hours to 5 minutes, catapulting product output by 80% to fulfill increasing demand.• Interacted with electronic regulating and governing bodies worldwide to adhere to device safety compliance.

- Wrote product listings for new and existing electromechanical devices that complied with requirements of governing bodies (CE, UL-2601-1, ETL, TUV-IEC 601-1 and CSA).

- Evaluated production materials to ensure they were FDA compliant (USP class 6-skin contact)

- Represented electromechanical department during annual ISO 9001 audits.

Mar 1996Mar 1998

Sr. Product Engineer


• Designed pioneering product that resulted in $1M annual revenue from contract with Xerox, and an additional $1M annually for a fuel cell support material. • Also doubled lamination capacity and upgraded key equipment to improve product by 20%. • Developed statistical models to reduce needed experiments by 90%, development costs by 50% and development time by 30%.

Jan 1992Mar 1996

Project Engineer

Pall Corp

• 8B in Revenue, Personally managed installation of 75% of facility’s processes for the site at which I worked.• Development of revolutionary proprietary method to advance manufacturing, which reduced variability by 60% and scrap rate by 35%, with a 140% ROI first year and perpetual $8M in savings annually.• Developed several key processes that have been sustained over a decade and generated $50M+ for one employer alone.• Developed 3-year engineering capacity plan which supported key strategic business growth plans.


Feb 2011Jan 2013

Masters of Business Administration

Baker University
Aug 1988Dec 1991

Mechanical Engineering

Southern Polytechnic State Univ





Passion for Leadership • Six Sigma certified • Financial Analyst • Accomplished Inventor • Quality focused • Effective Supply chain Mgmt • Strategic Visionary • Extraordinary work Ethic

I have over 20 years of award-winning experience achieving incredible results in high technology manufacturing and product development, in a wide variety of industries. My past focus has been in the area of

Operations/Engineering Leadership related to Manufacturing, Research & Product Development. Current concentration is in areas of Operation and Business Excellence through contract management, corporate mergers and acquisitions. I have personally created groundbreaking technologies and advanced growth strategies, resulting in tens of millions of dollars in domestic and international market increase.

Implementations of cost control measures and product innovations have been just as successful at various sites, specifically in operational waste reductions and budget management efficiencies. I have built multiple plant operations from the ground up to profitable business units, leading by example and demonstrating the values and ethics I expect from staff members.

Key Skills:Natural leader and intuitive decision maker × Committed to excellence× Bottom line focused in all activities × Adept at developing strategy aligned with company mission and evolving it into action × Consistently the “go-to” person in any organization × Calm under pressure × Power user in ERP and operational software systems × Highly proficient in statistical analysis × Expert at generating both revenue growth and cost savings by promoting new ideas.


Member of American Solar Energy Society

Member North American Membrane Society

Member of American Society of Mechanical Eng.

Fitness Enthusiast