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Award-Winning Product Development and Advanced Technology Specialist In Network Design, Development And Implementation

Leader Of Geographically Diverse, Multicultural Teams And Labs Developing Advanced And Technically Innovative Designs And Products To Improve Network Function And Capabilities, Including Multi-Site Locations With Teams Of Up To 400 Professionals

Authoritative Speaker, Presenter, Writer On Global Network Communications Systems, Protocols, Architectures, and Standards

Specialized In Identifying Need, Creating, Developing And Delivering Effective High Performance Solutions

With extensive experience in telecommunications product development I am now seeking my next opportunity. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with very talented and dedicated people during my career, making and delivering products that make a difference in people's lives and business. I have also been fortunate to work in labs and locations around the world, meeting new people and challenges with energy and interest. I am seeking opportunities to bring my design and project management skills to the challenges of the next level, working with a forward thinking corporation or as a consultant. I bring to the table some proven people management skills, good technical capabilities and a history of budget and resource management that meets the market targets.

Work experience

Jun 2006Mar 2009

VP Application Engineering


Multimedia QoS and performance measurement and reporting

  • Directed the development of innovative IPTV and VoIP quality software
  • Delivered product to network element and test/measurement providers
  • Global interaction with customers providing unmatched satisfaction - $3.5M/yr
  • Chair of Test and Interoperability for IPTV Interoperability Forum at ATIS
Aug 2005May 2006

VP Business Development

WiMAX Systems

Building Carrier grade WiMAX products for Wireless and Cellular backhaul

  • Developed business plan for WiMAX backhaul, engaged all major carriers
  • Market plan demonstrated at least 60% cost reduction from T-1 leasing
  • Established plan with silicon vendor for specialized operation
Apr 2004Jun 2005

VP Engineering


Developed software and integrated commercial hardware to analyse internet traffic (VoIP, Citrix) and compute the essential bandwidth needed to achieve required Quality of Service (Qos) for those applications.

  • Delivered IP Bandwidth quality analysis and traffic performance
  • Deployed advanced statistics for Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Mission critical traffic characterization: VoIP, Citrix, stock trading
  • Employed agile development and test methods to reduce development time.
Jul 2002Jan 2004

VP OA&M Solutions Development


Consolidated three separate Operations, Administration and Maintenance Systems for Optical Networks into one.

  •   Delivery of Network Management solutions for key customers - $35M/y
  •   Architecture and development of thin client element managers
  •   Drove program for telco integration of network components. (OSMINE)
May 2000Jul 2002

VP Metro Optical Development


Directed the development work of 400 engineers in Belfast, Ireland. Worked with labs in Australia and Turkey to ehnance optical mulitplexing product and management systems

  •   Time critical delivery for international transmission markets; sales $600M/year.
  •   Program definition and direction for R&D staff of 600; budget $65M/year.
  •   Multi-site process & definition for product evolution; 4 year revenue $2.6B
  •   Extensive government interaction in Northern Ireland; $6M in grants
  •   Established accelerated development program for 1st level managers
Aug 1999May 2000

Director, International Optical Networks


Automated business process and product models for cost reduction. Established engineering based competitive analysis used in bid submissions.

  •   Defined product models for fast pricing and cost control - $65M saving
  •   Developed e-business solution for order-to-materials chain; saving $35M
  •   Used competitive analysis, and advanced design to support bids; $75M in wins
  •   Developed strategy for software up sell and mining installed base of 2000 units
Jun 1995Aug 1999

Director, DMS Development


Directed the work of 300 engineers producing TDM switch for use in the developing world. Products deployed from China to Brazil.

  •   Delivered 9 on time releases of Digital Switch for global market; sales $1.4B
  •   P&L responsibility for $16M/y in contract R&D, 35 % margins
  •   Created innovation in design for national signalling systems
Jul 1992Jul 1995

Director, DMS Development


Directed the development of enhanced services for TDM switching.

  •   Delivered CENTREX, Automatic Call Distributor and billing services which drove revenues of $300M/y.
  •   Worked with global team to restructure 11M lines of software; ownership of services and US national applications; corporate savings $100M/y.
  •   Developed technical agreement and interface with 3rd party for Computer/Telephony interface; used for sales at $12M/y.


Bell Northern Research
Roles from scientific staff to Director. Provided statistical research for switching networks, mobile telephony systems and developed software for traffic analysis. Provided consulting in network design and provisioning for MCI, Sprint, and numerous other independent long distance carriers.


Sep 1976May 1980


University of Waterloo
Sep 1975Aug 1976

Master of Mathematics

Univeristy of Waterloo
Sep 1970May 1975


Concordia University



I am always looking for improvement. In product function, in development shedules, in new features and capabilites, and in the way people work together. Examining what is strong, and what can use some improvement or a new way of being has helped me add value to what the customer sees, improve the cost equation for my company, and make the workload more palatable for my staff.
Presentation Skills
I have delivered presentations and papers at international conferences, seminars, and marketing events. While able to explain complex technical issues in understandable terms, i am also able to discuss the finer points of an implementation or design with the experts. Asked by governments and universities to present their case at global marketing and industrial events, I have helped to advance the social development agenda as well as promote corporate interests.
People Management
In a 25+ year career I have directed the work of engineers and managers in labs around the world. Working closely with my staff I have provided encouragement, training, coaching, and objective criticism which built strong, proud teams and produced world class products and systems. Long after the fact I am told by former team memebers that I demonstrated leadership and respect for them, helping them achieve their goals along with those of the company.
Systems Engineering
When building software or hardware systems, one must start with the big view of how the overall system is expected to operate, for function, performance, robustness, and its evolution. Using a systems engineering approach the overall requirements are gathered, assessed and expressed at  a high level. Then the work is broken into the definition of the component parts that will constitute the system, and each refined in turn.
Project Management
Creating and managing projects which  have delivered valuable network elements, optical multiplexers and network management systems has been a means of success. Incorporating requirements, defining and assigning tasks and schedules is the way the planning is done to deliver high quality, cost effective network solutions.