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Work experience

Polaris Energy


As stores of fossil fuels continue to diminish and businesses around the globe seek new solutions with renewable energies, Polaris Energy is rapidly identifying viable green energy production investments. Polaris Energy employs a unique business model of turnkey investment services, facilitating an efficient process for interested parties. Situated in Milan, Polaris Energy is ideally poised for participation, particularly in the Italian solar photovoltaic market.

Backed by a government sponsored feed-in tariff incentive, the photovoltaic solar energy market features up to 80 percent available bank financing and as much as 400 percent premium paid in addition to the market price of electricity. Polaris Energy offers investors the opportunity to acquire completed photovoltaic plants.

Once investors have acquired a project, Polaris Energy offers the options of maintaining possession for the full 20-year lifespan in anticipation of long-term gain, or pursuing a short-term exit strategy and selling the project after 5 to 7 years. This venture typically necessitates a minimum investment of 200kW of electrical capacity and features targeted dividend IRR between 10 and 18 percent as well as targeted equity IRR between 14 and 25 percent. Annual dividend payments are determined by plant profitability.

Other markets in which Polaris Energy operates include biofuel, geothermal, hydroelectric, wind power, ocean turbine, and solar energy. The company helps investors select projects in these various markets and provides negotiation, due diligence, funding procurement, and continuous financial and project management services. As projects develop, the firm reports to investors regarding their status.


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