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Letter of Intention

" Our World is like a big Book , and One who does not travel

  has not read nothing but the Prologue"

Cosmas the Aetolian(1714-1779),

Orthodox Monk, Traveler

   In our rapidly changing Information Society  new challenges have arisen for all professionals working in the Fields of Social Sciences especially  those dedicated to Education.Implementation of  new technology means in school environments for example alternate the approach teachers and Academic staff should have towards information literacy and is creating differentiated strategies for learning in comparison with what a 'traditional' school offered in the past.

  Now that the New Media are becoming a vivid reality in school premises , an information specialist should promote Knowledge in a way that encourages students to be critical , information aware and focused on moral values and principals.In such a challenging context I would be happy to assist with my expertise to an educational environment- especially international and multicultural ,since I consider myself first of all a pedagogue but also knowledgeable in the field of History and Social Sciences in general , hard working, children caring and problem -solving oriented.

  I would love to work in an international and multicultural school environment because I strongly believe that it inspires in an essential way  respect and awareness towards the diversity of human cultures , implements and addresses technological advances of today's World when at the same time is aiming to prepare Citizens of Tomorrow. 




Effrosini Pierrou

Ms Pierrou an excellent lady and pedagogue , please contact her at your disposal.

Language of communication: Greek/French

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Spiros Fragkou

Mr. Spiros is always happy to assist , please feel free to contact him

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Basketball,Chess,Kung Fu,Museum Visiting,Travelling,Olive tree harvesting,Beekeeping,History reading,WWW surfing,Gaming

Currently reading Anthony Tilke's book , The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and the School Library: Inquiry-Based Education ,2011.

Current professional development : Participated in the 25th Annual Teachers Overseas Recruitment Fair(TORF) held in Queens University premises at Kingston,ON, Canada from 25-27th of February 2013.

Project JUADN

7th Elementary School Library

Legal Status

Work experience

Nov 2011Present

Website Owner


Diplomalab website was created by me on November of 2011 using a free website editor available in

  1. Information and data support for students of Bachelor, Master, PhD level in Social Sciences
  2. Bibliography system application  to essays and Theses for student and scholars (Harvard referencing system, APA, etc)
  3. Writing and editing texts
  4. Formatting essays and Theses
  5. Bibliographical support
  6. English translations
  7. Creating excel sheets and Power point presentations
  8. Providing lessons and councelling on essay presentation matters

Counter Statistics for December 2011

Apr 2012Oct 2012

Chief Steward

Grand Resort Lagonissi

Proposed by Grand Resort Hotel HR recruiting team to substitute for the position of Chief Steward and after 1 month of training I was offered a 6 month contract as Chief Steward for the 2012 summer season.I showed remarkable adjustability to my new duties , great analytic skills and an overall understanding of the Hotel needs.My main responsibilities were:

  1. Processing requests for Banquet Appliances from the Banquet warehouse
  2. Supporting Banquet events alongside with Kitchen services and  Catering services
  3. Organizing and Cataloguing Hardware and Appliances
  4. Data Entry
  5. Writing memos to the administration
  6. Cooperating with various departments of the Hotel on Banquet events steward management
  7. Team Leading
Sep 2010Jun 2011


7th Elementary School of Amarrousion
  1. Installed and managed library's automation system ABEKT 5.5
  2. Managed School Library Loan Automation System Vivliofylax
  3. Cataloged over 4.000 book and magazine entries
  4. Supported with educational information , students and staff of the 7th elementary school of Amaroussion 
  5. Cooperated with teacher staff in lesson planning according to the Greek National Curriculum
  6. Implemented the use of Pc, laptops and gadgets to the school library environment
  7. Participated in the organisation of a 2011 school book exhibition ,alongside with the president of the Board of Parents of 7th Elementary School Mr Petsalis, that was held in the school premises
  8. Promoted the use of educational gameboards and games inside the library in order to to achieve student information literacy 
  9. Physical classification and labelling of books and magazines inside the shelves
Jan 2010Jan 2011

Information&Data Support Specialist

  1. Reference Information and data support for Web Student clients (Bachelor, Master and PhD level students and scholars)
  2. Processing inter library loan requests
  3. Search and retrieval of information of bibliographical and full text online databases (Scopus, Pubmed, Medline, Science Direct, JSTOR, EBSCO-HOST, HEAL-LINK, etc)
  4. Visiting specific Social Sciences libraries in order to search, retrieve and photocopy copyright free documents that meet the  informational needs of Web Student clients
  5. Writing and editing text for essays and Theses of Web Student clients
Dec 2006Dec 2009

Knowledge Manager

Journalist's Union of Athens Daily Newspapers(JUADN)

December 2006-December 2007

Recruited and worked as Project Manager foriKnowHow S.A with a full year contract in JUADN's Library , Archive and Museum in the context of the European Operational Programme , Third Community Support Framework, measure 1.3 with total budget of 600,000 euros :

" Information Society, Creating Digital Libraries for SGC-SGI, the Hellenic Audiovisual Institute (I.O.M.), the Journalists Union of Athens Daily Newspapers (JUADN) and the Journalists Union Of Macedonian And Thracian Daily Press (ESIEMTH) ''

  • Project JUADN Library Budget: ~345.000 euros cofunded by the European Union

Team capacity : 7 persons

Project Hardware : 1 server, 6 clients, 1 professional scanner A0, 1 laser printer

Project Software :  Libraries Automation System ABEKT 5.5,  PAPYRUS digital repository

Project deadline : 12/2007 

Project targets were : 

  1. Creation of an Online Public Access Catalogue (Opac) for the open book collections of JUADN's Library of History and Journalism.Data entry estimated goal : 7500 book titles, approximately 13500 volumes, cataloged using Libraries Automation System ABEKT 5.5 and
  2. Creation of a digital repository consisting of 1000 digital records processed with PAPYRUS digital repository software  .
  3. Documentation
  4. Maintaining & evaluating IT systems integration
  5. Training staff in hardware and software applications

Project completed successfully on 10/2007 two months prior to the deadline.

December 2007-December 2009

I was offered a 2 year contract from the Administrative Council of the JUADN and entrusted with the responsibility to select and train a team of 4 specialists to electronic catalogue and digitize specific closed to the public collections , donations from distinguished members of the Journalist's Union.

Role: Head Manager of  JUADN Library and Archive 

  • Project JUADN Library Budget: ~145.000 euros funded solely by the JUADN

Team capacity : 4 persons

Project Hardware : 1 server, 6 clients, 1 professional scanner A0, 1 laser printer , 1 professional photocamera

Project Software :  Libraries Automation System ABEKT 5.5,  PAPYRUS digital repository , xml editor , Greenstone

Project targets were :

  1. Physical processing , evaluation , documentation, classification and electronic cataloguing (ABEKT 5.5) of Daskalakis collection of rare books.2500 titles,mainly European traveller's books(voyages) from 1750-1850.
  2. Physical processing , evaluation , documentation , classification and electronic cataloguing (ABEKT 5.5) of Paradeisi collection of special book editions about the Roman Empire(western&eastern).2000 titles, mainly first and complete editions from 1800-1950.
  3. Physical processing , evaluation , documentation , classification and digitization of 1500 documents and 150 newspapers(titles) from the Greek Resistance Press 1941-1943 collection of Irakles  Petimezas Archive.
  4. Documentation , Electronic cataloguing and digitization of (JUADN) Museum's most significant artifacts
  5. Documentation and Digitization of the significant Rigas Ferraios(Velestinlis) manuscript.
  6. Creation of a JUADN's Library Preservation Policy 
  7. Designation  of  a Knowledge Management system applied to JUADN's collections
  8. Documentation

Project completed succesfully in the 2nd of  November 2009.

  • Personal Achievements-Milestones:
  1. Managed to record,document and catalogue over 1500 entries(full Unimarc decription) of Greek Diaspora Documents , mostly school books and magazines , publications of Greek Communities throughout Europe, Russia and Asia Minor.
  2. Selected , Catalogued , Documented and Digitized 500 digital entries(full text in pdf format) of Greek Enlightenment Movement (1750-1821) , first editions of books and press publications
  3. Awarded from the Administrative Council of the JUADN participation in the publication of the Juadn's Annual Journal two years in a row( 2008 & 2009)* .
  4. Entrusted by the Administrative Council of JUADN with the responsibility of representing JUADN Library alongside with Mr. Manos Amelidis,Manager of Services and Public Affairs to the 2009 General Secreteriat of Information and Communication Meeting in order to provide budget and acquisitions counceling services for the participation of Juadn's Library , Archive and Museum  to "Digital Era European Operational Programme 2007-2013".
  5. Provided written councelling and report to JUADN Administration
  6. Processed and Managed five major book and magazines collections ,donations from distinguished members of the JUADN which resulted in physical classification and entry to the existing collections of the Library.
  7. Designed an applied to the needs of the  JUADN's Library, Archive, Museum knowledge management system combining library standards(DC, EAD,TEI,OAI-PMH) with fields from the CIDOC-CRM content management system
  8. Cooperated succesfullly with the IT department throughout the project
  9. Documented , classified and estimated the value of JUADN's Museum Rare Books Collection (1549-1760)

*Year 2008 journal , with a budget of 22.000 euros ,presented the invaluable Roilos painting collection , a collection that was digitized and documented by the author for the needs of the publication.Year 2009 Journal with a budget of 23.000 euros, presented in a historic sequence digitized first editions of Greek Diaspora documents(cover,title page and/or verso),Greek Enlightenment publications and digitized maps refering to Ancient Greece, work of the famous geographer Heinrich Kiepert. Year 2009 Journal also presented an overall assesment of the Library Work Progress aimed to inform members of the JUADN about the ongoing project in the Library ,Archive and Museum(est.5000 members).

Apr 2003Apr 2004

Assistant Librarian(practice)

Hellenic Center for Marine Research
  1. User information inquiry service
  2. Mail service
  3. Application of anti-theft strips on materials
  4. Thematic cataloguing support at library automation system Geac- Advance 4
  5. Public relations management
  6. Search and retrieval of information in online aquatic database ASFA

HCMR Certificate of practice period Viewer


Oct 2007Oct 2008

Postgraduate Specialization Diploma*

Ionian University

The Postgraduate Specialization Diploma from the Department of Archival and Library Sciences of the Ionian University is the Greek equivalent of an MLIS.

Official English Translation from the Greek document :

Academic Transcript Certificate Viewer 1

Academic Transcript Certificate Viewer 2

* Currently working on my Thesis : "Disaster Management Systems in Greek Public Libraries:Library Implementation of Greek Civil Protection Disaster Management Plan",Supervising Prof. Mr. Petros Kostagiolas , Lecturer ,Department of Archives and Library Science,Ιonian University.


Weight lifting
Able to lift weight up to 40 kg(heavy library objects,furniture, etc)
Proficient communication skills Proficient in writing Proficient reading skills Tutoring ESL to children (A,B,C) since 2003
Modern Greek
Native Speaker of Greek Language Strong in Grammar,Syntax Excellent Communication Skills Excellent Writing Skills Excellent Reading Skills Able to teach Modern Greek in Advanced Level
Greek History(Classical)
Greek History(Medieval)
European History(Medieval)
Software Awareness
  Ms Office Windows 8 , Linux  Android 4 Joomla Adobe Professional ABEKT 5.5 Geac-Advance 4 Greenstone Xml editors Papyrus Millenium Fedora Digital Repository Moodle Picasa Photoshop Web of Science     Able to install and manage software, fast learner on software products.
Social Media Awareness
Latin Comprehension
Ancient Greek Comprehension
  Able to read Ancient Greek texts especially Hellenistiki Koine (New Testament's language) Able to teach Ancient Greek in Beginner Level  
Computer Hardware Support
  Setting up personal computers from scratch Maintenance Service Support Network maintenance  


Dec 1997Present

Certificate of Proficiency in English

University of Cambridge
Feb 2003Present

Licence of Eligibility to Teach English

Hellenic Ministry of Education
Jun 2007Present

Libraries Automation System ABEKT 5.5 Certificate

National Documentation Center of Greece
Feb 2006Present

Computer Training Certificates

Hellenic Ministry of Education
Jun 2008Present

Creative Commons Licences

Ionian University,Department of Archival and Library Studies


Hellenic Army